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    Jul 31, 2009 ,4:19 AM
    I must thank blackballoons with all my heart for it was she (he?) who provided me with the best tutorial EVER . Secret? USE THE CLONE TOOL.
    I can't believe I was ever so dumb. It's much easier and nicer-looking than using Screen layers.
    Credits: blackballoons ; http://www.sweetandtalented.com/perryphoto.php , http://www.hotlyrics.net/lyrics/K/Katy_Perry/Hot_N_Cold.html and swimchick.
    xoxo (: (: (:

    Jul 30, 2009 ,5:57 AM
    100 / I Told You So
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    So, to celebrate my 100th post on CM (137 more to go LOL) I made a brill skin!
    Well, not really. I made it cos DaViglio's cover of the song I Told You So by Carrie Underwood's fantabulous. http://blogskins.com/info/287578/ Support please :D
    I REALLY want her album Carnival Ride (: She's awesome. Carrie, that is. GTG for dinner, update later!

    ,4:52 AM
    why does love always feel like a battlefield?

    check out this singing duo daviglio on youtube, they're really awesome!
    apparently their album is selling for only 5 pounds, which is amazing, but then again, I read that they're selling it by themselves, so that must explain it.

    I painted my nails transparent gloss yesterday but I think it's not long before I revert out of this classy look to my current (sort of) favourite, pastel blue :D right now I'm loving transparent, blue and nude.

    Currently stalking (haha Ching Ying) taylor swift on RCFA. that girl is PERFECT. in all 5 pages, so far, I've only seen her do wrong twice. TWICE. that's more than poor m cyrus can say.

    Went to Robinson's today and bought Mita's present, which I'm not divulging!!

    Also bought:

    I think that's all :X Actually tried on a REALLY REALLY COOL black dress that's a halter take on the trench, and it made me feel like buying 'Bans and saying "Hands up! 007!" but the fit wasn't good. Sad.

    Mum tried to convince me to follow her out tomorrow for her TWO HOUR THAI TUITION (during which I always succeed in breaking my neck reading/whatever) and then lunch with her ex-classmate but I declined. It'd be too weird for me. Like,


    which is what nearly always happens.

    Alrightyho. Tomorrow I'll try to be online for Ching Ying, who is my own special PRIVATE DETECTIVE / PARTNER IN CRIME :D we're being stalkers. hush hush.

    Jul 29, 2009 ,5:46 AM
    3 horrors in a day: forgot to post this but TAYLOR MOMSEN IS TEEN VOGUE'S NEXT COVER GIRL.

    I was waiting SO LONG to find out who it was gonna be! THIS IS SUCH A DISAPPOINTMENT/HORROR.

    Reading excerpts of her interview from RCFA, it doesn't look too good for little J. She comes across as hardly a role model, to say the least.

    I should stop badmouthing now and go rot in a corner, sobbing.

    ,5:41 AM
    You Heartbreaker
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    I'm too lazy to go look for further Internet-based evidence but E! reported that CAMILLA BELLE AND JOE JONAS HAVE BROKEN UP.

    Ok, buster. First I thought, grudgingly, that you and Cam were better suited than you and Taylor, and Taylor was better off without you anyway. Then after a while I decided I might like Cam a little bit anyway. AND NOW YOU BREAK UP WITH HER. Whose heart are you going to break next? It better not be one of my favourite actresses or I'm gonna have a word with your mother!

    I once read that the Jonas brothers' room or something was called the Players' Lounge and now I see that it's absolutely right. Emma Roberts is right for swearing off Jonas brothers.

    ,5:39 AM




    BUT VANESSA HUDGENS AS THE NERD! (She was the one who successfully changed nerdy Gabriella Montez into a sundress-and-heels-wearing, singing, dancing, random Troy-obsessed girl. SHE WILL NOT DO LINDA JUSTICE!)

    AND AN OLSEN AS KENDRA! (Who is, by the way, supposed to be an evil witch.)

    And also they made Alex look like Voldemort, instead of a bear, which is what he's supposed to look like.


    I hate it when great books are adapted badly.

    Jul 28, 2009 ,5:23 AM
    our newest celeb of the moment, kristen bell.

    / now can anyone tell me why I'm so obsessed with hoedown throwdown?

    ,4:38 AM
    I forgot to write this down, but...


    In all my gazillion comments I've never had a reply (from the fashion critic herself, that is). Maybe cos this time I actually had something to offer: a picture of KStew's horrible hair from comic con!!!


    ,4:26 AM

    My LJ name, scarletsuede (very inactive, I think they must've kicked me out already) is unavailable on Blogger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Blast you.

    ,4:19 AM

    So I have two new message Ts, a really cute yellow skirt that my mother proclaimed, "This one so cute!", four faceted bangles ("Faceted nicer lah," my mother said, which I feel is a poke at how I always buy unfaceted ones- are you questioning my style, Mother??), a really cute (I KNOW MY ADJECTIVE VOCAB IS NOT LARGE, ALRIGHT!) pair of lavender (lavendar? no. that ain't right) hoops that are THIS SMALL, a black suede flower choker thing that I'm going to use as my first-ever goth bracelet (if I ever get round to trying goth... I think I'm too much of a hippie to do that! maybe not "hippie", but, you know, "flowery"), a brilliant blue bracelet (I have no idea what kind of shell or gem or whatever it is, but it's pretty, it's ____ glass, fill in the blanks cos I can't remember! they sell it in ... in... ___ accessories, in century square, OH MY MEMORY FAILS ME) and. eh. this long white necklace that has a black chain attached. IMO the black chain ruins it so I shall take CY's path and chop it off. :D If I can. the chain's pretty small so I shall have to strain and pluck my fingers off in an attempt to chop said chain off.

    I do realize that my sentences are reaaaally long, y'know.


    We just may go to centralworld with sher and auntie jess, and uncle dennis (the middleman who pays the money!) on saturday, if my mother'll let me. Rings for 15 baht, sales at Zara and Forever 21 and handmaid shoes? IT'S ON.

    Although I guess I should watch my spending...

    O, Why Didn't I See You Comfy Wedges Earlier????

    Jul 27, 2009 ,8:07 AM
    Dorothy Slippers
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    My Dorothy/rip-off-Chanel slippers!
    A bit ex, yes. And I had to buy a suede sticker thing to stick on the back for fear of blisters.
    But can you not see it's totally worth it??

    Quote unquote CY: "Confessions of a shopaholic."

    Anyway! Heh.
    I'm still scared that I will chicken out at the last minute like that girl in the garage sale in COAS, where she's like, "OK! NOT FOR SALE!"

    Except in this case I'll snatch them from Sher and go, "NOT FOR GIVING!"

    Something's wrong with my typing. Grah. I can't type as fast as I used to, or something.

    ,7:54 AM
    Best of Both Worlds
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    Really, I don't know why I take the effort to capitalize all my post titles when recently all my skins' post titles are text transform, lowercase. Oh well. Maybe someday I'll put it back to text transform, none, again, who knows?

    Went out to Robinson's today for grocery shopping -TWO TROLLEYS' worth for the National Day party we're hosting two Sundays down- and then my mother agreed to follow me upstairs to look around. We ended up spending like one hour on shoes (it was so busy, there were so many people around so the salespeople were like going CRAZY). My mother bought a pair of heels and a pair of comfy sandals cos her old ones' Velcro is falling off, and I bought... *drumroll* a pair of flats. Again.

    In my defense, I only saw the comfy wedges (really cool- gladiator wedges! not really GLADIATOR, but it was pretty, and versatile, and had a discount) AFTER my mother paid and went, "Okay, we're outta here."

    I took a picture of my flats, I may Poladroid it and post it later. It's gold quilt with black patent, very Chanel!!

    Jul 26, 2009 ,11:42 PM

    WHAT WAS KRISTEN STEWART THINKING???????????????????????????????????

    ,11:25 PM
    I Know Just What I Need
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    all this time I was chasing after dreams; it was right in front of me, I was lost without her

    am currently addicted -ADDICTED!- to billy ray cyrus's back to tennessee (grah, I can't spell that). it's so awesome! and somehow, like I said before, so like rufus on gossip girl. DON'T ASK.

    busy stalking sunlitdays on livejournal because her icons were the very first that I fell in love with in the first place and I want to make a very minimalist B&W skin with her icons, so making it, of course, will have to wait until I find the right icons. I called the skin fearless-ly simplistic for fun because, the boring cad that I am, I'm gonna use fearless lyrics AGAIN. unless you can come up with something better. maybe the climb?

