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    Nov 28, 2009 ,7:15 AM
    Boredom = Banners
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    This is what you get when you're bored and the Internet's kind of frozen up... I am always amazed by the lack of images on my desktop, since I mostly take screenshots for my icons and stuff.

    ,7:10 AM
    The Secret Kook Society
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    You will be pleased to know that I have finally come up with a name for my line, which I shall open in a few years' time when people discover what a fashion-designer-genius I am... There shalt be twin lines, one called The Delicate Kooks, and the other, The Deliberate Kooks. Obviously both lines shall be quirky but the Deliberates will be louder and possibly kookier! In honour of this futuristic insight I have created a new blog (how many times have I done this??), The Secret Kook Society.


    Nov 27, 2009 ,10:37 PM
    Little Taste of Heaven
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    Just so you know- I wasted one hour of my time looking for a nice, new blogskin to put here, only to find that the only 2 I narrowed the search down to had their widths by percent and not pixels and thus (due to my excessive amount of pictures) the whole thing got screwed and I had to revert back to the original template.

    Only change settled for: the title. No longer an inspirational Oscar Wilde quote, Taylor Swift has taken top place. Also- updated profile, wishlist and links.

    ,9:35 PM
    Untouchable, Like a Distant Diamond Sky
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    Thanks to JT I have 3 new songs from Fearless [Platinum Edition]- Superstar, Untouchable and The Other Side of the Door. Addicted, needless to say!

    This week has been oddly eventful, despite the stupor I've been spending it in. The latter is due to me catching a cold, so cue the headaches, blocked/runny nose and sore throat... as well as spreading it to Nimarta and Jusmita (SO SORRY!!)... then this morning I got awoken at 8 by a call from my dad saying my mum had food poisoning. So she was resting at home and around 10.50 she and my dad went to the hospital. They're still there- dad says if she needs to be warded he'll come fetch me. I hope not- please pray for her speedy recovery!

    If you haven't heard, I fell down on Thursday while doing hurdles. That's right. It's so out of the textbook, it's comical. Mrs. McRobbie says I need to open up my stride more, or something. I think basically I'm not lifting my leg high enough, so I must've tripped- although I seem to recall losing my balance more than tripping. It's tragic, because hurdles is possibly the most fun PE activity we've done so far.

    Laetitia recommended putting aloe vera on the abrasion so Sway-sim helped me get it yesterday from Empo and might be dropping by later to give it to me. It burns...

    Here's my homework for this weekend (to remind myself):
    1. Maths- 6.4, 6.5
    2. Maths- 6.2 Warm-up
    3. Physics- Intro, Research Question, Independent/Dependent Variable, Controlled Variables
    4. World Civ.- The Golden Age of Athens mind map
    5. Spanish- Actividads (#12 for extra credit)
    6. Journalism- e-mail Steve, Ethan, Zoe & Ben for article on 'Global Nomads'

    Phewwwww.... I think I'll do #6 first to get it out of the way and then I'll icon a bit. I've got a draft on TAC from last night, with 6 icons on it, and I'd like to get it up to 20 or something before posting. Then the rest of the day might possibly be dedicated to numbers 1 through 5 since I can't go out and Mum told me yesterday to try to keep Sundays free for outings.

    Nov 23, 2009 ,4:31 AM
    Say Hello To... Katherine Gretchen Miller!
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    Some writing I've been doing... plot still sketchy so expect edits.

    If you had taken the chance to peer beyond the cheap mud-coloured curtains, and look inside the room that was only as wide as one’s arms could reach- if you could have seen, that very night, the girl that lay within it, curled up on the tiny square of a bed with her knees tucked in and eyes as wide as they were pensive, looking out into the ink-black sky… if you could have read her thoughts you would have been surprised at their depth, at the very emotions which Katherine Gretchen Miller was harbouring within her heavy heart.

