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    Dec 11, 2009 ,4:47 AM
    Broken Hearts Hurt But They Make Us Strong
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    Aaah, lociento lociento!! I have been a total idiot for not updating this. I have been too caught up in things. What's weird is, time seems to fly when you're not doing anything productive! I can only honestly say that procrastination is what has kept me from posting... and maybe an overt attraction to Garance Dore and MLIA, the only sites whose archives I have not totally exhausted yet. And then, of course, there is the *obligation* to study for my FINAL EXAMS (haha, just kidding, of course I study, although less than I think what people expect)...

    I'm listening to the Juno soundtrack now. Indie (i.e. Juno and (500) Days of Summer soundtracks! apologies for the lack of creativity) is the only thing between Taylor Swift and I right now... *LOVE*: Tree Hugger, Loose Lips, All I Want Is You, Anyone Else But You, Tire Swing, Us, Quelqu'un M'a Dit and probably a million other songs but I'm not through with the soundtracks yet ;-)

    So if you want to hurt yourself- remember that I love you.

    1. The lyrics to Loose Lips are odd, and they have the F word in it, but there are snippets that are quite meaningful, really... Anyway. Real updates is that I:
      Went to Rayong from Sunday to Wednesday. Quite possibly the most awesome family holiday ever, filled with embarrassment at my expense (I now realise I say the stupidest things... like... "Er, Mum, this is weird, but the Eden story doesn't support the theory that we came from monkeys!" DON'T- LOOK- LIKE- THAT) and lots of photography! Will post some landscape pictures I took of the place -we stayed at a resort just outside Rayong, actually, and took the speed boat to Koh Samet twice- later.

    2. Had my PE exam today- fitness testing (I think I failed this part- because I deproved quite a lot in push-ups and a little in my left-sit-and-reach... thank goodness for my right-sit-and-reach and sit-ups scores, which stayed the same, and pull-ups, where I improved)... and my first biathlon!! 10 swim laps (roughly 7 mins +) and cross-country, in 15:40. Not bad but could've walked less in XC, I think, just that I- was- just- so- dead- from- swimming!!!

    3. Had my Spanish exam today- surprisingly informal, but maybe that's because we have Kevin in our class. Even our teacher, who is normally very even-tempered, said out loud that K irritated "the hell out of" him. Wowza. I am pretty sure I passed- but even so- I spotted about 3 careless mistakes and I only skimmed because I couldn't wait to get rid of it :S

    4. Got a leaving-the-school gift from ... the school. It's a black leather-looking bracelet with a little phial that has white and black stones in it, and a big white stone that says ISB on one side, and Panthers on the other. It's adjustable and looks quite nice- I am looking forward to layering it, except that I'm terrible at layering. It's not effortless!!

    It seems I have short term memory so no exciting stuff from weeks before - how long have I not been updating??

    OH- WAIT-

    I wrote a song today (01:32.14). It's very random, inspired by Broadway but very wishy-washy. Not at all like the power hits from Les Miserables, but it'll be four hundred million years before I can compare to Boubil + Schonberg. Recorded it on Windows Movie Maker to remember the tune, but from past experience with Wintergirls, Blogger doesn't seem to like uploading WMM videos. So here are the lyrics to Something About Him anyway:

    Something about the way he looks
    The way he smiles
    Is enticing

    Something about the way he moves
    -The way he dances!-

    There’s something about him
    In everything about him
    There’s something about him
    That’s beautiful

    It’s something
    about the way he walks
    The way he drinks his coffee
    The way he talks
    That pulls me in

    Or maybe it’s about the way he sits
    The way he
    The way he knits!
    But for sure…

    There’s something about
    In everything about him
    There’s something about him
    And I can’t forget him
    Can’t take my eyes off him
    I can’t
    forget him
    No matter what I do…