    ,8:19 AM
    It's Kinda Cheesy To Say, But...
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    Just updated The Art Collaboration with a most adventurous batch of 21 icons! I'm trying out several things at the mo, the newest being Poladroid, of course. Also, fashion photography, in its weirdest form: taking pictures of pictures! It seems my newest obsession. Please check out my newest batch and leave feedback via cbox, it would mean so much. Especially since, as anon noted, there are only 2 people tagging presently.
    www.theartcollaboration.blogspot.com tyvm dear ♥

    ,7:49 AM

    I am so dumb. REALLY.
    PS. Photo by me. Pretty, ain't it? (:

    ,7:45 AM
    You're Everything I Want
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    It started on Thursday
    At seven or maybe eight
    You crashed into my world with a boom
    You came over as a guest
    I said I liked you and I confessed
    By ten o' clock I was making fun of you
    You stayed for a while
    Then left with a smile
    But at least I made you happy
    You make me happy too
    It's kinda cheesy to say but

    You're everything I want
    When I'm with you all the hurting stops
    You're the hand that fits my glove
    And I'll never replace you
    'Cause I'll never find love so true

    It's only been three days
    You're playing the waiting game
    Been acting cool when we're not together
    I drove you home from school
    When I'm with you I feel so cool
    I wish this feeling would last forever
    And I stare into space
    My heart starts to race
    But at least I have your picture
    You gave me yesterday
    it's kinda cheesy to say but

    You're everything I want
    When I'm with you all the hurting stops
    You're the hand that fits my glove
    And I'll never replace you
    'Cause I'll never find love so true

    Looking back at us
    Two years and we're going strong
    They say that time flies when you're having fun
    I never wanna be alone again
    No, no

    No, you're everything I want
    When I'm with you all the hurting stops
    You're the hand that fits my glove

    No, you're everything I want
    You're everything I want
    And I'll never replace you
    'Cause I'll never find love so true

    -Steve Rushton, Everything I Want, from Hannah Montana: The Movie soundtrack, lyrics courtesy of STYLYRICS

    ,7:34 AM
    No, I didn't spell polaroid wrongly in the title... It's a really cool, free program which lets you Polaroid your photos quickly. I got introduced to it (download it at www.poladroid.net) courtesy of ZX, but he didn't quite mention how the colour seems to get twisted upon being Poladroid-ed... For example, I rather remember the picture at the left being more ... vibrant?

    But never mind, it looks great anyway. I'm going to try Poladroid-ing more images (I've been snapping ads/articles from InStyle Australia's April 2009 issue; for example, the one at the left is an accessory feature with Gracie Otto) to see if they all turn out this way (colour-wise).

    I also tidied my bedroom today! I found an old Emporium magazine which didn't have much, but they did have two cool photography shoots so I cut some out to paste around my room and threw the rest away. Yay! It's really cool, almost like I have my own mood board now. I've always wanted to have one but I can't bear to cut anything from my precious (and expensive) magazines.

    Which reminds me, my mother bought me the Katherine Heigl August 09 InStyle!! (I think she pitied my getting my eye cut open.) I noticed today that they forgot to change the colour of the font on the spine: it's still the exact same blue as Michelle Pfeiffer's July issue when it's supposed to be purple. I can't believe InStyle made such a mistake. (I don't think it's on purpose.)

    Jul 24, 2009 ,9:49 PM
    Just edited vg/Love Hub for cachememories. It doesn't look as great as I envisioned (what's new?) but I think I should be able to craft a new skin for this soon enough.

    Went to the hospital at 10 today to collect my new retainers (I broke my bottom half some time ago because of my bad chew-on-it habits and putting it on incorrectly). It feels a little tight but I think that's just because I've been walking around for weeks without retainers on my bottom set of teeth. I should get used to it soon, I hope.

    Am going to the hospital again at 4, to get my sty corrected once and for all! In fact, I don't think it's a sty, I think it's some huge plot of oil (America would be interested...) under my eyelid that I need to get scooped out, or something. I'm kind of scared. My mother says they'll, quote unquote, "knock me out" before doing it, but still! I may act brave, but I'm still a little scaredy-cat about pain sometimes (;

    My dad agreed to bring me to the little hospital bookstore while my mother paid the bills but much to my anger she wouldn't let me buy any magazines. To quote her, every time I buy one I feel the need to buy the newest stuff, but that's not entirely true. I DO know and appreciate that my wardrobe is fit to burst and that I can easily take some stuff from there to replicate the latest trends like when I reread the Salma Hayek Color Issue and started wearing all my old bright stuff again just when I was getting into the monochrome trend. It'll be pathetic if I stop "collecting" my InStyle/Teen Vogue mags! I have them all in order! And I've read all of them until I can memorise certain lines and some of mine are like, falling off or something! It's not fair that I have to live without them for the rest of my existence. Seriously. If I have to read another old issue over again I'm going to ... Well I'm not going to kill myself but I might go crazy. It's tough reading the same lines over and over again, you know.

    My grandmother did give me an angpow in Thai baht, but something's telling me my mother is not going to let me spend my money on magazines.

    WHAT ON, THEN?? D: *sobs in corner*

    ,4:55 AM
    Pocketful of Sunshine
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    Above are the two newest updates for Muze which you should totally check out, especially since one's a debut: our newest category, What Was She Thinking??? for which Penelope Cruz marks the first post under it, unfortunately for her. Sienna Miller, meanwhile, fares better as the newest face of Celeb Street Style, where we show you how to replicate her throw-it-on bohoness.

    I really like how the promo "icons" (200 x 200 px this time) turned out. I quite like the new style of rounded box+white background and may replicate it for future use. Photo credits for the promo "icons" above go to RCFA and People.

    Today had quite an adventure in store for me! When I woke up I was aware that something was happening today but forgot what, so over breakfast my mother informed me it was the TAILOR! You see, my mother had some dresses altered and she need to try them on. She also wanted a new dress made from old material, and... drumroll... we're having my Confirmation dress altered! Hopefully no more 35-y/o-bridal look for moi!

    We're having it made with a lower square neckline and skinnyish straps, and 3D flowers scattered along the bust. I got to look at samples (my FAVOURITE part of being at the tailor :D) like colour swatches and picked out 7 varying shades of pink, from the very whitish (almost beige, or cream) to, if I'm not wrong, a salmon-y colour. It's either salmon or lavender, I can't remember which one won out.

    Then my mother let me check out the not-so-"new" mall opposite, which actually started months ago but I've never stepped foot in before. I did tell myself "RESTRAINT!" before going in, and it didn't look like much, but turns out you can get a lot out of very few stalls. I got:

    1. A pair of shorts in a very pretty blue colour that gives me camel's toe but I shall try to ignore it when wearing them.
    2. A pair of bright green pleated shorts!
    3. A sleeveless high-waist dress, with nautical* red and white stripes at the top, a red band and a black skirt.
    4. A matching not-so-high-waist dress, with sleeves this time, also red-white and -black. It's kind of biggish on top, which my mother doesn't like but I DO!
    5. A sleeveless cowl-neck white top with pretty pink flowers, like Liberty, but not quite.
    6. A pink tiered tank dress that I think makes me look trapezeish but my mother lurrrves it.

    *I seem to really be addicted to the nautical trend. The dresses match the red and white nautical ring I bought from Chameleon back in Singapore!

    OK, GTG, Prince Joseph is here to visit :) CHECK MUZE OUT! http://www.muze.co.nr/

    I forgot:

    If you like Emma Watson as much as I do then go to these two links:



    ,3:24 AM
    This is an official reminder for myself, so you don't really have to read it unless you're kaypoh, like I am :D


    There you go.

    On a sidenote... is anyone else reminded of Rufus on Gossip Girl when they hear Billy Ray Cyrus's voice? 'Cos I am.

    Jul 23, 2009 ,8:41 AM
    Butterfly Fly Away
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    And when I couldn't sleep at night, scared things wouldn't turn out right, you would hold my hand and sing to me...

    Went to Siam Paragon today and bought Hannah Montana: The Movie Soundtrack and Lily Allen's It's Not Me, It's You albums!! More importantly, I finally watched Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince! And I am here to deliver the long-awaited review... As much as it hurts me and breaks my heart to say it -for I am passionately devoted to Harry Potter, series and movies- this movie was overrated. For 2 hours and a half of glueing (gluing?) my butt to a red soft seat (and a half hour of adverts), I expected more. The general feeling the movie left me with at the end was not, "Wow!!!" as it usually is, but "Wait. That's it??? That's IT???" Which says a lot. Also, a point to illuminate was that before the movie I said brightly, "I'm so happy that Ginny finally gets more than five lines!" And now I'm not too sure she even got five lines. At least she's featured more than five times!! :D *big smile*

    On the thumbs-up side, apart from getting to see gorgeous lil' Bonnie Wright so many times (she's not exactly little: first impression was that "She's taller than Harry Potter, holy cow!") was getting to see Emma Watson onscreen after seeing her on RCFA so many times. She never lets us down, Emma.... (Except for that time when she wore a white dress with this STRING hanging -Sher you know it- but that's beside the point.) I loved the part where she asks Harry, "How does it feel like, Harry, to see Ginny with Dean?" Because it's so awesome.

    I felt that they cut out A LOT of the action. It still managed to thrill and scare but still, where did the 2 hours and a half go to??? Surely not all to Ginny??? I'd have noticed.

    Jul 22, 2009 ,2:48 AM
    Till You Love Me, Paparazzi
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    My latest addiction: Lady Gaga's PAPARAZZI!
    I'm your biggest fan
    I'll follow you until you love me
    Baby there's no other superstar
    You know that I'll be your


    Now listening to Just Dance... took me ages before I could find an original version that hadn't been cut off by Youtube. Gosh!!

    Today's yet another depressed, mopey day. I'm having surprisingly many of those days these days... I think it's how summer is almost ending and I haven't done anything remarkable. My mother said I went to Singapore twice and Hua Hin once, but that doesn't really count because summer is like, two months, and for most of that I'm at home on the computer stoning at RCFA archives!! I need to go out, do something. I felt like doing DIY stuff but clutches don't turn out well, my mum's tired so I can't ask her to help me make headbands and I have zero inspiration for earrings- I made 4 pairs of hoops yesterday because dangling doesn't work. Note to CY: the chain I bought is horrible! they're so tiny that my hands can't get round them! oh well.