    For Katherine was not a wise philosopher, by any means; in actual fact, before that summer she had been but a little wisp of a fourteen year-old, bordering on the cusp of adolescence with still very much of the child in her intact. Her frail brown locks did not belie any goddess’s golden beauty, nor did her thin face with its many dull freckles hide a bravery of spirit which was frightening in the extreme. Katherine, by society’s standards, was very ordinary- very ordinary indeed.

    But that summer had changed everything, surpassing even the heaven’s expectations; were that the stars should realign themselves should the gods be so surprised. Now as she stared out, wondering why dawn was so late in coming, Katherine marvelled herself at the strange turn the summer had taken. And she wondered where he had gone… that imp from the land of the elves -so quick was his motions and witty his ways- who had single-handedly and inadvertently caused everything.

    Maybe he was in the tall grassy fields of carefree days past… or perhaps possibly passing by her very street. This was the general direction Katherine’s thoughts ambled along, as she motionlessly watched the stars twinkle their last goodbye and the sun come up, full of pride and allusions to that summer, almost as if everything would be back to the way it should be- but here Katherine paused, rising from her bed and glancing in the mirror. For without him it would almost seem as if there was no way things would go back to normal. Coins, once golden, could never regain their sheen; and seas that have calmed from roiling storms never do seem to recover their fiery temper. Likewise Katherine’s days could never have been as illuminated, as glorious, or as incandescent as they had been that summer… not unless he came back, which was impossible. He himself had said that.

    This Katherine reminded herself of solemnly.


    Nov 22, 2009 ,12:12 AM
    Pictures from a Postcard
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    I'd never realized before that my Dad's outfits could be so complex. Look at the socks! All black monotone, yet textured. Wow.

    Nov 21, 2009 ,11:52 PM
    Hermes Gave His Sandals To Weekends, I Promise
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    After seeing this outfit on Garance Dore's site, I really wish I had a billowy bright top and khaki shorts!!!
    Anyway this post will cover what I've been doing this slacky weekend. Some pictures too but most of them will be next post so I don't have to do the arduous task of dragging all of them around. As it is 5 is a Herculean job.
    We went to Shangri-La on Friday evening, because Dad and Mum attended this Oktoberfest celebration the German embassy was hosting in the ballroom. After half an hour of wrestling with the TV I gave up, brought out the ol' portable player and watched Mansfield Park till about 10 or so, all the while chewing on fried rice and having my taste buds scorched out with pineapples (according to Mum- "it's their defense mechanism!").
    Woke up at 11.00 (or rather- was woken up) just in time for lunch at 11.30.
    Played around with the camera (and the bathroom's many mirrors!) before I'd even properly woken up... a hotel room is a very nice place to take photos because they've all these pretty elegant kooks lying around.
    We ate at the buffet restaurant, Next2 (the Chao Phraya River), for lunch. Here are their toothpicks!
    Anyway, we were accompanied by Uncle Dennis, Auntie Jess, Sher and this adorable French family sitting next to us but not necessarily with us. They had this really cute daughter (two, but the younger one was the 'un with the antics) who brought her little doll and asked to borrow the baby chair so she could put the doll in it. The waiter tried to buckle her in but the doll would- not- be- buckled! Eet was too small. Then a waitress came along to tuck her in with a napkin, and asked, "Sleeping?" with some translation help from the mother the little girl said happily, "Yes!" but when the doll had woken up, she promptly put her in a stroller and ran her about.
    I suppose dolls falling over and being eaten by catfish are not a problem in zee French world... just kidding.

    After we came home (we swam first) we went to visit JT. We bathed him and I gave him a very beautiful mohawk, which you might not be able to see properly in the picture...

    More pictures coming up.

    Nov 19, 2009 ,4:51 AM
    Little Confuzzled Musings
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    Photo credit: http://www.garancedore.fr/en/page/9/

    It seems I have been appearing offline one time too many because Sher forgot to tell me she'd abandoned TAC and I! Oh, the tears. It must've been because I failed to convert to The Dark Side and remained staunchly devoted to iconning mainly angmohs, to be crude.


