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    Sep 27, 2009 ,3:02 AM
    Poll: What Should I Name My Next Blog?
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    Let's hope this works. [/edit] It does! Now let's hope it KEEPS ON WORKING.
    Yes, CacheMemories is going to have a very short shelf life... What should my next blog be called?

    Note: thanks WordReference and sorry for all the non-English choices. Rue de Baises is Street of Kisses in French; Etoile Filante is Shooting Star in French and Calle de Besitos is Street of Little Kisses in Spanish.

    ,2:48 AM
    Be My Flower-Girl
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    Picture courtesy Lookbook; edit courtesy Picnik.

    Upcoming: a poll on what should I name my next blog? I'm begging you to tag with more original ideas- my creative juices are NOT a-flowin' at the mo'.

    ,1:26 AM

    This deserves to be embedded in the largest size possible- Julia Stiles' poem in the greatest movie of all time, 10 Things I Hate About You. IT'S AMAZING. I watched it over dinner last week and couldn't help but cry at this part, esp:
    I hate it when you're not around, and the fact that you didn't call
    But mostly I hate the way I don't hate you, not even close, not even a little bit, not even at all.

    Currently listening to the soundtrack on YouTube now. I love movie soundtracks. They can take a horrible song, and play a soft little verse from it on a movie and I'm in love immediately.

    The weekend has been INCREDIBLY busy. Friday, came home (Nimarta and I talked on the phone for practically half an hour lol until I pointed out that she was the one footing the bill) and rewatched bits of 10 Things I Hate About You over baguette with melted butter (♥) before chionging to Joshua's EOT dinner at Mango Forest restaurant. Wore outfit straight from that day's Alternate Dress Day, just swopped tanks- I HAD MY OWN PLACECARD! Zomg, awesome, that has to be the first time it's actually happened :D So sat with Dad, Joshua and his replacement Kevin. And generally had a typical Dad conversation with them all, like, "My mother was hiding both of us during the racial riots, and she dropped me! I think that's why I have a blue-black... down there. [Big silence]" HAHAHAHA

    ANYWAY. I didn't get to talk much to Kevin but he seems nice, though I really wish Joshua was staying ): Oh well. This's... my 2nd farewell I think since I came here. I didn't attend Auntie Em's because I was in school. Or it was a school night. I don't know.

    We had to walk in the rain to get there (my FOF fake-Chanel flats got all wet!) but thankfully when the dinner ended the rain was gone so we managed to get a taxi in about 5 minutes. Then turned on the A/C and watched The Notebook disc 1 in my room. Didn't have enough time to watch the whole thing- had no idea the movie was so damn long!

    Woke up REALLY DANG LATE next morning and chionged to Man U Cafe (again) for lunch- SIA guy's farewell. HIS DAUGHTER IS DANG CUTE :3 Heehee. Wore Mum's Ten & Co. top and my Uniqlo skirt, with aforementioned ruined flats. After a quick sojourn back to our flat we marched forth to the Thailand Cultural Centre armed with binoculars, specs and a spectacular cable knit sweater courtesy of my mum, to watch Cinderella On Ice.

    Two words: IT'S AWESOME.

    I LOVED IT. Amazing! I cannot wait to write its article for The International on Tuesday. I really wish I could've bought the CDs for it and Swan Lake on Ice, but they were really ex and my mother wouldn't let me. I'm hoping there're cheaper versions on Amazon. Like I spotted today: IT'S TWO WEEKS TO MY BIRTHDAY! Almost. I want to do some Photoshop collages of my mood boards and wishlists. And then maybe print out a list to subtly nudge my parents :D LOL.

    GTG for homework. Parents aren't around -mum's dental appointment- but if she gets back and finds out I haven't done my H/W...

    1. world civ outline notes
    2. maths 3.4
    3. english graphic organizer
    4. spanish list of vocab
    5. spanish worksheet

    Sep 22, 2009 ,5:37 AM
    I totally forgot I wanted to post this!
    Isn't this awesome? I took it one fine stormy day from the master bedroom window but didn't expect it to turn out so nicely, like a still from a Harry Potter movie, from those scenes that pan dramatically before the Death Eaters swoop down and eat all the Muggles alive.
    Maybe I need to make it a little greener first to qualify...?