    I suppose it's not the chain's fault. I have huge fingers :O

    It's almost 5, that means I'll be having tuition soon. I'm in no mood for it. Woke up all frazzled because stupid mosquito/fly/whatever wouldn't leave me alone all night. And now I'm tired. (But still want to go out. Going out wakes my senses up somehow. Plus I haven't had the opportunity to truly put my wardrobe to good use in aeons. Singapore doesn't count because when you're on a holiday with little luggage space you don't really dress up. You know?)

    The Just Dance video chopped off the end of the song. Just great.


    I hate depressed days.

    Felt like starting a new site, Gracie Takes Hollywood, where I'll post outfits and stuff I make, like headbands/earrings, but I already have TAC, IVB, Muze AND cachememories. so if I really like the idea of GTH I'll have to work on it.

    Jul 21, 2009 ,12:30 AM

    Singapore (SG) 215
    Thailand (TH) 48
    United States (US) 45
    Canada (CA) 8
    Australia (AU) 5
    Germany (DE) 4
    Malaysia (MY) 4
    United Kingdom (GB) 3
    Argentina (AR) 2
    Mexico (MX) 2
    Latvia (LV) 1
    Netherlands (NL) 1
    Belgium (BE) 1
    Slovakia (SK) 1
    Russian Federation (RU) 1
    United Arab Emirates (AE) 1
    Peru (PE) 1
    Brazil (BR) 1
    Indonesia (ID) 1
    Dominican Republic (DO) 1
    Spain (ES) 1
    Turkey (TR) 1
    France (FR) 1


    I AM SO KILLING MYSELF FOR NOT PUTTING ONE HERE TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And I got a tag from california! Alexia I LOVE YOU! ♥

    Once again I think it'll help if I put this here:

    If I don't know you PLEASE PLEASE LEAVE A TAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'd LOVE to hear from you!!!!!!

    ,12:13 AM
    Once again my planning's much glammer than the product. Click to view vg/Gossip Girl!. Going off to late lunch, going to JT's later in the afternoon. The day is slipping by so fast... and soon days will become weeks and I'll be in school all over again wishing summer hadn't passed so fast.

    Jul 20, 2009 ,11:25 PM
    I love the icons/quotes from this icon community breathings (well, judging from this collection). Quotes include:
    "I am sorry for being impatient, immature and irritating." (My DP!)
    "If the music is too loud you're too old."
    "You can't photograph if you're not in love."
    To quote Jane/Katie Heigl "That is definitely, so true."

    ,11:02 PM
    70th Post- MAJOR SHOCK!!!
    click to go back to the top.

    Natalia Vodianova is expecting her third child. I still find it hard to
    believe. What fantastic legs and a very cute dress. '


    No offense but it's very seldom you see a model (except maybe Heidi Klum but she's older, right? right? right?) this young being a mother of so many and still being so fabulous and going about being fabulous and I'm blabbering ._. I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!

    ,10:55 PM
    Sorry for all the photo spamming but I just came across the pic of Isla Fisher PREGGERS! She looks almost unrecognisable here.
    And here's another one- visual EVIDENCE that vanessa abrams is indeed wearing the pink doc marten-like boots, albeit probably not from the same brand, as the ones I prescribed for MUZE's featurette :D :D
    photo credits: rcfa; gossip girl insider gallery

    ,10:40 PM

    photo credit rcfa;
    on a side note, while surfing gossip girl insider (they sort by character, which helps) for pics for my blogskin, I discovered several awesome pics of jenny and nate kissing! this is awesome! I always wanted them to be together :D

    ,10:38 PM
    Gasp! Horror! Shock!
    click to go back to the top.

    @_@ photo credit rcfa.

    ,10:00 PM
    It's raining, it's pouring, the old man is snoring, and I'm stalking Sienna Miller again on RCFA (because I didn't get to finish fully stalking yesterday, or whenever it was).

    Listening to La La Land again, because I need something upbeat and cute to pass the rainy blues. On normal days it'd be Warwick Avenue because that is THE song for rainy days but today's different, so. No tuition today!! But there's tuition tomorrow.

    Got a new idea for a blogskin, again Gossip-Girl inspired, but I think it's better than my previous idea as -if my idea goes right- it'll be less blah. So I just might scrap the previous idea and go with this one, but it all depends on colours and if GossipGirlFan has the pictures I want.

    Crossed fingers!

    ,5:49 AM
    Sienna Miller! Sienna Miller! Sienna Miller!
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    As the title shows, Sienna Miller is my #2 Obsession after Stella McCartney- at least right now. http://www.redcarpet-fashionawards.com/category/blog/blog-celebrities/sienna-miller/?x=9&y=10

    Gotta blog about latest updates for Muze on the planning front before I forget everything and Sher sneaks off with the good deals behind my back *wink wink*

    We're going to do another featurette soon (yes, another one), this time on movie-based fashion. We've selected 4 movies, Hannah Montana: The Movie, Devil Wears Prada, Confessions of a Shopaholic & Bride Wars. Each of us will do two casual looks and two dressy looks for all 4, so I've bagged casual-HM, casual-BW, dressy-COAS, dressy-DWP. reasonably happy with it even though Sher stole dressy-HM from me. All Miley wears in that movie is dresses and boots mainly anyway. :O I'll probably look through stills for inspiration.


    I had a huge feeling of accomplishment just now when watching the GG episode where Vanessa goes to take her SATs... the shot that shows her walking in reveals her shoes, which are BRIGHT PINK DOC MARTEN-LIKE BOOTS! and guess what I featured shoes exactly like that, in that shade, on Muze! for vanessa's character! not even knowing she wore them! they're probably cheaper on Muze, but still! *feels accomplished*

    I order you, reader, to go to Muze NOW. www.muze.co.nr. All our hard work can't be wasted.

    ,5:09 AM
    Dream Dream Dream
    click to go back to the top.

    The Hannah Montana: The Movie soundtrack, along with Stella McCartney on RCFA, has helped my previous aggravated feelings a little. I'm not going to harp on it any longer because I think you guys will be sick and tired of me moaning about after that and my number of fresh tags will decrease significantly.

    I've decided instead to update about the airport.

    We got to Changi Airport yesterday more than 1 hour later than planned, as packing got a little... I don't know, busy? We always have huge trouble packing to go home after any trip, no matter how long, back to Singapore, as my mother tends to stock up loads on food that we can't get in Bangkok (surprisingly, loads and loads, even stuff that you take for granted, like those little biscuits with the colourful hardened cream things on top that I thought I'd gotten sick of since p1 but actually not). Our 4 luggage bags (yes, 4) were BURSTING, and one was so heavy I was surprised my dad managed to load it onto the taxi at all. But on the whole- the 4 were manageable. We checked in 3 and my dad ... rolled? the last one (it was relatively small) with him around the Departure Hall as it contained pretty important stuff, he didn't want to lose it or anything.

    Met Kate-Lyn and Su-Lyn (with their parents, of course) just before we went into the DH. I was actually in the bookstore, looking jealously at all the magazines (some were really tempting- they even have a new People Style Watch out! I managed to sneak a peek at the article on which hairstyles suit your face shape, but as usual I couldn't decide whether my face is ROUND or OVAL so it doesn't really help) when all of a sudden, from behind me, there was a huge shout, "GRACE JIE JIE!" it turned out to be Kate-Lyn so I followed her outside and we took a few pictures and then left. De-sim, Kate-Lyn and Su-Lyn all have matching bobs now, it's so cute. As ever, it sparked off my inner fickle debate on "Should I cut my hair short or not?"


    Once inside my mother still refused to buy me magazines. She says it only makes me want to spend more. )): But hopefully Sher'll smuggle her Glamour magazine to me shortly! :D :D My defense wasn't that good, I said I was smart enough by now to know some things that will never look good on me (e.g. skinny jeans but I still valiantly believe there is SOME way I can wear skinny jeans without looking like a hooker or something) so therefore I don't spend as much (it's true, I used to spend A LOT more on stuff that I didn't know I would never wear... like... eh... eh... my purple tights :X :X BUT I AM GOING TO WEAR THEM SOMEDAY). But my mother said I know what things do look good on me and those, I can never stop spending on. Oops!!

    We actually had some vouchers from some promotion that the airport's having now (for GSS, I think), but ended up spending them not on clothes, or jewelry, or make-up (AS I PLANNED... because I desperately want that blue-green MAC eyeshadow!!!)... but CHOCOLATE. I can't really complain, because my mother let me pick out some gummies to share with my dad, and she also bought me Kit-Kat, but still!! All that tax free and vouchers!! ALL GONE TO WASTE!! It's only valid for July, and July's ending, and we have two $5 vouchers left!! NOOO!!

    *sniffs heart-brokenly*

    We got seats at the back today because if not we couldn't have sat together and that's imperative, but little did we know that SITTING AT THE BACK = FREEZING!!!!! We requested blankies from the air stewardesses and we all wearing jackets (except Dad, who doesn't exactly travel with one, but even HE, who NEVER shivers, admitted it was freezing) but it didn't really help. Anyway. The TV wasn't that good too- turbulence meant that the movie had flickers across it sometimes and don't even COUNT on having sound. On the up side I managed to (almost) finish watching Hannah Montana: The Movie. Up to the point where she... maybe I shouldn't tell. But I THINK, judging by how Disney movies generally go, I'm almost done. And I really want the soundtrack!!!

    I should be updating Muze now or something. I need to go discuss with Sher.