    I don't think I'll set up a new blog because then a lot of people might either abandon us totally, or move to the new blog and forget all the old icons. And all our hard work (one years', I think... WE MISSED ABOUT A MILLION ANNIVERSARIES, I AM SUCH A BAD MUMMY) will have been wasted.

    Okay, next: one trillion banners. And icons. To apologise for anniversaries past that I have so rudely missed.


    IASAS MUN today- one word- AWESOME. Okay, and maybe unforgettable too, and missed, and Iwannagobacksobadlybutthen... and also WAAAAAAAAAAAAH. Now don't look at me like, that, Spelling Check. I do feel like sobbing. *lone tear drifts down* I was so horribly depressed and distant on the way back because I was carefully piecing my jigsaw puzzle together and cementing it into my brain, where hopefully it will stay until I get old and someone uses the Obliviate spell on me.

    And then tomorrow it's the long fall back down to Earth... to Spanish, Journalism, P.E. and English, in that order.

    I'm terrified I didn't do enough for English. The instructions said journal reflection or video, so to be creative I did another magazine layout (not so creative if you know me). But then I got worried because my magazine layout, being in the form of an interview, didn't contain any personal thoughts. Stomach-pancake-flipping-again!! I suppose if Mr. Krocker asks I will retain my parent letter (because that has all my personal thoughts in it) until the end of the Book Chat. Please, please, be round table. I get freaked out when I have to talk about my personal feelings to a whole class of bored-looking, frozen people.

    And P.E. might be the mile run. Oh, the pressure to get under 9:59. And not get 10:00 because that would be just horrible to deprove by a second.

    Spanish is okay. I'm slowly getting along in past tense though my notes are still necessary to prevent me from totally drowning (that, and Joanne). Journalism- hopefully we get the newspaper we all worked so hard on! I got the front page! WHOO! (Not that hard, though, considering I was ASSIGNED the article on delegates' reactions to the venue.) Also- my 2 page article on the Opening Ceremony. But I think the delegates might snore over that one- Varun did say they wanted something more light-hearted but it seems I am incapable of doing that in my journalistic skills.

    Nov 18, 2009 ,4:05 AM
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    IASAS MUN tomorrow, at the UN building downtown! I'm half excited, half scared out of my pants because I'm a total newbie!

    Picked out my outfit in 5 minutes and haven't stopped stressing over it since, because, as I've already mentioned, I am a newbie and all definitions of "semi-casual" have gone out of the window at the mention of "UN building".

    Finally chose a print ruffled top and black blazer from Platinum, black soft capris from... Robinson, I think, and white sneakers from North Star. I'm going to try a new lip colour combination I discovered the other day- Revlon pink lipstick with a purplish gloss from the Pupa kit Sway-sim gave me. It's kind of a reddish tint, and I hope my overall look isn't too formal. I certainly do not want to be mistaken for a delegate!

    (I have a little name tag, though. It has my mugshot on it, with my name, school and "Support Staff" on it emblazoned atop the IASAS MUN logo. Very cool.)

    ... UPDATE: and I am still stressing over it. Maybe some iconning and Garance-Dore-ing (it is hilarious! it's like GFY's writing combined with RCFA) will do my confuzzled, fried brain some good.

    Nov 16, 2009 ,10:46 PM
    Don't Let Me Fall
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    I swear, my life has been so much better since I created a "Lookbook" folder for my Hotmail inbox. Since then, my inbox has been so happily uncluttered with tons of LOOKBOOK.NU mails, plus I can pack all the unread ones into the folder, and garner quite a huge number if I'm hardworking and don't read them just yet. Seeing a nice 3 or 4 in the folder can be quite nice- it's like a pile of Christmas presents!

    Suddenly, leaving the school in December and effectively missing Week Without Walls (WWW) doesn't seem quite so bad. I get a new free period! I went to see Mr. Helgeson and he said I could go to the library- and since for my Maths (my only homework) I need to have graphing paper, I don't have anything to do right now except explore new websites, blog, and listen to Lenka! (She's the new Taylor Swift. Except... she's more an English version of Carla Bruni, I guess. Oh, wait, Carla does sing in English- but C's voice in French translated. Yes, that's it.)

