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    Aug 31, 2009 ,5:11 AM

    As the very pretty collage by me, shown above, displays... I AM LUSTING FOR SANDAL BOOTS! This lust is fuelled (and was started) by the heinous/genius Jane Alridge of Sea of Shoes.

    #1 on the Lust Choice would obviously be her Martin Margielas, preferably in camel which LUCKY HER SHE ALSO OWNS, but Ebay only yields the black. As luck would have it THEY ARE IN MY SIZE, but cost USD 1, 188. No kidding. (Evidence.)

    On the more sensible Lust List would be the ones labelled in a funky "#1" above on the collage. They cost USD 28.99 (Check). Best thing? They're available sizes 35 through 39, so as I once read I could actually order 38 and 39 and then just send 39 back if it's too big, or 38 if it's too small. (Although that would be stupid because I would have to pay the return shipping cost.) USD 28.99 is about SGD ... 42. WHAT. (I thought it would be about 32 SGD!) Okay, maybe I shouldn't want them so much.

    #2 on my Lust & Sensibility list is the flatter, definitely less desirable gladiator version, which costs USD 26.99 for the buyer who offers sizes 5-8 (here) but USD19.99 for the buyer who offers size 8 only (here). (If you want to buy the latter now it's 39.99. Whoa.)

    I still want the $42 one though. I BET my mother's bought SGD 50-plus shoes before. Then again... GRAH. Plus, they're 8 cm high, so I'm not very sure, but they ARE the surest way to grab this trend. I haven't seen it around Platinum before I think. I wonder if there are any made-to-order shoe shops around. I want those Margielas!!! The design is exquisite!!!

    P.S. Are my eyes deceiving me? These apparently cost USD 0.99 with 0 bids. Granted, the laces don't look very nice with the boots, but if purchased in black the contrast might not be too obvious.

    Aug 29, 2009 ,3:59 AM
    Have I Told You Lately That I Love You?
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    Did my own French mani! Yesss! It's passable!
    I used the nail art pen I got last time in MBK. Then "pen" is horrible for French manis, but the brush itself is surprisingly thin and sleek- it's awesome.

    Went to Erawan today to try out the Lee's Cafe in the basement. I found the service and ambience wonderful but the food passable- maybe because I let myself hope for passable kway tiao again and ended up having starchy noodles again. I must remind myself that only T1 in Changi Airport does it right!

    After that we walked over to CentralWorld because my dad wanted to get a tie for a friend. Obviously I strayed, so my dad told my mum and I to meet him once we were done. ESP and Portland were having a sale so we looked around there, and I got a pair of wonderful sateen skinnies. I normally detest skinnies and this one is no exception to the "They make my bum look ginormous" rule, but I love the texture. I'll just try to wear tunics over it as much as possible.

    Then we strolled over to the accessories sections. My mother eyed this gorgeous diamond bracelet but after discount it was still over 1000 baht, so in the end she bought a gold and pearl layered necklace, which was quite gorgeous too. I bought a navy sateen hairband with diamante detail, a pearl hairband and a B&W shawl which I'm going to share with my mother. Chances are she's going to use it as a shawl and me, a gigantic scarf. She says it looks like Yassir Arafat's, and it's true.

    After that, came home... tried the pants on again just to show it off to the mirror (; then came on here and got distracted by RCFA. But anyway my main purpose was to type out my homework so I remember:

    1. Maths 2-1
    2. Maths 2-2
    3. World Civ. "Dharma of Tailors"
    4. Physics Homework Questions
    5. English paragraph on "Perceive, Know, Care"


    I live for odd days now. Even days just drag on so much.

    Aug 28, 2009 ,4:40 AM
    Addicted to: Pieces of Flair on FB
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    "Hey Harry, let's all point our wands at people and use spells without knowing what they're for!"

    If the dark side has chocolate and the light side has cookies, does that mean the middle has chocolate cookies? Go middle!

    Because we all secretly cried when we didn't get our Hogwarts acceptance letter.

    Things To Do At Wal-Mart: Hide in the clothings rack and, when people browse through, say things like, "Pick me! Pick me!"

    Don't you wish you hit like a girl?

    "Of course I am smart; I have a HQ of... Wait..."

    "Don't come any closer! I have new pointy shoes and I know how to use 'em!"

    When life hands you Edward Cullen, stomp on his face and demand for DRACO MALFOY.

    Brunette: I was listening to Eminem last night.
    Blonde: You were listening to CANDY???!!!

    Our friendship is tighter than the JoBros' pants.

    I believe in Nargles.

    So I kinda maybe like you a lot more than I originally planned.

    Note to self: It is illegal to stab people for being stupid.

    Shouting LUMOS at the light switch will not help.

    Swine flu: Bacon's revenge.

    NO TRESPASSING! Violators will be shot. Survivors will be shot again.

    Things to do at Wal-Mart: Make up nonsense products and ask new staff if they have them in stock, like, "Do you carry Schneagles here?"

    "Dance like nobody's watching. Sing like... on second thoughts, DON'T SING."

    "Don't think of them as nerds, think of them as future millionaires."

    There are two uses for hardcover books: reading, and bashing stupid people on the head.

    The one who can break your heart should have no intention of doing it. If they do then they don't deserve your love.

    Have you ever been alone in a crowded room?

    Grandchildren are God's reward for not killing your kids.

    Bite me... I'm a freshman.

    I'm out of my mind, but feel free to leave a message.

    I love Fred... or maybe it's George.

    Things to do at Wal-Mart: Go to a fitting room, wait in there for a while and loudly shout, "There's no toilet paper in here!"

    Things to do at Wal-Mart: Look right into the security camera, use it as a mirror and pick your nose.

    Drive like a Cullen.

    I can conquer the world with one hand, as long as you are holding the other.

    When life hands you Skittles, throw them at random people and yell, "Taste the freaking rainbow!"

    Random is telling people to go suck a poptart in the rain.

    No coffee, no workee!

    Men invented soccer, but women perfected it.

    "I'm not easily distracted. I... HEY, IS THAT GUY SPARKLING?"

    It's okay to like Twilight and Harry Potter, but if you ever hear me say Twilight is better, shoot me.

    You are stupid, and therefore wrong.

    Okay, I'll stop there. I'm clogging my blog, AND everyone's FB. I'm been on Flair for like, an hour already, I'm guessing. And I've only painted ONE HAND's nails.

    I'm trying out my royal blue Gina polish. Darker than I thought. Love-hate.

    School today was awesome.

    Duffy said he liked my shoes! (The red fringe sandals. Note to self: take pictures!)

    Also, moved to sit with Michael P ("We KNOW you party at night. Don't try to hide it") and Dao in English because Mr K told us to. Personally I think it's the best group anyone could ask for (:

    It turns out the whole of 9th Grade and maybe more have a crush on Mr Tananone. Fan club ftw! According to Nimanee/Tata (can't remember), Mrs McRobbie said even her 2 year old daughter is in love with the man. Oh, pity.

    Nevertheless, Amy, Helen and I are going to take good use of our JOURNALISM PRIVILEGE and go together to take pictures of him ostensibly for the International's article on new staff (by me! ain't I smart, volunteering to do it...).

    Aug 27, 2009 ,4:54 AM
    And That's The Way I Feel About You
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    I feel like today was a big fat waste of a NO HOMEWORK DAY.


    I came home, ate cereal over Seventeen, bathed, wrote my song, got mad at my parents for (1) not vacating the room so I could record the song like I asked them to (I feel bad now) and (2) not waiting around for me to go to JT's so we could see his new tooth. They were like, Ehhh... well.. are you coming? And I said, I want to record! I asked you to go out just now! Only 10 minutes! Then they hemmed and hawed and mumbled about time, so in the end I chased them out saying they could go first. BLAST. Then I recorded, spent ages on the video which ENDED UP NOT WORKING ON BLOGGER ANYWAY, then RCFA'd (it finally works!) and FB'd and YouTube'd (this Linda girl on X Factor Denmark is quite good) and GFY'd and now I'm all wasted out,


    Now the sky is dark and a storm is probably brewing because it's brrr cold and raining heavy and I really wish Mr K hadn't come back from Aust so I can have my sub back. Then I cross my fingers and hope, no pray, that tomorrow's PE's gonna go just fine.

    ,4:29 AM
    Original Song: Wintergirl
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    I wrote a song!!!

    It's heavily koped off Laurie Halse Anderson's novel Wintergirls, which I finished the other day. Don't let its relatively low Lexile range (720) fool you: this book is AMAZING. It's about anorexia and written mostly figuratively.



    Turning to dust

    She's thinner,

    Thinner than us

    Crossing the line,

    She passes by

    So slowly



    You don't know what it feels like

    When you're always trying for more

    To be less

    Why settle for this

    When you can be the best


    Verse 2:


    She's burning out

    Can't see

    The dis'ppearing smiles

    She's stopped trying to be

    Like the rest of us

    She can't stop

    Battle goes on

    Cos she's a

    Chorus 2:


    Didn't know what it would feel like

    To always be trying for more

    To be less

    Why settle for this

    When you can be the next


    Verse 3:


    Her memory fades

    We forget

    The look on her face

    Too many days

    Trying to know

    Trying to feel

    Her pain


    Chorus 3:


    We didn't know what it felt like

    When she was always trying for more

    To be less

    Why settle for this

    When she was the best


    Tell me what you think!