    ,4:49 AM
    It's Never Gonna Be That Simple
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    I can't help feeling rather conflicted and hurt right now, by Joanne's comment (not Joanne Woo; another user on BS.com) on my skin mentioned earlier. I did realize when submitting that I might get some flak for unoriginality but I never did say that it was original. I did mention yourstragically a lot for I have a lot to thank her for, as she was the one who came up with such an awesome layout- as I justified under Comments, I just wanted to change the colours and icons to suit my OWN liking, and it was only when I thought other people might like it too that I decided to submit it, with yourstragically's permission. I think it's really unfair that people think I'm stealing or whatever, because I'm not, I'm just targeting people whose likings are not the same as yourstragically's, as the layout will reach a whole bigger audience that way. Also I think it was totally unnecessary for her to rate me 3.5 stars and call it "bloody unoriginal". What's with the language, people? Hello?

    59th post!

    Anyway, http://blogskins.com/info/285448... beautiful skin, reasonable screenshot, awesome movie, what's not to love? :) -for the dumb, I FINALLY SUBMITTED THIS SKIN TO BS.COM!!! need to create my gossip girl skin, I sincerely hope I'll be able to finish it by the time SHE comes (tuition teacher)... looking at the time, probably not since it's already 5 and she said she'd be coming by 5+. hope she forgot!!! *crossed fingers*

    ,2:40 AM
    Stay, I Missed You
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    Credit: here / zpdeeyupee on YouTube

    Great news!! I just saw Yours-Tragically's reply from Blogskins.com today, she let me submit this blogskin to Blogskins.com!!!!!!!!! YESSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!! this blogskin is great -it'll forever be my best and one of my favourites ever- but it's hindering my (bad?) habit of changing my blogskin every few hours or so ;D

    next up: GOSSIPGIRL-inspired blogskin, main colours dark red, navy blue and white. very nautical, very Blair Waldorf.

    needless to say I just finished watching GOSSIP GIRL season 1 along with majority of the extras. I couldn't stop laughing at the gag reel and the gossip girl couture video had me hooked, although I noticed they didn't feature vanessa in it O: not that I'm complaining. the ending of season one was HORRIBLE. all the best pairings were broken up!!! nate should end up with jenny, chuck with blair, serena with dan, and like I once said to sher, vanessa can go die or something. just kidding- she's growing on me and I hate it that I think I can identify most with vanessa's style. even though serena's still my unbeatable favourite (;

    Jul 18, 2009 ,7:42 AM
    Well I Could Dance With You Honey If You Think It's Funny
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    Just wasted lots of my time checking out various movies on IMDB. Decided I really want to check out Pretty Woman and Runaway Bride- Four Weddings and a Funeral doesn't sound that interesting, unfortunately. From reading the plot it's extremely complicated. This guy likes a girl, but goes through three weddings and a funeral before they come to the fourth one and he tells her he likes her. Or something like that.

    Am determined to write my Damien-Jaime story but am unsure if I am fit to write something that should involve more action than I'm accustomed to writing. Everyone knows JK Rowling makes it look so easy- if I could only play the images in my head to someone who could put it to paper it'll be great. Somehow I always imagine my stories in my head as a film before writing -or trying to write. Then again maybe it's because most of these stories come from dreams, like this very one.

    The plot is rather simple but there are some parts that I haven't worked out yet. I've also only come up with names for 3 characters, out of the myriad of people that the book will involve. Basically, the plot is:

    Jaime Somerville is a kind-hearted heiress, who would rather read than
    attend the many parties in which her mother tries to set her up with various
    eligible bachelors. On her twentieth birthday, a huge, ostentatious party is
    thrown at the Somervilles' mansion, where Jaime is expected to announce to all
    present which man she has decided to marry. Overwhelmed by the pressure, as well
    as her unwillingness to marry any of them at all, Jaime tries to delay but
    finally agrees to follow the parlour maid downstairs.

    At the landing she hears a strange noise from her late aunt's bedroom.
    Jaime hurries to see what might be in the room, ignoring the maid's protests.
    However, in the room, Jaime discovers a gang lying in wait for her. The gang
    members take her, while a lookalike takes Jaime's place and enters the party,
    poised and ready- but not quite grasping Jaime's personality. Her father notices
    that she is slightly different, but passes it off as nervousness.

    Meanwhile, the gang members smuggle the real Jaime Somerville out of the
    house, where she is blindfolded, gagged and brought to an abandoned house far,
    far away. She is dumped and left to die; however, unexpectedly, Jaime manages to
    escape. She wants her life back and is determined to get back, so she starts the
    journey back on foot. On the way, when she comes through a small village, she
    stumbles upon a Rectory, and decides to ask if she can have some food and a
    place to sleep for the night.

    At the Rectory she gets more than what she asks for: Father Jude, an
    old, kindly Roman Catholic priest and his "gang" of boys. His "gang" include
    five orphan delinquents that Father Jude looks after, and Damien, the son of
    Father Jude's best friend, who had passed away abruptly. Jaime quite likes the
    "family" and decides to stay for a while- after all, life with the priest and
    his boys seems pretty fine. She decides to tell them that she is Danielle
    Strong, an orphan whose relatives didn't want her.

    All that changes when she comes across a newspaper article saying that the
    Somerville mansion will pass to her, Jaime Somerville, as the Somerville
    patriach is rumoured to be in bad health. However, Jaime knows that the gang
    will get hold of it- and she gets a sickly feeling that they might be doing
    something to her beloved parents. She is anxious to be off, and tells the family
    that she has to leave soon.

    That night, in a drunken stupor at the local pub, one of the delinquents
    announces to everyone that Danielle (now relatively well-known in the village)
    had decided to depart after reading an article on the Somervilles. Unfortunately
    for them, one of the gang members who had helped kidnap the real Jaime is
    present and he tips off the rest of the gang. Together, they go to the Rectory,
    intending to take her away once again and silence her once and for all. Not
    knowing what is happening, the boys put up a good fight, and Damien manages to
    bring Jaime away in the midst of the ruckus, still believing her to be Danielle,
    an innocent orphan.

    He brings her to a rundown village far, far away and reveals that it is
    here that he grew up as a boy before his father died. He says that Father Jude
    had sold most of the furniture in the bedrooms to get money to raise him, but
    that the house should serve them well while they waited for a chance to get back
    to the Rectory. Jaime asks why he bothered bringing her away and Damien tells
    her he wanted to protect her from the gangsters. They then head up to the
    bedroom where Damien is surprised to see everything intact. Father Jude had
    lied, and kept the furniture because he knew how much it all meant to Damien.

    Damien is about to confess his feelings for Jaime and she knows it. She
    then tells him the truth: that she is Jaime Somerville and she is the reason the
    Rectory was targeted. She tells him to leave at once to save his life from
    danger. He leaves in shock and anger that she lied to him all along. Jaime falls
    asleep crying.

    When Damien is on his way back he realizes what he is doing: he is
    leaving the girl he loves in even more danger. If she was Danielle it might be
    alright: but she was Jaime, she was being hunted, she was wanted by a very
    dangerous gang- and for that reason, sick with himself, Damien starts to run
    back, anxious that something might have happened to Jaime while he was gone. He
    also remembers what his late father had told him: never to run away from his
    dreams. Damien realizes that Jaime is his dream.

    When he comes back he cannot get in, for he had barricaded the door
    himself; he pushes against the door valiantly in an effort to get to Jaime.
    Meanwhile, Jaime hears him, but thinks it an intruder; she grabs the coat stand
    that is barricading the doorway and stands ready to fight. When she sees it is
    Damien she doesn't believe it. Damien apologizes and tells her that he loves
    her. They have a teary reunion.

    ---That's the only bits I've managed to work out, but in the end Jaime and Damien defeat the gang -maybe with the delinquents' help- and get the mansion back. Jaime's mother is fine, but her father has been beaten by the gang, and his health is slowly weakening. He eventually dies at the end of the story but Jaime and Damien end up together :D

    Yes, very typical, very Prince&Pauper-meets........romance. Well. AND I SPENT VERY LONG TYPING THAT ALL OUT FOR YOU :D

    ,3:52 AM
    To Catch a Pirate
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    56th post!

    I really am dying to get my hands on this book, To Catch A Pirate by Jade Parker. I saw it some time ago, when I was stalking Eva Ibbotson's young romances, but I remembered it when surfing Amazon for Harper Bazaar's book (see Wishlist, under Profile) and read the excerpt. Now I'm hooked- especially since many of the reviews declare this perfect summer reading!!

    It's about this girl, Annalisa, who recently lost her mother. She's on a ship with her father bringing gold to an island to build something when their ship is attacked by pirates. Annalisa, hiding, is found by a startlingly handsome young pirate James, and he promises not to steal her mother's necklace, in return for a kiss. Then he leaves, and Annalisa never expects to see him again.

    Surprisingly when they get back her father is jailed for allegedly letting the pirates get away with the gold. Determined to get her father back, Annalisa secures a ship to hunt down James and get him to spill the details on where the pirate captain has hidden the treasure. She finds him quick and manages to capture him -for James has been marooned and deserted by his former captain for letting Annalisa escape- but getting him to cooperate is another matter. As you'd expect, Annalisa starts to fall in love with the pirate.

    Sounds captivating? Totally.

    -Forgot to add Lily Allen's It's Not Me, It's You album to my wishlist. I really like her songs. Going to add it now :D-

    ,3:38 AM
    Just briefly looked through a new blogshop, partydisaster/LJ. It sells cute Scrabble accessories (studs/rings) as well as bandage skirts (I want!!) and this pretty flared skirt with an exposed zipper. Sadly, the skirts are 23 dollars each and (1) I have no time for meet-ups, and (2) my father doesn't like bank transfers as who knows who's gonna scam you?
    Going to edit my wishlist. *cough*
    Updated Muze! Lookbook is our "nu" Website of the Moment.