    So far, I've had 2 librarians come up to me and ask me what I'm doing here, wondering if I knew there was WWW meetings. I feel like those "mathematicians of death" Mr. Fertal told us about, going around announcing sombrely, "I'm not going to be around for WWW- I'm leaving the school." Or maybe my idea of a heartbreaking announcement is purely egoistic. Hmm, that must be it.

    I have discovered GARANCE DORE! And actually I'm quite dumb, I've been putting off exploring it for some time but I can tell it is going to be the new SSS/RCFA/TCH/WWW/TS (I never hung around the Sartorialist for long but I WILL COME BACK!), as it seems having 4 main fashion sites is never enough (for one, there's always times when ALL 4 are not updated and I have nothing to browse through...). If you're not sure what the abbrieviations are:
    1. SSS www.seaofshoes.typepad.com
    2. RCFA www.redcarpet-fashionawards.com
    3. TCH www.theclothes.blogspot.com
    4. WWW www.whowhatwear.com
    5. TS www.thesartorialist.blogspot.com

    :D I have about 4 minutes left, pooh, so some GD-ing for me and then I'm off.

    P.S. China test make-up tomorrow after school- I already missed 2 hours of tuition! I am so dead. But really, it isn't my fault.

    ,4:51 AM
    Upcoming 'Apology' Batch
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    Upcoming is my 'apology batch' for TAC- I plan to have a huge number of them (only 10 done so far) as repentance for the many, many months I've gone off iconning. Needless to say there will probably be an 'apology skin' as well- I lied when I said I was off hiatus!
    Preview of batch -for once I saved as draft instead of published- at left, Ashley Olsen. I find her more fashionable than her sister, as she has the ability to, most of the time, make oversize hobo look extremely enticing.
    To remind myself: base credits Sweetandtalented, as well as Photobucket.

    ,3:45 AM
    In My Monologue...
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    I don't know how I could've lived without this.

    Nov 15, 2009 ,3:15 AM

    The very innovative photo spread above should give you a clue to what I've been up to these days, in my utter laziness to update this blog... Many apologies.

    I really cannot remember what was happening around the last time I updated, but I do know a rough draft of things that have happened over the past few days.

    The Shi Huang Di essay, for one; the Maths quiz which I'm certain I could've partially failed; the English common assessment; Someone winning the pillow fight contest; me reading my first two chapters of Chemistry in my dad's and my race to learn it by January; and me buying InStyle UK December (THANDIE NEWTON!) and TeenVogue Dec/Jan (Dakota Fanning, above) from Asia Books today.

    Went Chatuchak yesterday too with Mum, Sway-sim and Sway-chick. Bought MY FIRST JUMPSUIT -white, black, with royal blue buttons- and a brown floral dress, as well as a Twiggy ring, peacock earrings (finally) and a very kooky wooden-bead necklace.

    Am currently looking for a blue nail polish that's matte and just a slightish dull light blue. It's hard to describe the colour but my dad's waiting to go over Chem with me so more later.

    Nov 9, 2009 ,5:07 AM
    Today in Physics: "Grace, you're turning into Hermione Granger. LOGIC." Best. Compliment. Ever. (Better than the one about my face being oval and not round. Because I'd love to turn into Hermione Granger. If Ginny wasn't possible, that is.)

    Also, overheard conversation that made me bite the insides of my cheeks and try not to laugh:

    A: *singing*
    B: Who's Gandhi again?
    A: Some guy who... er... made India a better place.
    B: Oh, really? *pause* I thought he was a terrorist, or something.


    Nov 8, 2009 ,6:31 PM
    YESSSSSS. I knew someday listening to random songs on my iPod would serve some purpose. Today's purpose: my first time listening to Realize by Colbie Caillat in a very long time made me remember the name of the fan fiction which I read a very long time ago and just couldn't remember the title!!!