    ,5:29 AM
    Cliffhangers And Other Trashy Devices
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    I'm sorry for leaving you all on such a... literary note, but I thought that such a nice short notice would look much nicer. Quicksmart, y'know. (Or is it only my family who says that? "Quicksmart, quicksmart!" Maybe it's some kooky phrase my mother picked up from Oz. OH, WHATEVER.)

    I only just noticed that the days on this blog are quite correct! But the timing, not so. I assure you I'm not blogging at 5.30AM. I get up around that time. So pssht.

    Won't blog for long because I just painted my nails my favourite Canmake turquoise (horribly, on the right hand- all streaky and holey and horrible, but I think some of my polish's drying out so I'm not TOTALLY to blame for my lack of hand-eye co-ordination skills) and also, I still have The Odyssey's Book 9 to read AND annotate by tomorrow.

    GI was cool today, I need to write a 100-word para for The International tomorrow and send it to Mr Rubis and see what he thinks of GI's debut column in the monthly ISB magazine.

    Which, by the way, DEBUTED TODAY! ITS FIRST 2009-10 ISSUE! I'm so proud I could burst. If this qualified as befitting a simile "as proud as a father of his first kid" then I can finally sing "I'd Give My Life For You" with bravado!

    Then again, I wouldn't give my life for the magazine. Though I did put my self-esteem and reputation at risk by basically thrusting it into every freshman, sophomore, junior and -gulp!- senior's face during lunch, also risking the anger of my stomach's digestive slave labourers by not eating until free period when I snuck an obese cookie to placate those hard workers, the acids, or whatever.

    As you can tell my cup of literary juices overfloweth.

    ,5:27 AM
    I am going back to Singapore in December 2009, for real, unless a tornado strikes and I get carried off to Oz.
    Hyperboles aside, it's true. So brace yourselves.

    Sep 20, 2009 ,12:27 AM
    Valley of the Doll: Lazy Sunday (Not!) Updates
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    Title explanation: Just found this June editorial, presumably in 'Elle' magazine, from WWW: click here to read. The pictures are really exquisite and have me wondering if I can truly pull off my skirts with heels worn with socks...

    I really admire those with the bravery to wear polo tees, with collars turned up.

    I tried it once, but before I left the house I hastily turned the collar back down again, having an ingrained fear of my mother's "WHAT are you wearing?" looks, which are far from scathing but still have the power to induce great fear in those to whom these glances are directed.

    Seeing as I have about five minutes left before I have to leave (I'm meeting Ching Ying at the airport before I go) this'll only be a quick update. I was supposed to have about twenty minutes, but got delayed eating the chocolate chip ice-cream De-gu made and then being ordered to wash the bowls and spoons by said mother.

    Yesterday (which was supposed to be The Day of Homework but obviously such days always get postponed some way or the other, or cut short as Saturday was) I woke up rather ceremoniously late as usual and was promptly sent downstairs to await the delivery of some stuff my parents had gotten from our Elias Green flat (which we're selling- obviously not my decision, I would've kept the apartment for as long as I lived for all the memories held there). After horrendously waving at a couple in a taxi who turned out not to be my parents, my dad eventually arrived in a huge noisy pick-up driven by my relatives. My mum, it transpired, had decided to pay visits to our neighbours and then make her way to White Sands (although I think the latter was inspired more by temptation than necessity, or convenience).

    After my dad had lunch (I had "brunch", considering the hour) my brother, father and I made our way out to Tampines to meet my mother. We went to a few sport shops first to get my brother football gloves and a ball (which he LOVES, and I admit looks rather awesome). My mother'd actually been to Runway 75 and bought two dresses and a belt!! I was so amazed, I have ALWAYS wanted to visit that shop. Anyway, she didn't approve of the polka-dotted dress that I liked, since it had a sheer panel on top (PRECISELY why I liked it), so hopeless wishing!