    ,3:08 AM
    Behind the Scenes: Muze's Planning Stages
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    If you ever thought a site like Muze would be glamorous...

    [|grace*]'s new It Word: "Fgist!" says:
    eh, I'm talking about in the spotlight right now. I'm thinking it'll be purely for designers.
    [|grace*]'s new It Word: "Fgist!" says:
    -therefore, stella, sadly, will be shunted out of celebs of the moment.-
    [i]S[/i]herilyn says:
    OH YEAH.
    [i]S[/i]herilyn says:
    [i]S[/i]herilyn says:
    i'll go see hangon
    [|grace*]'s new It Word: "Fgist!" says:
    [|grace*]'s new It Word: "Fgist!" says:
    go see what?
    [i]S[/i]herilyn says:
    [i]S[/i]herilyn says:
    what about valentino!
    [i]S[/i]herilyn says:
    he's retiring anyway, ):
    [|grace*]'s new It Word: "Fgist!" says:
    he retirED.
    [i]S[/i]herilyn says:
    [|grace*]'s new It Word: "Fgist!" says:
    although I notice people still wear his stuff.
    [|grace*]'s new It Word: "Fgist!" says:
    [i]S[/i]herilyn says:
    [|grace*]'s new It Word: "Fgist!" says:
    eh eh eh!
    [|grace*]'s new It Word: "Fgist!" says:
    if we feature valentino!
    [|grace*]'s new It Word: "Fgist!" says:
    [|grace*]'s new It Word: "Fgist!" says:
    [|grace*]'s new It Word: "Fgist!" says:
    the gown he did for anne hathaway
    [|grace*]'s new It Word: "Fgist!" says:
    I think it was valentino
    [|grace*]'s new It Word: "Fgist!" says:
    red, with flowers
    [i]S[/i]herilyn says:
    [|grace*]'s new It Word: "Fgist!" says:
    she posed with that stupid
    [|grace*]'s new It Word: "Fgist!" says:
    big nosed
    [i]S[/i]herilyn says:
    and the red coat
    [i]S[/i]herilyn says:

    [|grace*]'s new It Word: "Fgist!" says:
    [|grace*]'s new It Word: "Fgist!" says:
    [|grace*]'s new It Word: "Fgist!" says:
    or something
    [i]S[/i]herilyn says:
    [|grace*]'s new It Word: "Fgist!" says:
    that stupid rudolf.
    [i]S[/i]herilyn says:
    you're talking about the oscars?
    [|grace*]'s new It Word: "Fgist!" says:
    I hated him.
    [|grace*]'s new It Word: "Fgist!" says:
    [i]S[/i]herilyn says:
    [|grace*]'s new It Word: "Fgist!" says:
    I THINK so?
    [i]S[/i]herilyn says:
    that's not valentino
    [|grace*]'s new It Word: "Fgist!" says:
    how would I know, yo.
    [i]S[/i]herilyn says:
    that's marchesa
    [|grace*]'s new It Word: "Fgist!" says:
    wait, didn't taylor momsen also wear red marchesa?
    [|grace*]'s new It Word: "Fgist!" says:
    [i]S[/i]herilyn says:
    [|grace*]'s new It Word: "Fgist!" says:
    red coat, over pink dress?
    [|grace*]'s new It Word: "Fgist!" says:
    was that it?
    [i]S[/i]herilyn says:
    it was diff
    [i]S[/i]herilyn says:
    [|grace*]'s new It Word: "Fgist!" says:
    [i]S[/i]herilyn says:
    that was the one
    [|grace*]'s new It Word: "Fgist!" says:
    [i]S[/i]herilyn says:

    [|grace*]'s new It Word: "Fgist!" says:
    [|grace*]'s new It Word: "Fgist!" says:
    not as pretty as the socalled marchesa one, but fine
    [|grace*]'s new It Word: "Fgist!" says:
    [i]S[/i]herilyn says:
    but she posed with WHOO???
    [|grace*]'s new It Word: "Fgist!" says:
    we should do celeb of the moment first
    [|grace*]'s new It Word: "Fgist!" says:
    [i]S[/i]herilyn says:
    [|grace*]'s new It Word: "Fgist!" says:
    her exfiance
    [i]S[/i]herilyn says:
    [|grace*]'s new It Word: "Fgist!" says:
    the stupid cheater
    [|grace*]'s new It Word: "Fgist!" says:
    the one who
    [|grace*]'s new It Word: "Fgist!" says:
    [|grace*]'s new It Word: "Fgist!" says:
    faked diamnds or smth
    [i]S[/i]herilyn says:
    yeah that's the oscars
    [|grace*]'s new It Word: "Fgist!" says:
    he had a HUGE NOSE
    [i]S[/i]herilyn says:
    i loved that dress
    [|grace*]'s new It Word: "Fgist!" says:
    and was UGLY
    [|grace*]'s new It Word: "Fgist!" says:
    and MEAN
    [i]S[/i]herilyn says:
    that was her most perfect moment
    [|grace*]'s new It Word: "Fgist!" says:
    [|grace*]'s new It Word: "Fgist!" says:
    eh , yeah.
    [|grace*]'s new It Word: "Fgist!" says:
    [i]S[/i]herilyn says:
    except for Mr Huge Nose
    [|grace*]'s new It Word: "Fgist!" says:
    [|grace*]'s new It Word: "Fgist!" says:
    [i]S[/i]herilyn says:
    [i]S[/i]herilyn says:
    ok ANYWAY
    [|grace*]'s new It Word: "Fgist!" says:
    [i]S[/i]herilyn says:
    moving on
    [|grace*]'s new It Word: "Fgist!" says:
    celeb of the moment FIRST
    [|grace*]'s new It Word: "Fgist!" says:
    and website
    [|grace*]'s new It Word: "Fgist!" says:
    ok, lookbook/emma watson, yes?
    [i]S[/i]herilyn says:

    ,2:51 AM
    The Adventures Of "Fgist!" Continued
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    [i]S[/i]herilyn says:
    [grace*]'s new It Word: "Fgist!" says:
    it's on cachememories
    [i]S[/i]herilyn says:
    [grace*]'s new It Word: "Fgist!" says:
    whatever. anyway! Muzzzzzze!
    [i]S[/i]herilyn says:
    THIEF !
    [i]S[/i]herilyn says:
    [grace*]'s new It Word: "Fgist!" says:
    do you have 'realize' or 'pocketful of sunshine' btw?
    [grace*]'s new It Word: "Fgist!" says:
    [i]S[/i]herilyn says:
    [grace*]'s new It Word: "Fgist!" says:
    you ABANDONED your word cos you didn't like it! I adopted it!
    [grace*]'s new It Word: "Fgist!" says:
    [grace*]'s new It Word: "Fgist!" says:
    be that way!

    ,2:36 AM
    [i]S[/i]herilyn says:
    [grace*]'s new It Word: "Fgist!" says:
    you do celeb of the moment, I'll do website
    [grace*]'s new It Word: "Fgist!" says:
    [grace*]'s new It Word: "Fgist!" says:
    website: lookbook
    [i]S[/i]herilyn says:
    give it back to me, lol
    [grace*]'s new It Word: "Fgist!" says:
    [grace*]'s new It Word: "Fgist!" says:
    [grace*]'s new It Word: "Fgist!" says:
    you didn't like it
    [grace*]'s new It Word: "Fgist!" says:
    [grace*]'s new It Word: "Fgist!" says:
    I do
    [grace*]'s new It Word: "Fgist!" says:
    so it's mine!
    [i]S[/i]herilyn says:
    NO IT'S NOT!

    ,2:12 AM
    Don't Take It Personal
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    I have just been on another RCFA rampage -this time, checking out Rachel Bilson's extensive archives; they were so long I gave up after about 3 pages and decided to check out the main page for something to give Muze- and, as it usually is with RCFA rampages, I now feel like shopping.

    I spent a lot these past few days, but now looking back I'm a little sad, because when coming here I hoped I'd get some Cotton On tunics to wear in Bangkok. I did find a gorgeous aquamarine (favourite colour!) one, but it was spaghetti-strapped and rather low, despite a price which I recall being reasonable. If I wore it my mother would kill me, and then my dad would eat the remains; if I wore a tee under it it would defeat the whole purpose of buying it, to wear it in the hot weather.

    Anyway, I'm glad that I managed to get my mother (hint hint!) something other than the usual jewelry (most of the time I get her tiny red or silver earrings; last time I bought her these really really gorgeous ruby-esque studs from Aries, and some time before that I bought her a faux diamond bracelet from Montip... though I haven't seen her wear it so far. Eck) as well as presents for Kate-Lyn and Su-Lyn (I usually get them presents when out; 95% of the time it's pink hair accessories in two different shades, but last time I got them matching rose keychains in the same colour) and -for the first time!- a present for Sher, which she already knows. It's a keychain with a diamante shoe charm.

    I seem to really, REALLY like navy-inspired stuff nowadays. For example, the suede-like scrunchies I bought in Montip came 2 for 1.90 and were in delicious shades of navy and red; the ring I bought at Chameleon was more obviously navy (naval?) 'cos of the red and white stripes and anchor charm. Right now because of said obsession I love Michael Kors more then ever; a long time ago I posted on my previous blog demanding to know where a certain dress was from, thinking it was Balenciaga, but later I saw it on Cameron Diaz and realized it was MK. :D

    This post is going nowhere, really, just wanted to blog something. Turns out people actually kind of like my random skin from the previous post. Note, "kind of". Also just posted 32 icons of House Bunny on TAC.