    Personally, I think there's a lot to be brushed up on, but considering this is my first full recorded effort it's passable. Especially the tune. Which is very horrible but better than all my previous attempts.

    Basically it tells the story of an anorexic girl from the POV of people who see her. In the last verse she's died. In case you didn't notice.

    Finished Ophelia: A Novel today. Sooo good!

    [/EDIT] The video cannot upload. I think I'll try again another day.

    Aug 26, 2009 ,5:33 AM

    I think I should change the message in the last one to I shouldn't think of you, but I do, and I don't know how to stop.
    First one's in old Chinese from the only site I managed to scrounge Jay Chou's Rainbow lyrics from (in Chinese since I don't have Hanzi program on my computer) and it means when I can't see your smile how can I sleep soundly? or something like that.
    all bg images from deviantart.

    ,5:28 AM

    哪裡有彩虹告訴我 能不能把我的願望還給我
    為什麼天這麼安靜 所有的雲都跑到我這裡

    ※有沒有口罩一個給我 釋懷說了太多就成真不了 
    也許時間是一種解藥 也是我現在正服下的毒藥

    #看不見妳的笑我怎麼睡得著 妳的聲音這麼近我卻抱不到 
    沒有地球 太陽還是會繞 沒有理由 我也能自己走

    *妳要離開 我知道很簡單 妳說依賴 是我們的阻礙 
    就算放開 但能不能別沒收我的愛 當作我最後才明白
    Repeat ※,#,*


    ,4:32 AM
    Life is depressing when you cannot see the smiles on the faces around you, or see whose arms are these who wrap around you and whisper warm words in your ear... when you do not even know your own king.

    I wrote that yes indeed! :D It was in my Psyche monologue. I LOVE that part. As well as

    If he was a monster I could still love him, for ugliness is not a sin. But if I am not the only one he loves, it might kill me.

    So insanely proud of it :D I don't think there's any other commendable quotes; an okayish one is

    He treats me well and for that I cannot complain. My parents expected me to marry a monster and I accepted that; but instead I am given a grand palace and servants to look after me.

    Heehee Eros and Psyche FTW! They shall join my Hall of Romances, alongside Erik and Christine (PotO fanfics) and Harry and Ginny (Harry Potter, obviously). I think JT shall side with me on the last one! But sadly not the first for he believes Psyche to basically be this prostitute or something who is flown every night into a cave to Do It with Eros. I think.

    Today was rather fascinating, despite my huge stomach ache of nervousness. I don't think I shall do it justice.

    For some reason I'm currently listening to Kit Chan's Home. It's the song I immediately sing when I think of National Day songs.

    Anyway! Today PE was fun (again- SO MARK IT ON THE CALENDAR!)... thought I was late for Spanish so rushed and ended up locking my ID card in my locker... Spanish presentation ended up taking about five seconds... had to go to office with Joanne to get my locker unlocked... practised my English monologue like crazy over bacon and cheese sandwich... helped edit Nimanee, Nimarta and Tata's MUN speech (on SINGAPORE!)... went to English with Mr. Tananone (Mr. Krocker's in Aust for a conference which is good in a way because Mr. T's less scary than Mr. K :O somehow even though both are really nice, truly)... GOT PICKED TO GO FIRST... got it over... Win's presentation was AMAZING, he had this BRILLIANT monologue as Medusa, HILARIOUS, never expected it of him, somehow it made me see that he might go far... loved Natsumi's little Pandora's Box... journalism after that was somehow anticlimatic because I was so happy from English, but got most of my second article done. If I get it done by next lesson I get a bonus! :D


    Psyche no more; somehow I wish I could live today all over again... I didn't make enough eye contact. I don't think Mr. T saw that I looked at Michael Perry, Keitaro AND Mr. T himself when he was looking at the rubric.

    Aug 24, 2009 ,9:44 PM
    Free Period in Library
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    Yes, again.

    I didn't think I would need my agenda, because I thought Mita would be with me, but as it turns out she left the library right after Freshmen Seminar so I have no idea when the period ends. I rented a laptop, and borrowed a new book Ophelia: A Novel (lexile 860) by Lisa Klein (picked up reservation Pretty Little Liars in the morning but I'm dying to read O first). So if I want to check the schedule pasted in the front of the library I'll have to drag my laptop, book and wallet to the front and they'll probably think I'm trying to steal something. Which I'm not. Obviously.

    It was so weird just now. When I was borrowing the book the librarian was there -she was new, I think, but I somehow get the feeling all the librarians know me by now SUCH A NERD :O- and she was like, "You're Tamrong's sister, right?"

    Me: Er, no. *looks used to it, like Harry is to the your-mother's-eyes comment*
    Librarian: Oh. *embarrassed* You have the same surname.
    Me: Yeah, I know.

    I suppose it's more than a coincidence that this senior (or junior?)'s name is Teo Tamrong and mine's Teo Peirong. According to tradition it could very well mean we're siblings. Or cousins, at the very least.

    Maybe he's my distant cousin a hundred times removed, and I don't know. !!

    Went on FB to see if Eric had responded to the almost-IM thing on Sean's status (I still don't quite know who to believe), and also to check if anyone from ISB's online so I can ask about the schedule but only Ian L and Sway-sim are online, just my luck. So I might go stalk Hayden P on RCFA.

    Oh, check out my tester blog- www.grace-is-testing.blogspot.com. I spent really long on the D Kruger blogskin there last night, as well as the day before, and today at home I'm going to work on it some more. I am going to make my new mantra "Take your time to do your best." If I rush, I know full well all I'm going to get is about 100 downloads and no SOTD. I've noticed people who take their time and work hard at it tend to get SOTD(s) and I know this image has potential.

    ,4:26 AM
    "You Poopsicle!"
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    1. Are you single or attached?

    2. Do you have a person you like?
    I'm rather fickle about this. Just ask Ching Ying. She knows.

    3. What is the name of the person that you're in love with?
    Like I'd tell you, even if I WAS decided.

    4. If the person you love and your mom drop into the sea, who will you save?
    My mum! My mum!

    Then again, idk. To be realistic, my swimming skills aren't that good anyway. I don't think I'd be able to even swim in the sea. (Deep sea.)

    5. Have you ever hugged someone before?
    Yes. All the time! :D

    6. Do you love your parents?
    Course I do. Say it every night.

    7. Will you hug the one you love?

    8. Are you willing to do anything for your girlfriend?
    Eh, I'm hoping the term 'girlfriend' is used platonically here. If so, no, actually. Not 'anything'.

    9. Are you jealous now?
    I don't think so.

    10. Who is the last person that messaged you?
    I thought this was 'massaged' for a minute and nearly got a heart attack.

    My mum.

    11. Who is your clique?
    Nimarta, Nimanee, Tata. Occasionally, Mita, Fah and/or Mindy.

    12. Do you want babies in future?
    Yes. But can we not have pain in childbirth? :) LOL.

    13. Do you prefer Macdonald, KFC, Long John Silver, Burger King or Coffee Bean?

    Tough one. KFC.

    14. Do you sniff glue?

    15. Do you smoke?
    Second hand smoke.

    16. If your boyfriend or girlfriend is a 2timer, what will you do?
    Tough, Sher!!! I think I would curl up in a corner and cry till my heart broke into a thousand shards if it hadn't already. Then I would go talk to my mum for about a week, then I would ignore him for the rest of my existence.

    17. Which cca are you in now?
    I don't have one. But journalism DOES have after school sometimes, I think, though that's only when you're covering A-S activities, if I'm not wrong.

    18. If you're rich, what will you do?
    Buy one Balmain, Chanel and Rodarte piece each. And buy an apartment in Elias Green, cos we're selling ours off (SOB SOB SOB) and furnish it however I like, then live there, possibly for the rest of my life.

    19. If the one you're in love with held your hand, what will you do?
    First, "O_O" Then ":3" then ":)" then ":DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD"

    20. If the one you love reject you, what will you do?
    Curl up in corner and cry. Repeat number 16. Except instead of ignore I'll be embarrassed for the rest of my life. Until maybe about 3 years down.

    21. What is your favourite cartoon character?
    Er. It used to be Ariel. But now I'm not very sure. Does Remy count?

    22. Friendship or love?
    Friendship is love. I think.

    23. Cookie monster or elmo?


    24. Do you use laptop or computer?

    25. Do you like lollipops?
    Coke-flavoured from... that ubiquitious brand. LOL.

    26. Do you have a diary?
    Used to until my brother read it and I kind of kicked the habit.

    27. There's an admirer of yours and he won't die heart, what will you do?
    What DID I do, y'mean. Basically ignored him. Civil at first but then IGNORE FULL THROTTLE.

    28. If you quarrel with your boyfriend or girlfriend and he or she wants to break up, what will you do?
    Try to work it out. But if he's not worth it then...