    I feel very satisfied.

    Nov 7, 2009 ,2:12 AM
    'Cause Maybe It's True/That I Can't Live Without You
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    Two Is Better Than One- Boys Like Girls (Ft. Taylor Swift)

    Damn you Taylor Swift. Ever heard of too much talent?

    I have left Physics homework (send Ms Perkins our wonderful force graph with an optical illusion on it! awesome much?) and World Civ. research, which I am dreading because I do remember Asoka and it took so much time ): and I'm so determined to at least go to the gym for half an hour or something to run!

    Which probably means I should get off Blogger and FB, yes siree. But short update first because I feel so guilty for not doing anything- I mean, LOOK AT MY TAGBOARD PEOPLE, don't you feel sad, because it's so... so... Jurassic?

    Moss is growing. Practically. Can't. You. See. It???!!!


    spent the whole of yesterday voraciously devouring Eva Ibbotson's The Reluctant Heiress, previously published as Magic Flutes as I'd thought. I think it might be Eva's last YA book!! Damn it. I should've read slowly, I know, but once you've started you can't stop- try it. I dare you to. All of her YA books are written so well. I only hope I could be half as good a writer as she is.

    Today, went to Platinum in the morning and kind of went overboard. I was looking for the shop with Liberty-print dresses that I'd seen last time and despite following my instinct (which is usually right... in shopping malls) I couldn't find it. So we got distracted and bought 5 other dresses (and 1 top- shh) instead. But they're all very nice and a welcome change from the less dressy dresses I have in my closet that I rarely wear. I can foresee alternating the dresses for CCD, and someone coming up to me and saying, "Why do you always wear the same dresses?"

    Also bought a VERY CUTE cocktail ring. It's absolutely ridiculous. My mother didn't want to buy it for me and I could tell my father was like, Why did you buy this? It's creamish-golden, with a dragon on it. Non-adjustable but fits very well and the ring has a pattern of scales on it- and the dragon has these little crystals, and black onyx-like beads for eyes, and it has a pearl clamped in its jaws. It's probably the most ornamental ring I have and I LOVE IT *____*

    Okay, enough starry eyes. (I nearly bought a shimmery top today except it was 200 baht and even though my mother and I liked it a lot it wasn't quite worth it. So cool though- the sleeves were LITERALLY CUT from the cloth. There were no threads at all. First time I've seen it.)

    And I spent way too much money.

    Homework time!!

    Nov 4, 2009 ,5:31 AM
    Don't Be Afraid- Just Jump Then Fall
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    Very brief update- Maths test ok, Spanish quiz ok, Physics test was FORGOTTEN -or maybe subtly postponed- English common assessment was, in my view, a failure but very possibly a pass anyway.

    Nov 3, 2009 ,2:44 AM
    You Belong To Me
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    Carla Bruni- You Belong To Me

    This woman is amazing. I now know why she and Michelle O are always being put together. They are awesome.

    ,1:51 AM
    Attempt at Songwriting #...
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    Too many times I've listened
    to your lies, and thought that
    maybe, this time's the last.

    Too many times I've had my
    every hope and dream
    shattered by your insecurities.

    And I can't keep trying to figure you out, no more
    Can't keep letting you in when you knock on my door
    One day, honey, you're going to stand on your own
    I'm not going to let you hurt me any more...

    This is the first time I've stood
    free of your

    Don't bother reading that. AAAH. It's going in the virtual rubbish bin of doomed writings.

    Nov 2, 2009 ,4:59 AM
    Algún persona decía me que
    Tú me amabas siempre;
    ¿Entonces, podría que cierto?
    ¿O estaba soñando con esto?
    Some person told me that
    You still loved me;
    So, could this be true?
    Or was I dreaming?
    that's my very rough, possibly incorrect translation of the refrain of the previously posted/translated song into Spanish with the help of SpanishDict.com.
    I am not very sure about the last sentence so if anyone is 100% fluent please correct me if necessary!