    Jul 17, 2009 ,11:14 PM
    we'd never have to wonder if we missed out on each other now, now, now, now

    Just finished working on this and now that I think about it it's a huge failure. It looks way too much like materialisti-c's skin, but I was so happy for it to turn out slightly like the one I thought of that I went and submitted it anyway. IT'S A FAILUURREEEEEEEE. The one here is my best skin EVER and I can't even submit it because yours-tragically tragically does NOT let anyone use her skins as basecodes for submitted skins. AAAARGH.

    oh well. TAC shall have to say hello to yet another crappy skin D: the screenshot's horrible too.

    ,6:50 AM

    I feel like such a huge flop. The navigational blogskin I planned for La La Land (first picture) FAILED HORRENDOUSLY. (It might help if I tell you it was my first time coding from scratch.) Looking at the resultant skin (second picture), I daresay that however much I thought I had improved... I'm still not much of a skinner. I don't think I've retained much through my years blogskinning. (I think 2 years.)
    Off I go to read fan fic. Hopefully I'll get some inspiration to write. The Damien-Jaime story is coming along in little stumbles.

    ,4:25 AM
    I was just on the point of closing my People.com tab and shutting down for good when I saw this.
    Just two days ago, Channing Tatum got married to Jenna Dewan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    At first I thought she was the chick off Step Up 2, which I've never watched and therefore cannot comment on, but the horror of learning that Channing had gotten married subsided a LITTLE upon learning that Jenna is actually from Step Up, which is one of my favourite movies ever for the dancing. Did she really play Nora? If so, this match was made in heaven- upon watching Step Up I remember thinking how sweet it would be if the two got together.
    Oh well. I suppose if he had to get married, it would be best with Jenna.

    ,3:39 AM
    When I See You Cry Yeah It Makes Me Smile
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    whenever you see me you say that you want me back and I tell you you don't mean that, no you don't mean that

    currently reverted to my previous on-repeat song, Smile by Lily Allen. I seem to go off songs once they are made into blogskins, but Smile will, I guess, always have something for me.

    I decided that I must add SELENA GOMEZ to my list of It Girls. I have perused most of the It Girls' archives on RCFA, but not all; I think it is safe to say that they are It Girls not because they never put a foot wrong (except for Emma Stone, because it IS true that she NEVER puts a foot wrong), but because for the most part they are consistently awe-inspiring on the red carpet.

    updated TAC with 3 banners promoting Muze's Gossip Girl Featurette and 4 exclusive icons for the occasion, as well as a later 23 icons for Ghosts of Girlfriends Past. my hands are still aching, but now my eyes are aching too from dazedly scrolling through RCFA archives XD I profess myself GUILTY AS CHARGED, I'm addicted to RCFA. GFY's for the humour, but RCFA is like reading new magazines click by click.

    not too sure what to do right now. my mother would say "REST YOUR EYES!" so maybe I'll just play some taylor swift music and draw, like I used to do (:

    ,2:30 AM
    Baby, That's Just Me
    click to go back to the top.

    Finally finished the Gossip Girl Featurette for Muze!!
    Please check it out :D
    Upcoming: banners, icons in conjunction with the featurette.

    ,12:42 AM
    Gone With The Wind
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    Has anyone ever noticed how very similar the HSM3 and 17Again posters look? I only just noticed it when I was listening to Walk Away on my iTunes and saw the album picture.

    Have recently been scouring RCFA's archives, and have compiled a list that I can only call It Girls. (Either that, or Girl Crushes, to quote RCFA, because these girls seriously never go wrong - and even if they do they're instantly forgiven.)
    1. Emma Stone
    2. Emma Watson.
    3. Diane Kruger.
    4. Sienna Miller.
    5. Rachel Bilson.

    I seem to have a soft spot for those 5 actresses :X

    Anyway! I (relatively) just came back from my little solo shopping expedition! (I arrived home around 2, which is 1 hour later than what I told my grandmother and mother, but then again I left almost half an hour later than planned because of previously mentioned reasons. An hour for half an hour's delay? I figure that makes sense :))

    Went first to check if Alano was open- it was. Twice I have told myself that I WILL go to Alano, because its storefront posters advertise prices as low as 3 dollars, right up to 12 dollars, which, I feel, is more than reasonable for a little schoolgirl with a little budget and huge expectations. Thankfully I was third time lucky and went in- instantly found my Almost Buy #1* , but it cost 19 dollars and I wasn't sure if I was willing to blow more than half of my Emergency budget on it. (It didn't apply for the sales, I guess, 'cos it was a New Arrival.) Nearly bought a yellow dress for 10 dollars, but I kept hearing my Conscience voice in my ear telling me it wasn't worth it because it had these cheapo buttons at the straps that were practically falling off. So, in the end, bought Mystery Item #1** for my mother, for 10 bucks. (Will not divulge what it is until I actually give it to her.)

    After that, I went to Tampines 1, but didn't stay for long because I feel that Tampines 1 is more like something I would stare at all day, drool over but never drop a cent. Saw CY's mother at cachecache (which I only went to because CY told me it was cheap), but didn't say hi because she was talking with a sales assistant. Found a navy-looking striped hooded sundress for 8.90, but wasn't too sure of the quality so left.

    Then, spent AGES at Chameleon poring over the studs but ended up not buying anything- so popped next door to Uniqlo, where I couldn't resist their 19.90 skirts and ended up trying on 3- a tiered knee-length, a tiered mini and a simple knee-length. The simple one won out- it was richly purple, available in (if I'm not wrong) 3 other colours and looked great high-waist. But I didn't buy it because of the price. I'm thinking of showing it to my mother if we go Tampines 1 on Sunday (my brother needs to buy football boots and my father said we should go Tampines 1, but it isn't decided yet).

    Went to Tampines Mall after that. Didn't see anything particularly memorable, so went to Century Square. This trip was really one for exercise- I kept walking to and fro between the three malls. Really, one is spoilt for choice. Although choice does not necessarily mean it fits your budget.

    Finally bought Mystery Items #2, 3 and 4* for Kate-Lyn, Su-Lyn and Sher at Aries. (SHER, YOURS WAS RELATIVELY EX. But I hope you like it. If you want to know what is MSN me.) Couldn't find anything else affordable and to be loved there -these beautiful floral hoops cost nearly 5 dollars, no way I am buying those, BESIDES I ALREADY TOLD MYSELF NO HOOPS AT ALL NO EXCEPTIONS- walked around some more, even went to BHG (you can tell I'm getting desperate there). Went downstairs, where I saw my Almost Buy #2** but wasn't sure of the price because the tag read 31 dollars, but the sign said UP TO 70% and there wasn't any discount stated.

    Almost Buy #3** came almost immediately after when I went back to TM and decided to go to my sad, broken dream of Cotton On. I used to think it was my go-to brand, something I'd hunted for all my years and finally found, until I visited it yesterday with CY and discovered it's far too ex to be a go-to brand when the sales aren't on. AB#3 cost 12.50 but didn't tempt me as much as the previous ABs. (No, that is not 'abs', it's 'Amost Buys'.)

    Finally trooped back to Tampines 1, where I gave in and went to Diva. Found a really nice white headband with these huge floppy flowers on the side for 13 dollars, but when I tried it on, the white flowers combined with the vertical price tag to make me look like a total clown. Couldn't find anything else there that was in my budget, as it usually is with Diva, and left.

    Went next to haunt Chameleon again. This time I struck- last time round I spotted Almost Buy #4** but it cost 2.90. This time, by a pure miracle, I dug around and actually found something! It was an adjustable ring (the AB#4 wasn't, sob sob), with a circle on the top. The circle has red and white stripes, and on top of that's a cream coloured anchor charm. It came in blue too but I decided the red was nicer. Found one with a charm right in the centre (the other was off-centre and looked messy) and bought it for a delicious 1.50. (Delicious because it was my last resort, last buy, and I only had 1.70 left.)

    Something I forgot to mention- on one of my trips to T1 I decided to pop into this Japanese-looking store called M-something (eck. something like Milk? idk) where I found my Almost Buy #5**. This I really would've bought, for although I banned myself from buying shoes, this was really comfy and for once fit me EXCELLENTLY as though it was made for me. However, it cost 24.90 and at the time I had 21.70 left, which was really a pity. I've told my mother about them already, and although she told me once again to watch my spending she sounded intrigued.


    The escapades may not be accurately covered for I've forgotten how many times exactly I traipsed through those three meccas of temptation, but the prices and items are, I can guarantee, for the most part perfectly on the dot.

    Here, the legend:

    *Mystery Items:

    1. FOR MUM, from Alano, 10 dollars.
    2. FOR KATE-LYN, from Aries, 1.90.
    3. FOR SU-LYN, from Aries, 1.90.
    4. FOR SHER, from Aries, 3.90.

    **Almost Buys:

    1. ALANO, colour-block sundress, 19.00
    2. COAX, white polka-dotted sundress, 31.00 (discount??)
    3. COTTON ON, grey floral sundress, 12.50 (as you can tell I'm extremely susceptible to sundresses of all sorts)
    4. CHAMELEON, silver floral ring, 2.90 (2.80?)
    5. M-SSSOOOOMEEETHING, grey peep-toe flats with 3D multicoloured fabric flowers on the front, 24.90 (obviously this was the one I nearly went gaga over)


    bought 5 items, nearly bought 5 items.

    the amazing thing was, I didn't touch any of the 20 dollars my mother gave me as extra!

    pity is, I only have 20 cents left of my original 40 dollars from my savings. but at least 5 items from that were for gifts. and 3 for DIY, which I think counts for something.