    29. Are you blur?

    Most of the time ):

    30. If you can have your hair dyed, what colour do you want it to be?
    Chocolate brown.

    But right now I'm alternating between "BROWN!" and "KEEP IT JET BLACK!"

    31. Who is the last person you chatted in your msn?

    32. How many boys or girls have you beaten before?
    I think I used to be very violent in primary school. But that was mostly pinching, poking and sometimes kicking in the shins.

    33. If your boyfriend or girlfriend don't love you anymore, what will you do?
    See number 28.

    34. What school are you in?

    school of love ♥

    Ok, I wanna work on my D Kruger image now. It's not right somehow. And also stalk RCFA. and then study for maths O: haha

    Aug 23, 2009 ,4:09 AM
    Make-Up! Fotodecadent! Psyche! Butterflies!
    click to go back to the top.

    At the left is a fashion illustration by Renie, who if I'm not wrong is one of the finalists in the TeenVogue fashion designing competition with H&M (the one that I wanted to join but couldn't because, cough, I'm not from the US, which is just plain outright BIAS). But you gotta admit she's talented, which you can also see from the other drawings on her site.
    Anyway, I've finished a very crappy outline for my Wednesday presentation. I've got to stop hoping it won't come, after all. I'm gonna act as Psyche. I'm not very sure if she counts, but she is one of my favourite characters. I'm thinking of acting out the part where her sisters have left and she's wondering about Eros's honesty and stuff like that. Still dreading it, but might as well give it my all if I'm going to die of embarrassment (:
    I forgot to say that circa yesterday I can wear eye make-up again!!! Since Saturday marked the end of one month after my eye surgery, the deadline my doctor and mother set for me is over and I can finally try all the new looks I've been trying to, well, try. Including silver eyeliner, which I tried this morning to church, to OK results.
    Also, fotodecadent is back up!!!! However, its new layout is VERY IRRITATING. It makes it virtually impossible to read anything and I can't really figure out much, or maybe that's because I'm just dumb.
    I hate this listless feeling that I haven't been able to shake off yet. I think it's butterflies added to Sundaynightitis. Butterflies because, like my mother, I get worried A LOT. I might not show it but stomach aches are very common in my world, caused by panic attacks, where I get very paranoid about the weirdest stuff like "Is my eyeliner still on?" and "Is there an assignment I don't know about?" and "Is today an alternate dress day and I didn't know?" or, worse, "Is today not an alternate dress day and I didn't know???" You see.
    I think I'm mostly worried about Wednesday because I HATE ACTING, contrary to all those toilet-in-the-mirror promises I have been making about giving it a shot. I am never going to be the next Emma Watson.
    Which reminds me, Emma's brother was in TeenVogue. They did a page on celebs with their siblings. He is kind of cute (: although I don't think he acts or anything so I can't do a Mita and google/fb him. D: Guess I have to stick to Hugh D, Cam G, Lucas T and Orlando B....
    Still have Maths to do. I think I'll RCFA surf a bit, maybe do a few icons or something first. IDK how to shake off this weird feeling, hate it... Maybe going back to school and being a bit busier will shake it off.
    Aha. I now recognise it as the feeling I got in the summer. The no-work feeling. I guess no matter how much of a procrastinator I really am, I DO have a bit of workaholicism in me....

    ,3:37 AM

    LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS. It's gonna go into a blogskin soon.
    Used: swimchick textures / 'megafloral' brushes from ??? / dafont fonts / sweetandtalented images / teenvogue inspiration / lyricsmode lyrics.
    Read my Taylor Momsen issue of TV today, finished most of my homework, still have to work on ENGLISH PRESENTATION FOR WEDNESDAY SHEEEEET! (I guess I'm still hoping Wednesday won't come) and Maths pink packet thingy because I still have a few problems to work on including #19 which is just so irritating, it won't work!!! (I should know. I did it like four times and still can't figure it out.)
    Went to Empo after church and kind of staggered around in my heels because they were cutting into my feet (ouch). Lunch was kind of unappetizing, maybe because the A/C didn't seem to be working so even though I was in a sleeveless (IN A SHOPPING MALL) I was sweating. Really. And getting all listless, a feeling which I'm still trying to work off. I think it's an early bout of Sundaynightitis, which usually arrives around 5-6PM when I'm like "SHIT! IT'S SUNDAY NIGHT! TOMORROW'S MONDAY!"
    Got to look around Kino in Empo, and bought 2 serious books (about child abuse, kind of; my mother 'approved' to the point where she said she worried I'd be scared reading one of them) and a magazine- InStyle UK with DIANE KRUGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YESSSSS!!!!!!!!!! I think I'm going crazy about D Kruger here.
    OK, I need to work on aforementioned stuff.

    Aug 22, 2009 ,6:56 AM

    I love the Elizabethtown soundtrack! Watched it yesterday on TrueMovie or something like that- not the full movie, because I was kind of flicking between Joseph, ANTM and Elizabethtown, and I didn't catch the beginning so I was really only watching it for Orlando Bloom and Kirsten Dunst. The song above is Come Pick Me Up by Ryan Adams and it's beautiful! I'm listening to Patty Griffin's Rain now, and it sounds quite nice too. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pFbjE7NFmUI. The video (from what I see of it) is quite cute too, animated.

    Yesterday was stuck in a MAJOR jam (just heard there was a fire on Soi 8 that caused a major jam along Sukhumvit so that could be why) and only reached home at 4. Bathed, ate, read a bit, then went to Joseph's for babysitting :D which was when I caught Elizabethtown, of course. I hope they have stills on sweetandtalented.

    Today, went to Sukothai Hotel at 11.30ish to recce the place. It's awesome. It has this back-to-nature ambience, especially since even the A/Ced levels have these woven-ish screens to let natural light in, and there are lotus ponds everywhere and plants. But at the same time there are grand elements, like gold, and little glass boxes in the main corridor showcasing works from shops or something like that from what I could see. (Plus, their shop sells magazines! A first from hotel shops I've seen.)

    Then we went to Banyan Tree next door to have lunch on their 60th floor. It's amazing, the view, but the food was alrighty only. (I guess I've been put off dim sum ever since my very first dinner in BKK at Montien Riverside where they over-ordered and everyone had to eat dim sum for like, a month. Just kidding.) They had my corn soup though! Corn soup with crabmeat. Shangri-La's still the best. Their soup's thicker.

    After that Dad let me go MBK! I'm not very sure if the shop I found was Sher's recommendation, but it was in between a specs shop and a gold shop, and opposite this Oishi sushi or something like that, so that kinda fulfills... er... 1/3 of the criteria. Or 2/3. Anyway! They had LOADS of nail polishes, I was irritating BOTH my mum AND the salesgirl because I COULDN'T DECIDE. The salesgirl kept asking me if I was decided.

    So in the end I bought 3 nail polishes from their Gina range (3 for 100, 1 for 39) in platinum-bronzey, teal (I think I bought Sher's colour- oops!!) and this really royal blue thing that I'm not too sure about now but I'll try. Also bought a white nail polish from their 1 for 49 baht range, because it has a brush and a pen. I'm going to try nail art/French manis now!!! If it works. Also got some "Swaroski crystals" (and a tweezer for it at my mum's behest because she wouldn't hear of me stealing my father's to use on my nails) which I've been wanting ever since I snatched a glimpse of Blake Lively's article in Glamour and saw that she used it on her nails. Albeit with dark nail polish which I'm kind of allergic to but never mind. (I almost got a foresty green one, though. It was beautiful! All speckled with bronze. ANYWAY.) I noticed in the car that the label on my crystals said Swaroskip. LOL! I hope they're reusable.

    Then went to this Thai museum thing, I forgot what it's called! It's ___ ___ Throne Hall. Or Throne Room. ANYWAY. It's styled Italian-Renaissance-ish, on the outside, with white marble and green domes, but on the inside it's practically made of gold. It used to be a palace but now it has works of art in it. It's AMAZING. All gold and beetle-wings (seriously; the colours are awesome, all iridescent green and blues, and they only use it when the beetles die, which is cute) and diamonds and even an onyx one, which I love: two horse-and-dragon -kind of like centaurs- made of onyx and diamond.

    Then we went home. For about half an hour, to bathe and stuff. Then went to Man U Cafe -AGAIN- for dinner with Joseph. I only just got back. After a long debate with self I decided I'm going to rub off my purple nail polish (thanks Sher) and try out the platinum-bronzey one I bought earlier.

    Kind of dying to make a blogskin. I haven't worked on Adobe Photoshop for ages, and there's this brush from treasuresex that EVERYONE is using and it's so pretty- kind of like frames, but with flowers at the side. And a style, of cropping people and putting them in the frames. I haven't been experimenting much lately- just sticking to the usual, Soft Light and Clone tool. Which is actually pretty boring. Grah.

    I was thinking of making icons based on the B&W pictures in the Man U Cafe. They have white borders, and they're not quite B&W. Kind of B&W mixed with sepia which I tried once. Maybe after I paint my nails...

    Aug 20, 2009 ,7:30 PM
    I'm in free period now, I can't believe it's actually so long! That makes it 2 free periods in 3 days but I have freshmen sem. next Tues so that breaks the run. If my writing doesn't really make sense or sounds like somebody bashed me on the head, inducing run-on sentences, it's because the cold A/C in the library and too much F/B-ing-while-trying-to-study-Spanish has gone to my brain, causing it to malfunction. Badly.