    ,4:31 AM
    Quelqu'un M'a Dit
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    meeting you was fate
    becoming your friend was a choice
    but falling in love with you
    was beyond my control
    -from one of Dao's profile picture descriptions (of L.A., but it's a beautiful quote nonetheless)

    I already mentioned Carla Bruni's fabulous French song for the (500) Days of Summer soundtrack and I just found out it wasn't sung specially for it, it was from a previous epynomous album. Since I don't speak French I had to copy and paste the title in... as I will the lyrics... but I found a video with the English translation and it's beautiful. Typed it out on Microsoft Word and pasted it below so my fellow non-French-speakers can read it too.

    (The song is beautiful even without knowing the meaning of the lyrics so watch the music video first if you want.)

    Music video:

    Soundtrack version:

    English translation:

    Lyrics (from last video):
    On me dit que nos vies ne valent pas grand chose,
    Elles passent en un instant comme fanent les roses.
    On me dit que le temps qui glisse est un salaud que de nos chagrins il s'en fait des manteaux pourtant quelqu'un m'a dit...

    I'm told that our lives aren't worth much,
    They pass in an instant, like wilting roses
    I'm told that time slipping by is a bastard
    Making its coat of our sorrows.
    Yet someone told me...

    Que tu m'aimais encore,
    C'est quelqu'un qui m'a dit que tu m'aimais encore.
    Serais ce possible alors?

    That you still loved me,
    Someone told me that you still loved me,
    well? Could that be possible?

    On me dit que le destin se moque bien de nous
    Qu'il ne nous donne rien et qu'il nous promet tout
    Parais qu'le bonheur est à portée de main,
    Alors on tend la main et on se retrouve fou
    Pourtant quelqu'un m'a dit ...

    I'm told that fate makes fun of us,
    That it gives us nothing and promises everything.
    When happiness seems to be within our reach,
    We reach out and find ourselves like fools-
    Yet someone told me...


    Mais qui est ce qui m'a dit que toujours tu m'aimais?
    Je ne me souviens plus c'était tard dans la nuit,
    J'entend encore la voix, mais je ne vois plus les traits
    "Il vous aime, c'est secret, lui dites pas que j'vous l'ai dit"
    Tu vois quelqu'un m'a dit...

    So who said that you still loved me?
    I don't remember any more-
    it was late at night;
    I can still hear the voice
    but I can no longer see the face:
    "He loves you, it's secret;
    don't tell him I told you."
    You see, someone told me...

    Que tu m'aimais encore, me l'a t'on vraiment dit...
    Que tu m'aimais encore, serais ce possible alors ?

    That you still loved me.
    Did someone really tell me
    that you still loved me?
    Well, could that be possible?

    On me dit que nos vies ne valent pas grand chose,
    Elles passent en un instant comme fanent les roses
    On me dit que le temps qui glisse est un salaud
    Que de nos tristesses il s'en fait des manteaux,
    Pourtant quelqu'un m'a dit que...

    I'm told that our lives aren't worth much,
    They pass in an instant, like wilting roses
    I'm told that time slipping by is a bastard
    Making its coat of our sorrows.
    Yet someone told me...


    ,3:07 AM
    In case I don't have time for a long update-

    Playlists to remember, for self-reference:
    Taylor Swift 'Fearless Platinum Edition' New Songs:
    1. Jump Then Fall
    2. Forever and Always (Piano)
    3. Untouchable
    4. Come In With The Rain (NO VIDEO ON YOUTUBE!)
    5. Superstar
    6. The Other Side of the Door

    (500) Days of Summer Soundtrack

    ...too many lovely songs on it to list, but I do love Carla Bruni's French song... and the song they use on the trailer, I think, and in the beginning of the movie, Us.

    Nov 1, 2009 ,3:27 AM
    I was so busy being mad I forgot all about my extensive weekend update.