    Jul 16, 2009 ,8:00 PM


    Well, it isn't very important, but it happened on Wednesday and I still haven't blogged about it.

    It happened on bus number 12, where Mum and I were on our way home, and we were sitting near the front.

    All of a sudden from the back came a not-so-loud but conspicuous, "AH-CHOOOOO!"

    It sounded like it was from a kid.

    And then, within the space of one or two seconds, came the resultant kiddish wail,


    It was so hilarious, so Singaporean, my mother said I had to blog about it. :D and I agree.

    ,7:52 PM
    It Was You That Left Me
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    Am popping out to Tampines again today, this time by myself (Tampines is the only place I can go unattended, and happens to be the only place I tend to go attended; wow). Was planning to go at 11 (it's now 10.53) but got distracted by the arrival of George and a huge tummy ache. Now it's slightly better so I may be heading out soon.

    I really have to keep my spending in check this time round, now that there isn't CY at my shoulder telling me if the buy's worth it or not. (Then again, my *conscience* -aka CY-, who means well but always ends up convincing me to buy the item XD) Of my savings, I have SGD19.40 left, as well as the extra SGD20.00 that my mother gave me but as for that- I'm determined to save as much of that 20.00 as possible!

    Sadly, CS didn't have the OPI nail stuff that sway-sim wanted (I forgot if I blogged about this already) and when I went TM yesterday and peeked at their nail bar, it didn't look like they were selling, cos most of the bottles were already used. So I didn't bother checking. Besides, on Sunday, Mum says we're going to try to go to Parkway, cos that's the outlet where sway-sim said she knows they have it.

    Which reminds me...

    I CAN'T GO TO CAT CLASS ON SUNDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Turns out, according to Neil, they have another Rite of something, that starts at 2PM, so my plan of gatecrashing and seeing all my friends again FAILED.

    Oh well. I'll probably wait until next time round, when I'll be in high school and (probably) swamped by homework.

    Here's the latest song I'm addicted to (other than Broken Strings but you all know about that already, so):

    La La Land by Demi Lovato

    I am confident, but I still have my moments
    Baby, that's just me
    I'm not
    a supermodel, I still eat McDonald's
    Baby, that's just me

    Well, some
    may say I need to be afraid
    Of losing everything, because of where I
    my start and where I made my name
    Well, everything's the same in the La La
    Land machine
    Machine, machine

    Who said I can't wear my Converse with
    my dress?
    Well baby, that's just me
    Who said I can't be single and have
    to go out and mingle
    Baby, that's not me, no, no

    Well, some may say
    I need to be afraid
    Of losing everything, because of where I
    Had my
    start and where I made my name
    Well, everything's the same in the La La Land

    Tell me do you feel the way I feel
    'Cause nothing else is real in
    the La La Land appeal

    Well, some may say I need to be afraid
    losing everything, because of where I
    Had my start and where I made my name
    Well, everything's the same in the La La Land machine
    Well, I'm not
    gonna change in the La La Land machine
    I will stay the same in the La La
    Machine, machine, machine

    I won't change anything in my life
    (I won't change anything in my life)
    I'm staying myself tonight
    staying myself tonight)

    ,7:47 PM
    Gasp! Shock! Horror!

    Our Muze/Gossip Girl Featurette seems to be right on the money!

    Its arrival has coincided rather interestingly with Anna Sui for Target Fall 2009 Gossip Girl collection, which is based on the styles of the 4 leading girls in Gossip Girl, just like our featurette!

    I can't believe my eyes either.

    (I REALLY WANT TO GET MY HANDS ON THE BLAIR COLLECTION! All those preppy long-sleeved dresses... *sigh*)

    you can't feel anything that your heart don't wanna feel

    Went to Tampines today with Ching Ying :D

    By a stroke of luck we met at Tanah Merah MRT (with CY diabolically saying on the phone, "Ooh, I see you!" and hanging up on me) and, upon reaching Tampines MRT, immediately set forth for BEADSPIN,

    where CY (look I don't like calling you CY ching ying but I'm too lazy to type out your whole name WITH CAPITAL LETTERS in proper English. LOL) bought crimp beads (which sound so cool *_*), some chocolate-shaped beads (so cute!) and two mirror beads which are SO COOL.

    and I bought some little circular boho thingies, a 70cm chain and some leaf beads. I CAN FINALLY MAKE MY DANGLING EARRINGS :D

    Spent lotsa time at BEADSPIN, then went to Mac's where CY got her lunch (double cheeseburger @_@). then we walked around some more.
    it's been two full days in Singapore and I've bought...
    1. black capris
    2. pink shorts
    3. white polo
    4. nude polish
    5. silver eyeliner
    1. chain, 70 cm.
    2. leaf beads.
    3. circle beads.
    5. suede-like hair ties.
    6. mystery present for mummy.

    not going to divulge #6 JUST IN CASE my mother sees this. shhhhh (:

    Jul 15, 2009 ,10:14 PM
    Banners- Muze, TAC, IVB
    click to go back to the top.

    love these banners :D
    unfortunately, my mouse seems to be malfunctioning; every time I use it to drag something or scroll down a list or something, it doesn't work. so I have to use the touch pad thing, which is very irritating because generally I detest touch pads. I shall have to ask my dad to look into the matter; maybe someday we'll have to get a new mouse or something.
    was supposed to do 100 x 100 icons of the three sites but got distracted by the wide realm of possibilities 500 x 200 offers *_* photo credits; lookbook.

    ,9:48 PM
    Truth Hurts, And Lies Worse
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    Inspired by tired/uninspired by toomunch, I'm gonna try to create more icons for self-advertising! I love the speech bubbles *_* Also, TAC's 5th month should be on the 18th if my memory serves me right. I'll go check, and if it is -that means it's in 2 days!!- I shall go off happily chomping on banner-inspiring food :D
    oh, I'm not making any sense right now

    ,9:16 PM
    But You Broke Me
    click to go back to the top.

    I can't believe this.
    I feel so stupid right now. The icon problem is not even Photobucket's fault! Their Support e-mailed me back promptly, telling me to clear my cache + cookies history, so I did, and they suggested reposting the links so I uploaded all 8 of the icons. While re-editing the HTML I noticed that the codes looked funny. Something in the links was different. And then I realized my STUPID BLUNDER.

    For my broken strings blogskin, in a silly attempt to make my multitude of links look less messy, I put // in between each link; however, when using the you're my exception skin, I used the replace tool to delete all the //s and replace them with a blank space. I only just realized that by doing that, I also rendered ALL MY DIRECT LINKS useless, as it transforms a URL from http://blah to http: blah. which obviously doesn't work at all, thus the problem of not being able to see any image!
    I am such a stupid idiot, seriously. ;_;
    A huge apology to Sher and Photobucket for wasting your time.

    Look I know all you can see of the icons are white boxes with red Xs over them, but please bear with it while I await Photobucket's response. This skin is anyway by far much better than the previous one, even if you can't even see much but text right now. I'm going to upload my previous 2 skins on BS.com, ugly as they might be.

    ,5:42 AM
    Methinks I'm getting too lazy to type out whole song lyrics as my title. Recently, I've been favouring song titles instead; they tend to be much shorter and therefore easier to Capitalize.

    Much has happened since my last update. (Or maybe, not that much, but when you've got a mental list of things to blog about it can be overwhelming, no?)

    Firstly, yesterday I posted my first-in-a-long-time, relatively big batch of icons on TAC. Using movie stills from He's just not that into you, I posted 42 icons- which is a mere 8 to the big 5-0, but the site didn't have any more stills I could/wanted to use.

    Today, finally updated Muze with my first installment for our Gossip Girl Featurette, on copping Serena van der W's famous casual sophisticate style. It took me a little while to put together but it's finally up and that's all that counts :D

    Was supposed to follow my mother grocery shopping at Bedok Centre this morning, but she decided to go alone and only called me downstairs when she'd arrived back in a taxi needing help with all the plastic bags. So up we went, and then if I'm not wrong we had some lunch and then headed off to White Sands.

    We went there because (1) my brother asked us to help us return two CDs he'd rented and (2) my mother needed to post a letter, but obviously we ended up hanging around and wound up at Surfer's Paradise, where my mother bought my brother two pairs of shorts and I bought a polo tee (brill! but they don't come in my fave thin cotton anymore, just this soft, thicker material), a pair of home shorts and a pair of capris.

    Then we went to Tampines to check if Century Square's PINC nail outlet had the stuff from OPI that Sway-Sim wanted; they didn't. Wound up dwindling around again and went to SPLIT, where they were having an AWESOME SALE (SPLIT is too ex for daily purchases, only when they have a sale... wearing a SPLIT tee now, the only one I have cos I gave the other one away when it got too tight). Bought a green tank top for 15 bucks; it has two very cute owls on it and says "Organic is hip" or something like that. :D

    Was trying studiously to edit some new codes just now but Photobucket was malfunctioning (created a new account, scarletsuede, in the hope that Photobucket would work that way but it didn't) so I couldn't upload my new icons to use in place of the skin's old ones; hopefully it'll work this time.

    Had a new story idea too, surprisingly from a dream I had last night. Weirdly enough my last two story ideas were from dreams; the first one was a story about a girl named Katie and a guy named Michael. Setting: shophouse. This time I'm recreating an old story idea added in with elements of the dream, about a rich girl named Jaime who's kidnapped a la Prince & The Pauper, abandoned, and seeks refuge with a priest and his gang of delinquents on her way to get her life back.