    I don't even think I retained 10% of the Spanish vocab I was trying to review. Therefore, while I struck 'REVIEW SPANISH VOCAB' off my agenda just so it'll look like I did something (I DID read and annotate my English reading, though), I'm thinking of bringing my Spanish binder home to review AGAIN, if I'm hardworking enough. Which I probably won't be, but fingers crossed!

    TGIF. Tomorrow dad's thinking of bringing mum and I for a recce- first, to Sukothai (sp?) Hotel because an entourage is coming there soon and they need to check it out or something, and then next door to Banyan Tree where apparently on some very high floor there is a Chinese restaurant which they're catering from. We're going there for lunch. Two birds with one stone. Contrary to my personality I have not decided what to wear- superficial, I know, but my 'outfit idea of the weekend' was actually that old-new tunic I haven't worn yet with my old-new tights which I haven't worn yet either because I hadn't found anything to match its vivid purple colour. (Also because it makes me very self-conscious of my legs, which aren't at all model-proportion-worthy.)

    I'll probably wear my checked pencil skirt, or my yellow flared, both of which I haven't worn yet. I'm dying to wear the yellow one, it's so pretty! If only I had white Keds.... In the past I wanted to get lime green sneakers because I was convinced it would go with everything, but in the end I compromised for a purple-and-pink pair with rainbow laces which most of you have probably seen because I wore it ALL THE TIME in 8th grade. Aka last year. But now my newest shoe obsession seems to be white Keds. It's not 'new' cos I started obsessing bout them since TeenVogue's Snapshot featured this girl in Superga (sp?) white sneakers that looked suspiciously like Keds rip-offs but probably aren't. [BABBLING]

    According to RCFA these KAIN tees are all the rage now, pocket tees/tanks, and when I saw that I immediately thought of two things. (1) That pocket tee in Ten & Co. which I almost bought, it was white with the thinnest black stripes you ever saw, plus it was 295 Baht (slashed from 395 or something like that). But in the end I ditched it for my stars and stripes B&W tee. Same price, same shop. 'cept my mother wouldn't buy me all the tees I was eyeing. (2) The light pink studded tee I was eyeing in Platinum, from the shop where Auntie Jess bought a cardi and Sher bought a vest. It was beautiful! Although I cannot remember if it was see-through or not. (Not see-through, just translucent. Y'know. Thin fabric and all.)

    And then while we're on the subject of trends I remember houndstooth! and dark stuff like studs and gom...gommets. Or something like that. And leather, and black black black, and dark grey matte polish which is a bandwagon I don't think I'll be jumping on any time soon. (Neither will I be choosing dark green matte polish, much to my mother's happiness and bliss.) I now think I know why Sher wanted all those studded stuff at Platinum. I'm slooowly coming to be OK with it; studs and the-thing-that-is-probably-gomlets-or-gommets-but-I-ain't-sure aren't bad, just don't pair them with Goth stuff, like, excessive black liner (a la Momsen) and and vibrant red lips and piercings left right centre and shirts with skulls on them, 'cos I'll scream. Really. But those Christian Louboutins (or 'Choos?) with those gomlets-gommets-whatever, were kinda nice. [RAMBLING]

    Anyway. I'm trying to persuade my parents to lemme go MBK over the weekend. Not much persuading since my form of persuading (refined) is now kind of like, *head down* "I want to go MBK over the weekend." *continues working* Because then my parents won't think it's because I'm crazy to buy 5 pairs of shoes cos I saw them in the magazines (though it's kind of that way but not so obsessive). Plus I noticed that if I don't harp about shopping that much they don't mind it as much. Heh. ANNNNND it's also cos Sher said there's a nail polish shop on the 6th floor of MBK, and while my mother said nail polish is only to be bought from respected brands like Sylvie and Revlon, I told her Sher hasn't got rashes cos of them or anything so she kind of grunted, in her "Okaaaaaay I'm letting you off but I'LL THINK ABOUT IT" way.

    Whoa, this post is long. Just that Pich's beside me and I've run out of RCFA updates and I don't want to look like all I do is look at gowns. Which, I do. But that's beside the point.

    I'll either go take 1000 FB quizzes or go stalk RCFA archives again. Probably the latter. I still have about half an hour left.

    ,3:32 AM
    I Was Begging You, Please Don't Go
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    I finally did a blogskin. Cheer me on. Don't be a twitbugger while you're at it.

    I feel so dead now. Asking self if it's true X has 1% (or more) autism in X, because X does not understand emotions and shouldn't be let loose on online social sites like FB and MSN because people's emotions are greatly unclear-er there. I'm serious.

    Today was okay, rather fun I suppose once you got through it, except for Spanish where I am now forced between Laurie and Tim, who are both silent people who always seem to be looking over my shoulder at my work. I miss Joanne already.

    PE was okay. Now that I've kind of gotten catching a little bit (just be nice to me and I'll catch it; if you're showoffy and I hate you I will drop it, I promise) I can't throw. SERIOUSLY. The ball goes kind of in a downward line forwards, instead of straight and backwards. I die.

    Journalism was SO FUN, we've started writing! Yess! I'm about three paras into my Harry Potter review/article, but I'm thinking of rewriting it to cut back on the crap needless convo.

    EL was okay, I was the only one to get round the circle for definitions! Heh. But it was easy. I didn't get words like hubris (meaning "excessive pride", root word Hybris, Greek) but I stumbled on connotation (because I didn't know how to explain it).

    Hmmm... I think that's all. LEFT MY WORLD CIV. TEXTBOOK IN MY LOCKER! I'm so dead for tomorrow, I hope there's no jam, because I'm going to have to run to my locker, get out my textbook and CHIONG MY HOMEWORK. Tata says it's easy, YAY. Hopefully so. Hopefully it will only take 5-10 minutes MAX because that's about all I have before I'm tardy.

    Need to:
    paste Maths graph onto binder paper
    finish up Physics lab report
    get clear folder for Physics lab portfolio
    and probably some other stuff I don't remember.

    Oh, and, THANK GOODNESS TMR THERE'S NO PE, I left my PE bag in my locker too. I wasn't myself the whole of today. IDK why. I had 8 hours sleep but was SLEEEEEEPY the whole day and my brain didn't work. Which might explain why I also got another cut on my right knee from my locker. I have four now. Probably all from my locker. Heh.

    Aug 18, 2009 ,5:53 PM
    In library now with Mita and Amy for free period cos it turned out today doesn't have freshmen seminar. There's still little knots in my stomach about world civ. after lunch, though. I hate presentations and to make it worse this one has to be 3-4 minutes, and last time I checked I took 2:20!! (Although I suppose my upcoming English presentation takes the cake. I have to act like a Greek god or goddess, costume optional THANK GOODNESS but still I DIEEEE.)

    Oh man, that thought just makes the butterflies worse.

    My phone died on me this morning, thank goodness nimarta arrived in about 3 minutes. FBed swaysim to sms mum to tell her, if not I know she'll worry like crazy. Hope my phone works. I was just smsing when suddenly it just FROZE. I don't remember this happening to me before...

    Physics after this, I forgot to type 'this is a very weak correlation' as the last sentence in data processing but I don't want to go edit it and print it in the library (costs money and I'm too lazy anyway). I wish this could last forever and so I dont have to present, I'M SO NERVOUS!!!!

    ,2:58 AM
    "Son of a Batch of Cookies!"
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    I need to do 2 Maths chapters' worth of homework, plus my World Civ. poster on Cultural Identity which I am planning to handdraw, but I thought I'd just do a quick update here first, seeing as my tagboard is as good as dead and so's my poll. I thought eleventoarmageddon proved that people from all over the world visited my blog, and maybe they do here too, but they don't show it. Still, much thanks to Alexia from aeons before for giving me hope!

    Just cut my toenails. I know, I know, TMI, but recently I was trying to grow my big toe's nail out because my mother said I always cut it too deep, which is true, and I didn't notice it was growing TOO LONG and part of it chipped off, which irritated me to no end and I FINALLY cut it. *is very happy now* I'm so weird, I'm happiest when my nails are long and they have a bit of smudge on them, cos when I cut them there's this odd sense of accomplishment, like, "Yay! Short clean nails!" Yes, weird. You can go to the next para now. :)

    Early dismissal today, I didn't know at all because for Middle School such things are marked big and clear in our agenda but not so for High School. I only found out in Journalism, first period, when Helen and Christine were looking at the year calendar and I found 1:00 Early Dismissal under today's date, and I was like, "Early dismissal? Is that for elementary school?" and Christine said, "Er, no, for all." And I felt dumb but ELATED! because I was so tired and I always want to go home early anyway. :D

    Mum and Dad aren't feeling too good but they're much better now. Dad had food poisoning from the ... something-that-starts-with-c-and-is-seafood-but-I-can't-place-it-right-now (in head: "COCKELS!") on Sunday, and Mum was just peaky from her Singapore trip. So I basically spent some parts of my evening yesterday carrying mugs of water to and fro, and cranberry juice too, for Dad, because he hadn't eaten anything but an apple. ): Also had tuition and spent more than an hour on my English myth.