    We paid a visit to our darling UNIQLO, where my brother wanted to get pants which unfortunately they didn't have in his size. He ended up buying a small backpack which wouldn't "poof up" like the one he bought in Bangkok does, apparently- and I got a skirt. It's awesome! With pink, orange and purple hues, this tiered wonder (longer than the red one my mother bought for me- so it exudes more of a country hipster vibe than preppy nautical-ness) has a plaid-like pattern. I can imagine wearing it with my pink tank top and maybe a belt or whatever hippy accessories I can find lying around.

    Also ended up buying LOTS of CDs at the CD shop. Our extensive list was added to this morning after church, when we were supposed to meet De-gu at Siglap Hill's The Coffee Club but arrived early and decided to search the nearby Video Ezy instead. In total I suppose we've got about 10 CDs more now, but I'm not too sure. I managed to get Mansfield Park!!! It's really old and therefore rather rare (I have a strange prejudice against the BBC versions), but I managed to get a slightly scratched version from V.E. for about 5 dollars. I hope it works.

    I have to go now, I'm exceeding the time limit I set myself. It's almost 3.55 and I'M GOING TO BE LATE! ): TTYL (:

    Sep 18, 2009 ,5:05 AM
    Trapped in Vanilla Twilight
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    I just spent very long traipsing 'round Amazon snapping up books with spiderlike fingertips to add them to my rapidly extending 'Bookshelf' wishlist, so please be nice and save up your money! October 9 is approaching! COUGH COUGH!

    (For the clueless, October 9 is my birthday and I would really like to get some nice books like these for my birthday- of course, help yourself to the 'Wardrobe' and 'Telly' sections as well. Stuff yourselves! Wrapping paper not necessary.)

    Saw Emma Roberts in WWW just now, and was intrigued by their description of her outfit: it introduced me to a new word, dolman, which I immediately Googled. I was led to a Wikipedia entry (JT should be pleased) which told me that "a Dolman (from Turkish dolaman "robe" [1]) is a type of clothing. Originally, the term referred to a long and loose garment with narrow sleeves and an opening in the front. It was worn generally by the Turks, and is not unlike a cassock in shape". Later, an entry aptly titled "Fashionable Dolman" informed me that "a dolman is also an outer garment worn by ladies, with wide cape like arrangements instead of sleeves. It was a favourite style of mantle worn by fashionable women in the 1870s and 80's". Now that makes slightly more sense. Emma's tank is DELICIOUS :D I just might add "Dolman tank" to my wishlist, if anyone gets what I mean. Also: statement necklace! In the same post as Emma's, "up-and-coming actress Tarajia Morrell" pairs a wonderful nautical tee with a thick pearl necklace! I tried to look for such necklaces today in Tampines but to no avail. Maybe Bangkok will yield better results...

    ,4:16 AM
    If My Heart Was A House
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    My new go-to site, Who What Wear. It's like a Teen Vogue e-book.

    Have been trying new fashion sites these days, but so far nothing beats Sea of Shoes. Just that now that I've read all her archives, Jane's updates seem to be craaaawwwwlllinng allloooong so slowly.

    Still hopelessly addicted to Owl City songs. I want all their albums really badly! I should add that to my wishlist. Under 'Telly', probably.

    Mum bought me a skirt from Uniqlo! It's red, soft and tiered, with an elastic band round the top. It's the perfect length for high-waist! Apparently Mum also bought 2 Uniqlo cardigans which she says I can borrow (:

    Shortly after posting the previous updates I went downstairs for a walk with Dad. I saw brown bananas O_O I'm serious, they were brown and shiny, like they went for a suntan at the beach. Then we passed the shop where I used to buy shoes from (I still remember I once bought tan-coloured patent strappy sandals there and wore them till they fell apart.... fashionable from a young age, hmm) which reminded me of the North Star sneakers I saw in Bata (I think I posted about them, right?) and got me wondering if I could dye or paint them white. I love the light grey version, but I don't think NY would let me wear them to school. [Could I run in them? Another difference I've come to notice is that in Singapore, students are practical enough not to bring separate sport shoes to change into for PE. Maybe because they don't have the time. Sigh.]