    That's a very rough plot, so I might explain it more later, but right now I'm just desperate to check Photobucket. PLEASE be working!!!!

    Jul 14, 2009 ,6:53 AM
    screwed skin, I know. my brain just can't take it anymore. I'm going to make he's just not that into you icons.

    ,3:35 AM
    Too Little Too Late
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    Currently listening to my collection of JoJo songs again. I used to listen to them hundreds of times over until I was sick of it but now I'm starting to like her songs again :D


    I'm so excited! It's good to be back. Somehow, there's a freedom here in being to go out to old-time haunts like Tampines without worrying that I'll step on dog shit or get kidnapped by a drunken tourist. I've already planned to make a trip on Thursday with Ching Ying, I'm meeting her at 3; then, on Friday, I'm thinking of going again, by myself this time, to look around. Also, I have to check if CS's PINC nail bar has the OPI stuff Sway-sim wanted; if not, I'll have to get my mother to bring me to Parkway, or ask my brother how to get there, if my parents let me go alone.

    Now, before I get to work on my GG featurette for Muze, or do icons for TAC, I need to make a list of things NOT to buy.

    1. SHOES. last time I came I bought 3 pairs at cotton on, and now my closet is stuffed. full. of. shoes.
    2. Eh.
    3. BABYDOLL SUNDRESSES. My mother thinks I look pregnant in them, which is partially true, but for the Isetan one I bought last trip it wasn't too bad, just that none of my cropped jackets really go with it- only my blue cardi, which means I can't wear it these hot and humid days.
    4. HOOPS. I already have... 5. I think. Or 6 if you count the tiny ones my mother bought me long long ago.
    5. Eh.

    I think that should be it. SHOES was the main point. I must not get distracted by Cotton On shoes! I do want to buy their tunics, though. *_* and maybe skirts. I REALLY hope they still have their sale on. It's my biggest hope. And also that they have my skirt in size 8 this time. Last time, they only had ONE piece and it was in size 6- just ONE size too small and my stomach was pooching out. Badly.


    Oh well.


    go to www.muze.co.nr if you don't know what I'm talking about- Gossip Girl Featurette!!!

    Jul 13, 2009 ,4:18 AM

    Just a glimpse of my very colourful packing list! First time colour-coding it, and it may look a little confusing but I think it'll work out. I have a few things with me now but I haven't actually pulled them all together yet.

    Jul 12, 2009 ,11:39 PM
    Gotten through 70% of my wishlist, carefully colour-coded according to event (1. GOING OUT WITH CHINGYING 2. GOING OUT WITH SELF 3. CHURCH 4. SPARE) but still rather messy. I've still got that feeling in my head that something just ain't right. (Maybe cos I finally conceded to bringing jeans??)

    If you're wondering about #2, it's because my parents finally allowed me to go out alone :D albeit, to Tampines only, because it's crowded and I'm used to it and it's relatively safer than White Sands which can be rather empty at times. Sadly they don't allow me to wear my coloured shorts if they're not with me... but they're not short! Seriously! They're like, capris - a few cm or something. TRUTHFULLY!!!

    Oh well. Have to go eat lunch, it's 1.40 and The Teacher is coming at 2.15 or earlier, how would I know :X

    ,11:00 PM
    These are, right now, my two favourite blogshops: quincc.bs.com and parasolcircus.lj.com.

    Both sell a tank dress with sequinned wing detail that I'm kind of hampering after. PC has it available in grey, white and navy, but retailing for SGD25.00; QCC has it available in only white and navy but retailing for SDG15.00. In any case I bet my parents wouldn't allow me to purchase them. They're not too keen on blogshops.

    When it comes to products, though, PC wins hands-down. Their prices are kind of scarily high (in the 20s most of the time) but their products are really beautiful. I'm also hampering after their Topshop-inspired shift dress, which retails at SGD23.00. Con is, buyers might not look too good in them; the models' photographs are very well taken considering it isn't a studio thing or something, but if you scroll down there's a note that the models are 1.66 and 1.7M tall respectively. Hence, they look AWESOME in shift dresses and opaque tights a la InStyle or something.

    -I still haven't worn my purple tights. I'm starting to think I should have thought of what I was going to wear it with, before actually buying it. Maybe I'll try my white button-up and black skirt someday. Oh well.

    Once again I wish I was 1.7M tall or something, so I could wear most stuff. *cough*Nicolette*cough*jealous*cough*

    ,10:40 PM
    Getting Excited About Fashion
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    When I first bought my sleeveless, high-waist dress at Platinum a nong nong time ago (it was the outing with Auntie Jess and Sherilyn... so probably one or two weeks ago) I decided I'd save it for National Day, because aside from my blue tailored dress (which I wore last National Day so it's kind of a no-no unless I really have nothing else to wear) it's one of my most formal dresses.
    Well, actually, it isn't that formal since it's kind of short, but it's made of a satin-like material with a beautiful floral pattern that, when I first saw it, reminded me of Michelle O, or something that she'd wear, anyway.
    Now I realize that if I reclaim my Confirmation dress from my mum (I agreed to give it to her after we failed to compromise on a way to alter it) I can wear said dress out whenever I want.... channeling not Michelle O, but Keira Knightley!!
    I'd seen the pic of Keira in a 3.1 Phillip Lim dress and blazer many times before but when I saw it just now on RCFA I thought, now that I've bought my blazer with its floral patterned cuffs I can wear the blazer with the dress and wedges. Of course, I'll have to try it out because I've learned from experience that just because outfits work together theoretically it doesn't mean they actually do in real life.
    I went to my closet, thinking of putting the ensemble together on the bed and snapping a pic for this blog, but it turns out my blazer's not out of the wash yet (we didn't buy a new one- we bought the one hanging, and it was in a market, so my mother said it could be really dirty). Oh well. I really can't wait to see my blazer again, I'm thinking of bringing it to Singapore.
    Which reminds me, I need to get packing... Last night my mother said I couldn't wear my coloured shorts out in public when my parents weren't around, so that ruled out my original plan of not bringing jeans (because when it's hot you kind of hate jeans, really). And I couldn't think of any other way to have it so I've been putting the packing list off for some time. But I need to pack by today because our flight's in the early afternoon tomorrow.
    Have tuition today at 2.15, which is in about one hour's time... WHERE DID ALL MY TIME GO??? D: Good thing is, I'll be missing Wednesday's tuition... Bad thing is, that's the only tuition I'll miss. Also, my father pointed out yesterday that I only have about 3 weeks left of the summer. I STILL HAVEN'T DONE MY EL ASSIGNMENT. Oh, damn it.

    Jul 10, 2009 ,10:32 PM
    Wishlist Updated!
    click to go back to the top.

    Before I forget MY WISHLIST HAS BEEN UPDATED! cos my mother brought me to recce this small Pratunam-like market yesterday after her Thai tuition and we bought stuff :D

    I'm proud of myself for mainly sticking to my wishlist and not buying some very tempting stuff like these really cool tribal-ish beaded earrings which were going for 60B each. Which is still SDG3.00 apiece, but if you think about it THEY'RE WORTH IT *_*

    oh well.

    what I bought:
    1. gorgeous blazer! it's grey-blue, soft, with Liberty florals on the cuff. EEP! and it came with a free
    2. white tank top! which I'm going to embellish with beads when I get to it.*
    3. a pair of orange-pink-red (haven't decided) shorts!
    4. a pair of blue shorts!
    5. gorgeous B&W checked pencil skirt!


    erm, anyway,

    * I actually did get to it day before yesterday which was... THURSDAY. with my mother's help I sewed two headbands -which are really gorgeous; one's black with pearls and stuff, and the other is just pure white lace- and a hairclip. I sewed this colourful flower with beads (I still think the beads are going to drop out if I ever drop the clip on the floor, cos my sewing isn't that great) and my mum helped me sew the flower onto an old black hairclip :D

    eep! see! DIY! :D

    anyway I need to go pack :X

    ,10:16 PM

    Wanted to embed the HP & Half blood prince trailer here but embedding was disabled by request on Youtube. So here's the URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jlIgyWhRfRA. Can't wait to watch the movie!! I remember watching a different trailer but can't find it. Oh well.

    Hermione: She's only interested in you because she thinks you're the Chosen One!
    Harry: But I *am* the Chosen One.
    Hermione: *whacks*
    Harry: Uh... sorry. Just... kidding.

    anyway, need to pack for my 2D1N stay at Shangrila!! JT's coming too can't wait :D we're going to stay up all night and coo at him, or something.

    okay. PACKING LIST.

    I need to sync my iPod badly.
    Okay, done.

    ok OFF I GO TO PACK.

    sorry, this post was really random.

    ,8:20 AM
    The Little Nyonya
    click to go back to the top.

    Hah just finished watching it :D watched 3 (or more, not sure) episodes in one day! BEAT ZAT! :D so happy she ended up with Paul :D

    -sidenote: JOHN'S GAY AND DELIRIOUS! AND HE'S ON FB! *winkwink*


    blah. I lost the mood for blogging already what with all the hype of learning john's... wait. idk. he's being very confusing right now. he's either in love with ron, or with draco, or with emma/hermione, or with ronald mcdonald. which is very weird.

    and he doesn't know what his own bingoes mean. *shakes head*

    Jul 8, 2009 ,3:42 AM
    You Don't Mean That
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    go rate and fave and don't be a twitbugger or I eat you.