    WHICH REMINDS ME. I'm VERY IRRITATED by a certain person's assessment of my myth. THIS PERSON GRADED ME 3 FOR SPELLING, GRAMMAR AND PUNCTUATION WHEN IT IS PITCH-PERFECT. I know because I use Microsoft Word and also because 99% of the time if something's wrong it sounds wrong and I correct it. (That is mainly why I ignore Word's grammar check because most of the time it doesn't make sense and even my mother says it doesn't, but sometimes it gets the check right.) And then this person was like, in comments, "Sentence structure." WHAT THE HELL IS THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN??????? WE WERE SUPPOSED TO WRITE THE WAY MYTHS ARE WRITTEN! YOU KNOW, NOT WRITING "Poseidon said, 'Wassup, Eros?'"!

    And also, something along the lines of "CHANGE STORY COS IT SOUNDS TOO MUCH LIKE POSEIDON" when in actual fact if you think about it, my story sounds SIMILAR but not TOO MUCH LIKE Poseidon's.

    In my story:
    Poseidon promises Eros a creature if Eros makes Kalis love him.

    In Poseidon's story:
    Demeter makes Poseidon promise her a creature if she loves him.

    It is DIFFERENT. Eros is doing a JOB.

    Oh, pishposh, I'm all irritated now already and it doesn't help that someone's talking to me again. Being weird again. Urgh.

    Doing 2 articles for The International's Sept issue so far (I think I need one more but it depends on my article length), on the newest Harry Potter movie and what people thought of it, and new staff in ISB. Helen's working with me for the latter, except she's interviewing new students, but in the end we'll put our interviews together for a huge article. Hopefully it won't be too weird. I don't think our writing styles are-

    hang on.

    I tried, but it doesn't work anymore, I'm sorry, I kinda hate you :P
    OR WHAT YOU THINK (oh wait, I'm pretty dang sure on that one),

    Wow, Grace, way to start a school year. :X I should go do Penance or something.

    Aug 15, 2009 ,4:08 AM
    Updates! Mile Run, CentralWorld, Platinum, Joseph
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    Hello! I'm so sorry about leaving all of you hanging there about Justin T's performance at the Victoria's Secret show. It must've been pretty boring checking in expecting an update and instead seeing the same ol' prancing around underwear-wearing models.

    Anyhoo! I've had a pretty exciting weekend even if it's tiring and even if it hasn't even ended yet. My parents are in Singapore, lucky ones, and so I was home not-so-alone (Auntie Oi was with me :D) on Thursday and Friday.

    Friday: mile run, first thing. There was this horrible thunderstorm Thursday night that kept me awake, but unfortunately it sizzled to a drizzle in the morning and then stopped raining when Mrs McRobbie arrived to time our mile run. The weather NEVER co-operates. Then again, I'm glad I got it over with. She asked for our time goals before we ran, so all the guys were like, "6 minutes", and I'm like, "...12". She seemed surprised but didn't make a big fuss, and instead made me and two other girls promise NOT TO STOP RUNNING. At all. And thus I jogged really slowly for 4 rounds, sprinting the final 10m or so, and made it at 11:55. Awesome much? :D

    Had my tea and bath after school, packed my homework, book, and clothes and walked with Auntie Oi over to Sway-chick's. We sat with JT for a while, then Auntie went home, and we ordered JJ Delivery. I had their Teriyaki Don, which was okkkkay but maybe my ambivalence was 'cos I was distracted by Nicholas Sparks' Message in a Bottle. I finished it just now; it's awesome! Horribly sad, though.

    Today went out with Sher, Uncle Dennis ("Dennis Sennis"! LOL) and Auntie Jess to CentralWorld and Platinum. Went to CW first, but after walking around for 10 minutes we found out there was NOTHING in our budget. Ate PepperLunch which was HOT but nice (I had chicken pepper rice or something like that. CORN!) then walked over to Platinum. It was STEAMING outside, plus my muscles are somewhat dysfunctional after HS PE, but it was worth it :D Spent 1127 Baht or something. (I think I used part of the 200 baht my mum gave me to top up my ID card :X)


    I think that's all. *gulp*

    Joseph's beside me now. I think the words I have said MOST all weekend are "Bubba bubba bub." Cos he laughs most of the time when I say it. He likes screaming now, it's so funny, it's like "aaiiiiii!" and Sway-sim's always like, "Stop it! I don't want my son screaming like a girl!" So funny :D Plus I ate some of his Japanese sweet potato. Awesooome.

    I think we're going soon so I'm going to pull on my denim capris. I don't want to hold everyone up :X

    Aug 13, 2009 ,5:40 AM
    Justin Timberlake Performing 'SexyBack' Live
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    I'm not going to embed the video here, because he perfomed at a Victoria's Secret show in '06. I was surprised that he, unlike some singers, is actually not bad live, and also I was astounded by the sheer confidence these models possess! They are walking in nothing much more than underwear and feathery huge wings, not to mention sky-high heels, and yet they are much more confident that I could ever be in my school uniform walking through school corridors. I bet they're nervous, some of them, but you'd never know it.

    OK, GTG for dinner. Didn't watch full video -didn't need to, to be impressed, just listened to the music mostly- so I'm sorry if there's anything inappropriate I missed out on.

    ,5:28 AM

    You love this. You know you do. Send It On, by Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato and the Jonas Brothers. (I wrote Semi Lovata at first. LOL.)

    A words,just a word
    'til you mean what you say

    And love,isnt love
    'til you give it away

    We've all gotta give

    Yes,something to give

    [Nick & Miley:]
    To make a change

    Send it on
    (send it on)
    On and on
    (on and on)
    Just one hand can heal another
    Be a part
    (be a part)
    Reach a heart
    (reach a heart)
    Just one spark starts a fire
    With one little action the chain reaction
    Will never stop
    Make us strong
    Shine a light and send it on

    Just Smile
    (Joe: Just smile..)

    And the world
    (and the world..)
    Will smile

    [Demi & Joe:]
    along with you..

    That small act of love
    Thats meant for one
    Will become two

    If we take the chances..

    The chance circumstances

    Imagine all we can do
    (If we...)

    Send it on
    (send it on)
    On and on
    (on and on)
    Just one hand can heal another
    Be a part
    (be a part)
    Reach a heart
    (reach a heart)
    Just one spark starts a fire
    With one little action the chain reaction
    Will never stop
    Make us strong
    Shine a light and send it on

    Send it on..

    Theres power in all of the choices we make

    [Selena & Joe:]
    So im starting now theres not a moment to wait

    A word,just a word
    'til you mean what you say

    [Selena & Kevin:]
    And love,isnt love
    'til you give it away

    Send it on
    (Send it on)
    On and on
    (on and on)
    Just one hand can heal another
    Be a part
    (be a part)
    Reach a heart
    (reach a heart)
    Just one spark starts a fire
    With one little action the chain reaction
    Will never stop
    Make us strong
    Send a light and send it on

    (Nick: send it on..)

    Just one hand can heal another
    Be a part
    (be a part..)
    reach a heart
    (reach a heart..)
    Just one spark starts a fire
    With one little action the chain reaction
    We'll help it start
    Make us strong
    Shine a light and
    Give it on

    (Demi: shine a light and send it on..)

    Shine a light and send it on..

    ,5:07 AM
    I'm a blonde, wot's your excuse?

    Found a new graphics website, kissme-icons, that isn't as great as eyelinergraphics, but the pro to it is, they don't have any music players on kissme-icons, so I don't have to keep waiting for it to load so I can press 'Pause'.

    At a loss of what to do. I did think of a story plot the other day -I love the 'catchphrase', Why can't the It Girl forget the boy who is so Last Season?- but it's very etchy and therefore I can't start work on it yet, or knowing me it will explode on itself and I will get that "I AM NOT A WRITER" feeling again.

    Journalism tomorrow. That thought hit me as I was writing the para above's last sentence. I hope I still have writing in me!!!

    I should be posting these on Muze or something, but they're quite old (from RCFA archives, which I always haunt until there's something new posted) and besides I can't think of any category to fit it in. Brittany Snow's there because I HAVE GOT TO TRY OUT HER HAIRSTYLE once my hair's actually long enough to do so. It's so classy! (BTW, the other day I figured out a messy, funky way to do my short hair in a bun. Tie in a ponytail, and slowly twist the ponytail 'round, securing it with colourful clips each time. Awesooome.) Our darling Kate Hudson is there along with a celeb whose name I do not remember because I LOVE HER DRESS. ABSOLUTELY. IT IS ONE OF MY ALL-TIME FAVOURITES. Theoretically our anon celeb on the right should look better, seeing as tights shouldn't go with this dress AND Miss Anon is wearing nude pumps to elongate the leg (duhh), but Kate Hudson totally rocks it, tights and all. Or maybe it's just the look on her face. The "I LOOK AWESOME, RAWWWWH!" look. Which she always seems to have.
    OK, blabbering. TTYL.