    (I am still mad, by the way, but chilled down enough to provide you with the details of my very interesting weekend!)

    On Saturday-

    Went to Plaza Athenee for lunch and very, very brief recce. The lunch was alright- liked the char siew paos and corn soup. (I love corn soup.)

    Got stuck in a jam but eventually made it to MBK (they'd closed the flyover so we had to take a longer route). Did not find the solid-coloured flare skirts I wanted (I doubt they have it anyway as that's more a Platinum thing), but I did find a very pretty clutch for 199 Baht. (It's not oversize or envelope like I'd envisaged, but it's a lot more ladylike. And it was supposedly less cheap-looking than the denim quilted bag I'd originally wanted, for the same price.) With the help of Colour Lovers, the clutch is olive-coloured.

    Also did something I haven't done in years- bought a cheap watch. It was 250 Baht (knocked off 40 baht) but the thing is, it doesn't have any gigantic logos or fake diamonds plastered all over the place. It's multi-strapped, dark brown leather with a simple white analog face that says 'QUARTZ' in tiny black capitals. So it actually doesn't look like it cost 250 Baht, which is excellent!

    Got caught in a major jam coming home which left us all super tired and kind of grumpy. Went to Man-U Cafe for dinner (pizza!). Saw Bryan Robson- okay, so I don't really know him, but according to my mother he's really famous in football so yay us? He coaches the Thailand team now and was eating dinner with Uncle Joe and his brother, both of whom came over to say hi.

    Today, Dad was working, so he dropped us off to church (sub for catechism- very nice sub, very horrible people I had to work with- quote, "Oh, I don't care if he's messed up, he's hot" unquote) and then Mum and I went to Central to eat at Greyhound. I bought a pair of shorts from Blue Corner. They're really soft! Again, I can't decide their colour. It was kind of khaki in the shop, then olive in the taxi, then when I put it in the laundry it looked... grey. Maybe I am going colour-blind...?

    Took BTS to Emporium to buy bread and yoghurt. Got distracted and made an impulse buy. I MUST STOP IMPULSE BUYS. This happened to be a pair of stone earrings- blue and red with a transparent bead in the middle. They cost about 200 Baht which to me was expensive but Mum said they were nice (for an impulse buy...).

    Then took BTS again to Robinson's to top up Mum's card. Said no to impulse buy here!!! The pink ballet flats were really nice but my toes were kind of screaming, "I'M GETTING SQUISHED!!!!" so thankfully I said no (c'mon, 600+ Baht for a pair of uncomfortable shoes??) but Mum bought a very pretty pair of white shoes from her favourite brand, FOF. (I'll admit they're comfy. But their designs are a little too Mum for me...)

    Then home. So tired. Simmering off from last post- hopefully a bath will make it all better. I have to be all smiles for tomorrow... swimming...

    ,3:18 AM
    I should've known this was going to happen. At least- I knew, but I shouldn't have let myself hope that it wouldn't. Damn it! I fear I am becoming like Lord Voldemort- I hate depending on others when I already have a fixed ideal. (Of course this makes me hell for teamwork but shhh!) I am so hopping mad right now!!! Why did this have to happen? Now my entire Sunday night is ruined, and so is tomorrow, and so is maybe Tuesday. I don't know why I am getting so mad over what seems to be a trivial matter but it may be that I spent an ENTIRE AFTERNOON AND NIGHT -that is about 4.30 PM to around 7 or 8 PM- working hard. And look. I was so stressed that day I nearly cried when my mother tried to get me to eat dinner instead of check my mail because checking my mail had been the only break in about 3 or 4 hours. SEE! I knew it. I KNEW I SHOULD'VE ALLOCATED MORE TIME. And maybe done this alone. ALONE. Damn it!!!!

    Warning: the information above may prove insulting if you translate it back to a readable font. Therefore, I advise readers to just treat it as art. Silently appreciate the many exclamation marks that went into it, and find rest in knowing that the words "Damn it!" is indeed in there.