    Looked for tweezers in the shops downstairs (recent notice: tweezers are Dad's ONLY impulse buys) but they were sold out of the small ones EVERYWHERE, they only carried the super huge ones that my dad didn't like. I got distracted by a "Magic Bun" pin that my dad let me buy for an amazing price of 80 cents!!! It's surprisingly effective. My hair's slightly too short for it now so little bits stick out, but my mum says it's ok. It's basically a little pin where you put your hair through it, twist a few times, then curl the pin round and connect the ends like a bracelet. I can now tie my own buns without using about one thousand pins!!! (: Hopefully it won't break. For 80c, it might...

    The fresh air was nice, plus it had been raining. I got lots of water droplets on me but it's alright, I agree with my dad in that it's not good to be at a computer all day (*cough*). Sadly in BKK we can't just go out randomly, and there's nothing like Singapore air after the rain... There's something about homely HDB communities that feels so nice. (Plus, it helps that there's a 7/11 nearly to grab Cornetto Classico cones from. ;D Wink wink, 2 for SGD 3.20!)

    ,1:22 AM
    Traipsing around Tampines
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    Hello, Picnik! Don't you love my little impression of a "band album cover" above? One day if I get round to singing rock, I'd love to have a band called The Funk. Sources: img and edit. My username's colours_like_snow if you care to search me. The extremely creative name is derived from Owl City's Rainbow Veins lyrics, found quite by accident when I YouTubed the very first OC song that came up. The lyrics are actually quite beautiful:

    high rise, beats of the avenue
    bright eyes and subtle variations of blue
    everywhere is balanced there, like a rainbow above you

    street lights glisten on the boulevard
    and cold nights make staying alert so hard
    for heaven's sake, keep me awake so i won't be caught off guard

    clearly i am a passer by,
    but i'll find a place to stay
    dear pacific day, won't you take me away

    small town, heart of the new year,
    brought down by gravity: crystal clear
    city fog and brave dialogue converge on the frontier

    make haste, i feel your heart beat
    with new taste for speed out on the street
    find a road to a humble abode
    where both of our roads meet

    the silver sound is all around
    and the colors fall like snow

    the feeling of letting go, i guess we'll never know...

    cheer up and dry your damp eyes,
    tell me when it rains, cause
    I'll blend up that rainbow above you,
    and shoot it through your veins

    'cause you heart has a lack of colour
    and we should have known,
    that we grow up sooner or later,
    'cause we wasted all our free time alone

    your nerves gather with the altitude
    exhale the stress so you don't come unglued
    somewhere there is a happy affair;
    a ghost of a good mood

    wide eyed, panic on the get-away
    the high tide can take me so far away

    vcrs and motorcars unite on the seventh day
    a popular gauge, we'll measure the rage
    of the new post-modern age
    'cause somewhere along the lines
    all the decades are mine

    we were the crashing whitecaps on the ocean
    (on the ocean)on the ocean
    what a lovely sea-side holiday...

    a palm tree with x-mas lights
    (on the ocean)
    my emotion
    strum a sparkling tone like a xylophone
    as we spent the day alone

    cheer up and dry your damp eyes
    tell me when it rains
    I'll blend up that rainbow above you
    and shoot it through your veins

    cause you heart has a lack of colour
    and we should have known
    that we grow up sooner or later
    cause we wasted all our free time alone

    source: video w/lyrics
    I should know by now that Owl City's lyrics are always awesomely written and yet they don't really have a plot.

    Anyway! This post was really supposed to be about my Tampines Trek this morning. I guess I'm subconsciously making up for all the times I didn't update.

    Contrary to my resolution last night, I woke up at the later end of 10.00 AM, and finally struggled out of bed at 11 where I poured myself a bowl of Milo cereal and milk and chomped my way through it over today's issue of Urban. What a way to start the morning! Furthermore, it started to rain, so there was quite a breezy cool atmosphere as I pulled on my Giordano bootcuts and flip-flops and walked my butt outta the door.