    ,4:30 AM
    Updated Muze again. (*coughs pointedly at Sher*)

    This time, it's to warn y'all to stock up on '80s-inspired fashion! I already designed a beautiful dress, with a short three-quarter-sleeve bolero that has big shoulders, that'll look great in royal blue silk. I showed it to my mother thinking maybe I could tailor it for next year and even she said it wasn't too bad. (Probably cos of the shoulders. She keeps telling me, "I told you so!" about them cos I originally HATED shoulder pads. Now, I guess they're alright... Heh. Just not TOO much. Y'know.)

    Mile run tomorrow. I AM GOING TO DIE, DIE, DIE! I am going to jog slooowly, I know, for like, one minute, until I see everyone sprinting so I'll speed up and eventually die by 3/4 of round 1, then walk 3/4 of round 2, run the rest and a bit of round 3 and walk a lot more. Then if I still have energy I'm going to sprint to the end line for round 4. But most probably I'll be dragging myself on the floor, panting, "Waaater.... Cokkkeee.... REEESSST...." while the whole class looks on imperiously.

    I must check what period PE is tomorrow. If it's in the morning it mightn't be too bad. I think Tata has it in the afternoon O:

    Other than that tomorrow I have EL, Journalism and Spanish so it's a GOOD DAY :D Today Physics was actually okay, we GOT STUFF DONE, and Maths was okkkkk (felt so dumb sometimes LOL)... then freshmen seminar, where I wasn't REALLY listening to mr rubin in the library -more like reserving thousands of books and going "OOOOH" and poking Helen in the ribs every five seconds-, free period : drawing, talking, comparing handwriting (LAWL) with partner in crime #2 nimrada... finally world-civ. Amber's in our class now. Participated quite a lot :P cos our world civ teacher, Dr Skolnik (I ALWAYS THINK HE'S LIKE DR SLASKI FROM THE MEDIATOR SERIES! LOL) is quite nice. Learning about cultural identity now, paiseh don't know what culture is in my home language aka Chinese (though English is more like it but since I'm not British or smth nobody'll believe me). I'm SURE I learnt it in NY (after all we had CLC right??) but I couldn't for the life of me think of it :X

    Painted my nails alternating blue, pink and white but not going to paint my toenails cos the nail polish remover from Boot's takes AGES to remove nail polish and therefore I'm just gonna do it some other day, and wear closed-toed ballet flats in the meantime (;

    Aug 12, 2009 ,4:35 AM
    He's Not Like All Those Other Guys, They're All So Dumb and Immature
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    Let's be nothing. I heard it lasts forever.

    OK, I'm considering changing my blogskin to another template one, because I haven't gotten sick of the whole using-Blogger-templates thing but I have slightly gotten sick of not being able to see if I have any new tags (1! TQ Tata! :D) immediately. But I'm terrified that if I do my links won't be transferred- the whole process of transferring and editing links for this took like half an hour or maybe more!! So as you can see I'm justifiably frightened of the prospect.

    Seeing as today is MOTHERS' DAY (in Thailand), it's a HOLIDAY! Therefore I didn't have to wake up at 5.30AM and struggle to down some food and coffee and vitamin pill before attempting to look presentable and smiley for the school bus auntie! Yessss! *air-punch*

    So I woke up at 9.30AM today, and would've slept in if my mother hadn't woken me up, 'cos I was supposed to wake up at 9.00 so she could bring me to a tulip exhibition at Empo that she saw before. So I ate breakfast for nearly half an hour because I was busy rereading Harry Potter, and quickly ran to get ready when my mother gave me that voice (you know... "GRACE! SO SLOW!"). Threw on denims (cuffed! I'm so dumb, I only realized the other day that they can actually be uncuffed and worn as capris! LMAO), a silk belt thingy (I'm terribly addicted to bows ;) TQ Gossip Girl) and my Cotton On flats and my mother practically chased me out of the door ):

    The Empo exhibition turned out to be quite nice. My pictures of the flowers were quite horrible and blurry 'cos they looked pretty clear on the camera but lo behold they're actually not, but I'll post them up here next post anyway so y'all can see 'em. My mother and I took pictures of ourselves too but I'm not going to post them here, cos of privacy, and I read that even if you blur the pictures some softwares can unblur them. Apparently that's how they caught some paedophile in Canada or something. Obviously I'm not a paedophile, but still.

    After taking a vainpot picture outside Chanel (HAHAHAHAHA) and going inside Jaspal (50%!) in the hope of scavanging something affordable (result: IN VAIN), Mum agreed to bring me into the department store where we pounced on the 50% section. (Haha. Believe me, if it's not 50% off or more you can't buy it. Unless it's like, REALLY WORTH IT, and I don't think there's anything there that is in my mum's book. Unless it's a mop head, or something householdy.)

    I very nearly bought a REALLY COMFY coffee chiffon kaftan thing, with a silk tie-sash, but my mother hated the colour and length (too old and too short respectively), which was a disappointment cos it was really beautiful (maybe because it WAS too old?). She didn't like all their printed silk kaftans either, which was SUCH A PITY because they came in floral brights like ORANGE and BLUE and stuff. She seems to hate kaftans.

    ANYWAY, after trying on like 6 dresses, I bought a black and white print tunic! It's fantastic- ruched sleeves (kind of like drawstring, except on my shoulders), and white clingy material and black patterns down the front and back. It has a slight slit on each side but it's not too high and I don't think my mother saw it, and it's not too short, and it was 545 baht after discount so my mother OK'd it.

    Then we asked to hold it aside first so we could walk around, and we went straight to all the sections marked 50% off too ;P We both tried on LOADS of stuff (heh, clogging changing room!) but she didn't like anything she tried on, and she only OK'd a pair of yellow three-quarters (X'act, 545 baht) and a pink babydoll with tiered sleeves (Ouiset, 790 baht) for me. The pink dress was a bit questionable cos it was 790 after discount but my mother finally said that since it didn't show my underwear or anything like that it was fine. I would've traded it for a set of pink, silver and white bangles for 250 (see! cheaper!) but my mother was just like, "OK enough lah! Get out of here already!" before she even heard that I was planning on trading them. Oh well. Her loss my gain :P haha. Just kidding.

    Would blog more but JT's just arrived for dinner :D :D :D so I need to shut down, shut up and go carry him (:


    today you accidentally called me "Baby". Lily Allen ♥!

    Aug 11, 2009 ,4:52 AM
    Every Time You Lie
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    Eyeliner Graphics at the left again :P
    I changed my blogskin again! If you're lost, tagboard, archives and links are at the bottom. Max of 3 posts per page so don't worry about having massives to scroll down. Please participate in the poll above!!!
    I find it so cool that I managed to find out how to do a poll ;P Sher, we should do Polls of the Moment on the side! Like, would you wear jeggings (jean leggings)? I wouldn't. Or I might. If I get deluded (AGAIN).
    I need to post my wishlist, so that might be below my posts with the rest. New on my wishlist: metallic nail polish!!!!!! I've noticed it's an emerging trend, though I still really really heart my matte blue nails :D
    (Right now tho it's still sally hansen cos I'm too lazy to wipe it off. For all that it's worth nail polish does take a stinky long time to remove and put on carefully again y'know.)
    Today was fine. Spanish first, where Joanne, Salil and I grouped to do a poster on la ropa (clothes, not ropes). Then we got homework: translating materials, and something else I don't know. Then Journalism- we got our beats!!!!!! Basically beats are sources in the school/community that you get news from to write articles on. I signed up for middle school, so I'll be meeting with souza/straub. Hopefully I'll write more than one article that will actually interest the average high schooler!!
    Then lunch, and PE, which was just horrible, I'm so unfit. WARM-UP was like, 20m stretches of stuff like butt kicks, and then 3/4 of a lap. Rockey was like, "Okay, slooow, then accelerate, then recover!!!!!" Then I was already LAST in SLOW. I can't believe it. AAARGH! Then pull-ups (2), push-ups (9) and sit-ups (16? 17?). Not bad for pull-ups but Nimarta got 4 and she's never done it before, unlike me. Push-ups is ok. She wasn't looking so I might've actually done 0. I wouldn't know. Sit-ups is... AAAAARGH. Apparently my fingers weren't going far enough past the tape. Grah.
    Mum wants me to bathe, I want to go RCFA again. LOL LOL LOL {-- addicted, MAJORLY.
    So I won't feel depressed, like nobody is reading my blog D: everyone knows nobody tags anyway.

    ,3:23 AM
    Eyeliner Graphics
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    The only thing that hurts me more then knowing I lost a love that never really was with me, is living with the knowledge that I've lost you as a friend.
    It takes a lot to learn how to fly with such a heavy heart.
    I've lied to myself enough to know when someone else is doing it.
    Believe me you innocent little girl,in someone else's diary you are a "skanky whore."
    One day we will look back on this, laugh nervously, and change the subject.
    here's to the night i stood alone,
    to the night i cried so hard i
    couldn't breathe, to the night i prayed
    for him to come back to me, and of
    course to the night
    where he never looked back

    when she forgets about you,
    don't you dare remember me.

    Most days I’m stuck somewhere between not caring at all, and caring too much.
    The part that hurts me the most is knowing that I once had you and then lost you.
    and I'll just bite my lip when I see you
    and pretend I have gotten over you.
    As I look in the mirror, I see all the tears
    you will never know that I cried for you.
    Credit: eyeliner graphics TQ to marissa for introducing me!

    Aug 9, 2009 ,1:37 AM
    Just updated TAC with 20 icons, zoned off reading GFY and RCFA... party in about ten minutes, contemplating bathing but I REALLY DON'T HAVE A RED SHIRT TO WEAR. Might have to dig around some more. My parents insist that I wear red and white for the party. Right now I'm wearing white three-quarters and a pink and white striped tee.

    ,12:54 AM
    Sienna Miller: Latest Muze Celeb of the Moment
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    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these promo icons! 200 x 200 pixels, I used a swimchick texture and a coffee-gold layer to enhance the original image from People, and added text for the one on the left so that it can be used as a promo icon. Sienna Miller's our latest Celeb of the Moment. I'm ADDICTED to her style! Click on the icons (either one) to access Muze.
    Another update: Muze has a new template! It's a set one by Blogger but I edited the fonts and colours. We have a comment button now! I'm thinking we should be starting an advertising campaign pretty soon.

    Aug 8, 2009 ,5:30 AM
    even her shadow has grace.

    I'm captivated by this song, So She Dances by Josh Groban! There used to be a similar POTO video by star-something on YouTube but I can't find it. How I wish I'd marked it down!!

    Made 14 icons for TAC just now, and stumbled upon a fantastic art LJ, sealedcards, from which I found a beautiful banner which I edited with the lyrics of Can't Fight This Feeling by Reo Speedwagon. I am powerless when it comes to pictures that are coloured in a vintage feel; unfortunately I haven't quite grasped the skill myself.

    The edited banner will go into a blogskin which I've started on but right now I need to go for dinner and the skin looks horrible. It needs much editing, but if you're despo enough for my work (cough) you can check out my tester blog. I'm not going to tell you what it is, though.

    I cant fight this feeling any longer
    And yet Im still afraid to let it flow
    What started out as friendship, has grown stronger
    I only wish I had the
    strength to let it show

    I tell myself that I cant hold out forever
    said there is no reason for my fear
    Cause I feel so secure when were
    You give my life direction
    You make everything so clear

    And even as I wander
    Im keeping you in sight
    Youre a candle in
    the window
    On a cold, dark winters night
    And Im getting closer than I
    ever thought I might

    And I cant fight this feeling anymore
    forgotten what I started fighting for
    Its time to bring this ship into the
    And throw away the oars, forever

    Cause I cant fight this
    feeling anymore
    Ive forgotten what I started fighting for
    And if I have
    to crawl upon the floor
    Come crashing through your door
    Baby, I cant
    fight this feeling anymore

    My life has been such a whirlwind since I saw
    Ive been running round in circles in my mind
    And it always seems
    that Im following you, girl
    Cause you take me to the places that alone Id
    never find

    And even as I wander Im keeping you in sight
    Youre a
    candle in the window on a cold, dark winters night
    And Im getting closer
    than I ever thought I might

    And I cant fight this feeling anymore
    Ive forgotten what I started fighting for
    Its time to bring this ship
    into the shore
    And throw away the oars, forever

    Cause I cant fight
    this feeling anymore
    Ive forgotten what I started fighting for
    And if I
    have to crawl upon the floor
    Come crushing through your door
    Baby, I
    cant fight this feeling anymore.

    Credit: lyricsfreak

    ,3:24 AM

    Yo compro.
    4. MY BOHO EARRINGS! 9.90 SGD. (LOL I just wanted to show how the hooks make a heart! Ain't that cool!)

    For the pumps, they had it in pink, blue, yellow and bronze, but the yellow wasn't nice and the pink didn't have my size, and I nearly bought the bronze cos it's more versatile AND it gets dirtied less easily) but my mother said it was too old for me so bought blue.

    You can't really see it but half the soles are red! So I'm gonna christen them my "fake Louboutins".

    ,3:00 AM
    High School / Weekend Updates
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    Don't you love this picture? It's quite old, but I love it anyway. It's of Mr Joseph Teo himself (now more than 7 months, can you imagine) taken from his official fansite (his parents' blog).

    I thought I'd do a post on high school and weekend (so far; it's only Saturday) updates, as the title suggests.

    My most important news from High School is that my muscles are all sprained from PE!!!!!!!!! I'm not very sure if they're sprained or not, but they hurt every time I move. And sometimes, when I'm not even moving -like just now, on my chair- they just suddenly contract and it hurts like crazy. I'm going to sue Mrs McRobbie! Just kidding. She did say that it was going to hurt for a few days. I just don't hope it's going to be like this for the whole year, it does bring a girl down, y'know.

    In case you were wondering, we did an extensive warm-up for what must've been half an hour, where we did stuff like lunges, karaoke (not singing!) and jogging for 20m laps. (20m? Not very sure. Just up and down the width of the indoor gym.) And when we were done and panting for breath, Mrs McRobbie proudly announced that we were going to do the pacer test and then sit and reach. Throughout the whole lesson we wore these heart rate monitors which were super uncomfortable. (My highest during warm-up: 202. During pacer: 190+.)

    I was so shocked when I dropped out at 17 laps as compared to about 20 or 22 last year, but to my great relief Amy told me that someone had told her High School's faster than Middle School by about 20 laps. So that makes it 37 laps done! Heh. I love chick math!

    Sit and reach wasn't too good, but whatever.

    Showered briefly and went to lunch -which wasn't much, just a banana, cos cafeteria's SUPER crowded during HS lunch and besides we didn't have much time after showering and locker- and then bought binders and stuff at library. Journalism was after that, AWESOME, it's fast becoming my favourite subject :D Helen, Christine and I are doing features.

    Then Spanish which was OK cos I got to pair up with Joanne ("Hoannay" lol) for this family activity thing, which went by pretty fast 'cos before that we had to write a paragraph about ourselves (in Espanol, obviously). It was similar to our essay in English (first period), where it was titled "This is Me" (lol Demi L) and we could write whatever we wanted.

    Went home STAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARVING, and ate like, 5 curry puffs and half a slice of thin pizza. Then somehow out of nowhere I only had AN HOUR to get ready for National Day so I bathed and -this is the long part- wiped off my blue nail polish and painted on Sally Hansen's Sweet Charm. How I managed to do it in about 20 minutes is beyond me. I totally forgot I couldn't go to ND with blue nails!!

    Slicked my hair back with gel, got my mum to tie a bun for me (it's the most DIY thing after (1) letting my hair down and (2) ponytail), did make-up in less than 5 minutes (bronze eyeliner, silver eyeliner, taupe, cream and dark brown eyeshadow, Revlon lipstick) and rushed out with my mother's pink two-tone shawl that we bought from MBK the other day. Wore my De Fimox pink earrings that I very nearly gave away. I'm keeping them now.

    ND was kind of fun. My feet KILLED, esp since my muscles weren't working after PE, so it was kind of achey all over, but I got to socialize a lot more than the previous ND and SAF Day. Met Auntie Heather again, and wanted to bring her flowers cos she loved them so but my mother said no need (that didn't stop her from bringing a super huge basket of roses and lilies home though :D).

    Today woke up at 9.30 and headed to Platinum with mum, Sway-sim and Auntie Eileen. Mum went to tailor first to collect some dresses and didn't come back until like a few hours later cos one of her dresses needed on-the-spot alterations, and by then Sway-sim and Auntie Eileen had bought LOTS of jewelry boxes and stuff, and I'd bought a huge rich purple knit flower clip thing for 100 baht courtesy of Sway-sim :X it doubles as a pin/brooch though.

    Then we ate lunch at KFC (yess! I drank water though to minimize my guilt LOL) and split up, cos Sway-sim wanted to go home. Mum and I wandered around and I bought two more knit flower clips (smaller from a diff shop), a knit flower barette and a diamante headband which is so beautiful! Must thank mum for pointing out the black and silver version, cos I wanted to buy the white and gold originally.

    Also... *drumroll*

    I'm very proud of these two purchases cos one was a need and the other was on my wishlist so it's actually not impulse buys like the rest. (I'm sloooowly not doing impulse buy anymore!) They are...
    1. BABY BLUE PUMPS!!!!!!! (I took pictures, see them soon, maybe in next post.)
    2. PATCHWORK BACKPACK!!!!! (It's SUPER SOFT, and for school, cos my old one, which I love, can't fit my fat jacket.)


    Also I forgot to note on my meticulous MBK buylist that I bought a pair of white and gold wire earrings for 199 baht. Took pictures of them too so they'll be in the next post with my BEYEWTIFUL PUMPS.

    Aug 6, 2009 ,5:54 AM
    http://blogskins.com/info/289288 vg/sienna miller please rate/comment/fave, TQ muchly.

    virtual post-it to self:
    1. sienna miller icons!
    2. http://lifestyle.sg.msn.com/beauty/makeup/photos.aspx?cp-documentid=3513140 red lips are back. no personal comment.
    3. new blogskin for muze and ivb.
    4. ivb action.

    sher, take note of numbers 3 and 4.

    this is brief cos I have dinner now and I haven't packed my bag for tomorrow and heebiejeebies HS today was so overwhelming I don't even know what I think of it except that I have PE tomorrow, and it's gonna be 85 minutes or so, which is not good.