    The MRT ride was quite eventful. There was a really cute ad pasted up about savings, and although I don't remember WHICH bank it was (USBC? if that's even a bank?) I do remember the ad and its tagline, "We believe you're never too young to have big dreams." Or something like that. :X Anyway, there was this woman who was jabbering away at the phone in a mixture of bad English and what sounded like Cantonese. She sounded like some sort of resources person, maybe, but she wasn't dressed too professionally: jeans rolled up (I noticed two people sporting the "boyfriend jeans" trend, but the other hipster wore it better: grey jeans with a single thick cuff), red buckle shoes that were actually quite cute, a black top (I think)- and the most eyecatching bit- blond highlights. I quite despise it when Asians get blond highlights. It just doesn't WORK.

    Anyway, so she was saying her "den"s and "hor"s all through and I couldn't wait till Tampines but thankfully we got there so I got out quite happily. The whole CARRIAGE was listening attentively to her every word.

    First stop: ALANO, where I've found that if you look hard enough you actually get quite nice finds. The silky maxidresses were unfortunately too low-cut for me, but I found a really comfy white cardigan for 10 dollars. I'm going to share it with my mother. My dad said it needed a wash and it's true- the button holes aren't cut that well and there are little bits of dirt around, but the entrancing bit is that it has Edwardian(?)-like bell sleeves that just drape so prettily when you wear them. Plus the material's really soft and not at all itchy like you'd expect from a cheap find. So I'm just going to hope a good scrub will do it good.

    Next stop: CHAMELON. Found my wraparound hairtie (one off the wishlist!) but unfortunately the trend seems to be glitter and not patent as I'd hoped. A gunmetal one was pretty enough -the colour had enough "cool" factor not to look cheapo or dirty like some of the others- and at 2.90 dollars I hope the price will be easily justified by wearing it on an almost daily basis to school. Also bought a multicoloured beaded bracelet with a toggle, which I wouldn't have bought if it weren't for the 1.90 price tag. Admittably looking back it was an impulse buy, but it is very pretty and normally wouldn't be sold for so cheap, so. Justified!

    Third stop was SUBWAY because my dad went to Cold Storage in Tampines 1, and we could meet for lunch. (He and my mum went to NY in the morning to meet Mrs. Chek, the VP, about my Sec 3 year ahead. He's going to teach me Chemistry- EEP! Damnably, it's compulsory to have Chem, even in Sec 3. Cow poop!) Ate a teriyaki chicken -literally, on the menu, "hot toasted sub" HAHAHAHAH- which was quite okay, and shared a bit of Lays and a Coke Light. Then Dad happily went off to Cold Storage again (idk why he didn't buy anything before, but he said he had a voucher to spend) and I trotted upstairs with the job of finding gifts for Sway-sim, Kate-Lyn and Su-Lyn.

    These were found in MONTIP (Century Square). Patent bow clips for Kate-Lyn and Su-Lyn (aargh, my passion for bows is rubbing off on even my gifts! I was tempted to buy a navy version for myself) in hot and light pink, and a BEAUTIFUL set of gold bangles for Sway-sim which I LOVE and am ABSOLUTELY TEMPTED to steal from but I can't, it would be horrificable if I did (see what I did there??). But it is beautiful, and a steal, even Ahma admitted: a gold bangle with a 'bone' pattern, and two simple golds with pearl beads, all at 5.90. I would've bought another for myself if it weren't for money constraints and the fact that it was probably the last set of the design left.

    Looked at Bata to see how my old shoe shop had changed- lo and behold it's a fashion haven now! What used to be THE place for "comfy shoes" now has brilliant gladiator wedges (cough) and even strappy Birkenstock-ripoffs. North Star has the cheaper (19.90) version of the Keds I wanted to buy, but only in light grey and black: maybe NY will let me wear the light grey? Fat hope, but fingers crossed.

    Mum gave me 10 dollars as "extra" which I normally don't spend at all but I felt bad about only getting her the jacket as a gift, as even the jacket's a "share" item (love it too much to give ;D so it's shared). So after brief SMS consultation with Dad, I bought a paua ("It's not Paula! WHAT IS IT CALLED????") shell bracelet for Mum. He was amazed I managed to get it at 5.90 from ARIES, but I'm guessing it's not the real thing. Looks like, anyway.