    Aug 4, 2009 ,9:24 PM
    The Last Day Of Summer '09!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I suppose this post is iconic, because it's my first (maybe last?) post on the last day of summer, 2009. I feel like crying, and burying my head in the sand like an ostrich and not going to school until summer '10 comes 'round!!! Where the hell did summer go to???

    While thinking of ideas for the title (usually, it's song lyrics, but at the time I was listening to The Climb by Miley Cyrus and I didn't exactly want the title to be "The Climb" or -judging by where the song was then- "Yeah, yeah, yeah") I thought of these really cute postcards I saw in the Silverkris magazine aboard SIA. They're sold at Harvey Nichols or something, and they're all plays on celebs and food 'cos that's apparently what we're all addicted to these days (they forgot RCFA!). There was stuff like Paris Stilton and Cake Winslet, but my mother's favourite was Bread Pitt. LOL!! I love them all too much to have a favourite. Let's Google it...

    Yep. It's Harvey Nichols. Want more info? Clickety click. The celebs are:
  • Picalilli Allen
  • Banana Mouskouri
  • Skate Moss
  • Paris Stilton
  • Tuna Thurman
  • Cake Winslet

  • Surprisingly Pitt isn't there. But I'm pretty sure it was in SilverKris- there's no way I could've thought of such a pun on my own. Anyone knows who Mouskouri is??

    This time tomorrow my brain will need to be FULLY FUNCTIONAL and WORKING HARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The thought is kind of scary.

    I realized it only takes about 2 months of utter boredom and Internet surfing to turn your brain to mush. I bet I'll fail all my subjects in the first semester. No more High Honour Roll, missy! *sobs*

    I'm missing the rest of the summer already. AAAAARGH.

    Updated Muze again yesterday on the importance of booties on our wishlists. I must add them to mine!!! Today in the morning when I checked RCFA again (cough cough) I saw Sienna decided to wear another pair again, but I think that if I edited the post every time someone did they'd never hear the end of it. Also: new icons for Dear Frankie, Pride & Prejudice and Veer stock/photography on TAC, avalanched by Sher's sudden update of floppy-hairs.

    I think I might update Muze again with these postcards. They're fun.

    ,3:34 AM
    Where The Hell Is Summer??!!
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    As uncouth as it sounds, I'm strangely -shh!- addicted to Lily Allen's F*** You. It sounds like a rock song with people screaming in your ear about various exes, but surprisingly, only the latter ("various ex") applies. The song starts with a little tune reminiscent of The Carpenters (whom, yes, I still listen to) and the chorus reminds me of something out of a Teletubbies episode, or something, far from the electric guitars and yelling that rock songs tend to like.

    But before I go on, let me tell you a little story. It's real, based on events that happened right today just a short while ago to a teenager who likes to write.

    It is not a bad thing to stumble upon a beautiful khaki trench-dress,
    especially when it doubles as a coat, has 70% off the price and is the last
    piece available in that very colour.

    However, it is a bad thing when you are travelling with your
    mother, who was ostensibly trying on a new pair of pants at the Portland counter
    but has since disappeared, leaving you to fend off irate salespeople who seem to
    be asking, "So are you buying it OR NOT?" with every terse glance.

    It becomes worse when you have suffered from an on-off stomach ache ever
    since you ate those delicious ham and cheese sandwiches for lunch, at Mr Bean
    cafe (after carefully prying off the tomato and lettuce), and you're
    forced to hold your breath in and try not to puke all over the corridor while
    you wait, trench-dress over your arm, looking to and fro for your mother and
    occasionally glancing at your watch to look purposeful. You occasionally venture
    to look for her, but with the dress still with you (it's the last piece!), you
    are afraid of the salespeople eating you up on suspicion of shoplifting.

    The nightmare ends when your mother finally arrives, mouthing, "I couldn't find you!" when you really want to say it's the opposite, and forces
    you to try the dress on again although you keep telling her it fits just fine.
    (You know mothers, they want to make sure the dress isn't a paedophile in
    disguise before they buy it.) After trying it on, you argue in front of the
    amused salesman attending to the sales register about whether or not the dress's
    slightly poofed hem makes you look frumpy or not.

    After changing back into your regular clothes and trying to maintain your
    dignity, holding your head high, you prance out of the fitting room and back to
    where your mother is studiously surveying the batch of clothes that have been
    marked 70% off at Pena House. She follows you to where you've found some red
    blouses specially for her, as well as a beautifully festive red cardigan with
    glitter finishing, but pronounces it "itchy" and the colour, her "favourite" but
    "dangerous" to wear given the political situation.

    Finally, much to your utter relief and happiness, she agrees to pay for the
    trench-dress. You are glad that although it cost 1290 baht, it's been reduced to
    a mere 387, which even your mother can't sniff at.

    It's now become your beautiful khaki trench-dress, that doubles as
    a coat, had 70% off the price and was the last piece available in that very

    It happened to me today, when we were at MBK, ostensibly to alter my EP jeans which were far too long for me.

    We first got distracted right at the entrance by a stall selling pashminas. My mother was practically drooling over the two-tone shawls, which the salesperson could tell- we ended up buying 3, and had to wait a while for the 3rd to arrive because the one on hand had stains on it and therefore couldn't be bought (in my mother's opinion). I think my mother will keep all 3 with her, though, because she tends to wear them more than I do, but I picked out a rather pretty shade of blue (between powderblue(SVG) #B0E0E6 and cerulean blue #9BC4E2 on December's Blues Hex Hub), while she preferred an icy blue (which I originally picked out but later 'dumped') as well as a rose hue that I couldn't help approving of, because if you could see it it's really beautiful, all light and pinkish.

    She was also looking for a small, unpretentious brooch to wear for Friday's National Day ceremony, so we ventured into a crowded jewelry shop. However, as it usually is, she didn't find what she wanted and I found what I wasn't looking for but wanted to buy anyway: a really HMMA-looking mismatched pair of earrings, with gold flowers and white and crystal beads. My mother said the white bead made it look cheap and preferred the black version, but if you know me you'll know that I nearly always wear white (today was one of the rare days I actually wore BLACK) so I bought the white one, for 199 baht. It's beautiful, I might wear it tomorrow for Orientation (eep!).

    Then she decided that we couldn't get distracted any longer so we quickly set forth for the 3rd level, to a jeans shop which my mother always goes to for denim alterations. I gave them my EP pair to be altered and we looked around 'cos my mother wanted a new pair of jeans. I think we drove the salesperson crazy: my mother likes high-waist, not-too-skinny light blue jeans and always says she'll buy a guy's pair if that's what it takes. So the first pair was too gray (I liked it but my mother said she "wanted to SCRUB. IT. OUT!"), the second pair didn't fit well, the third pair was too skinny, the fourth pair... I THINK it was the fourth pair that she finally went with. (She would've looked for a fifth but they didn't have the colour she was looking for so she bought the fourth.)

    It was (probably fake) DvB for Rock + Republic, with "pretentious" crystal-studded crowns at each back pocket that my mother couldn't do anything about, and I bought a pair of cuffed denim shorts from the same "brand". (Did Victoria B ever do a collection for Rock + Republic??) Rather expensive, but the salesperson and I were surprised to see they were 1 inch away from fitting my EP pair EXACTLY. We left them there cos my mother's needed altering, took my EP (which had been done) and went to Ten & Co.

    This is where we spent rather long, cos my mother kept trying on stuff, and I tried on 6 things and then had to try 5 of them on over again cos my mother didn't see 'em (again, the Paedophile-in-disguise dilemma). Finally bought 3 T-shirts. I would've bought a navy skinny belt, because I really like Ten & Co. belts and I love skinny belts as much or even more, but by the time I told my mother she was adamant that we not buy anything else. Oh well. They would've gone so well with my High School shirts...!!

    So in the end, I bought:
    1. Ten & Co. grey V-neck basic tee, 165 Baht, from 390 B
    2. Ten & Co. white graphic tee, 395 Baht, from 790 B
    3. Ten & Co. grey cuffed long-sleeve, 237 Baht, from 790 B
    4. DvB for Rock + Republic cuffed denim shorts, 650 Baht? from 790 Baht? (Can't remember the price.)
    5. U-FO Clothing trench dress, 387 Baht, from 1290 Baht (yess!)

    I actually went and compiled a little table of things, because I like cataloguing stuff I've bought and their prices (if I can remember 'em), so I calculated that roughly (because I can't remember how much #4 cost) I spent 1834 Baht which is about 78.7 SGD judging by the latest exchange rate of 23.3 dollars. The amazing thing is, if my calculations are right, I saved 95.1 SGD, or 2216 Baht!!!

    Gotta go. I'm painting a second coat of transparent nail polish (uninspired, I know, but what's a girl to do when she is HOPELESS at a French mani??) while I still have time to, so I'm gonna sign out of everything and watch my Jane Eyre 1996 downloads. :D