    Spent 30.40 dollars today. Oops! Exceeded my 25 dollar budget but told myself it's just this once. Next time, I won't spend the extra money. AARGH I ruined my perfect record ):

    ,1:18 AM
    Pink- I Don't Believe You
    I heard this song playing in Giordano (Tampines Mall) today and just had to Google the lyrics. They're beautiful. Posting about my shopping adventure has to wait till the next post, you're going to read the lyrics first:
    I don’t mind it
    I don’t mind at all
    It’s like you’re the swing set
    And I’m the kid that falls
    It’s like the way we fight
    The times I’ve cried
    We come to blows
    And every night
    The passion’s there
    So it’s got to be right

    No I don’t believe you
    When you say don’t come around here no more
    I won’t remind you
    You said we wouldn’t be apart
    No I don’t believe you
    When you say you don’t need me anymore
    So don’t pretend to
    Not love me at all

    I don’t mind it
    I still don’t mind at all
    It’s like one of those bad dreams
    When you can’t wake up
    Looks like you’ve given up
    You’ve had enough
    But I want more
    No I won't stop
    'Cause I just know
    You’ll come around

    No I don’t believe you
    When you say don’t come around here no more
    I won’t remind you
    You said we wouldn’t be apart
    No I don’t believe you
    When you say you don’t need me anymore
    So don’t pretend to
    Not love me at all

    Just don’t stand there and watch me fall
    'Cause I, 'cause I still don’t mind at all

    It’s like the way we fight
    The times I’ve cried
    We come to blows
    And every night
    The passion's there
    So it’s got to be right,

    No I don’t believe you
    When you say don’t come around here no more
    I won’t remind you
    You said we wouldn’t be apart
    No I don’t believe you
    When you say you don’t need me anymore
    So don’t pretend to
    Not love me at all

    I don’t believe you
    Okay, so the lyrics aren't the cleanest-insinuating, but the tune is so haunting plus the tone of denial is just amazing (:
    Source: lyrics + video

    Sep 17, 2009 ,7:55 AM
    Calling Alpha Romeo
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    In Singapore now!

    We arrived at around 2 or 3 PM Singapore time, and upon arriving home read a few pages of My Father's Keeper before slumbering off for about 3 hours of welcome siesta. I think George is fast on his winged sandals.

    In the end I gave up my scheme to dress up pretty with my theme, "girly with a twist", but I did relent to those voices by bringing my Giordano woven belt! That, and my long HMMA necklace, are my only concessions. Other than that I'm still the girl in jeans, flip-flops/sneakers and tank tops/shirts. Pretty basic.

    Going out tomorrow morning at about 11 or earlier to beat the Tampines crowd, then eating lunch with my dad. Plan to meet with CY on Saturday fell (through?) as her mother's cousin is getting married. But she IS sending me off on Sunday though so that's something to look forward to (:

    I can't believe I haven't updated in so long! Not even the fantastical Lea Salonga update is up here. This won't be long because it's 11PM here and I am being pushed to go to bed. But I do have to say the concert was FABULOUS. UTTERLY FABULOUS. I am KILLING myself for not getting her autograph even though my mother is skeptical that she was even giving it, but also no clips of her concert are on YouTube! (Well, obviously; they prohibited filming. But where were the rule-breakers that night??? I cannot find clips of her singing "God help the outcasts"!!) It's my new favourite song- God help the outcasts, from Hunchback of Notre Dame, which I was very pleased to find out we had in CD form! Esmerelda's version in the film is quite awesome too but my mother, quite obviously, staunchly sticks to Lea's rendition.

    I cannot believe I have gotten the opportunity to see Lea TWICE. That's more than many could wish for- and for those who don't know her, you don't know what you're missing out on. LEA IS THE BEST, EVER. Love you ♥

    Gotta go now. Am getting pretty sleepy too and need to get up "early" tomorrow. Maybe around 10. Or 9+. Hmm. Anyway! Updates later, ttyl :D

    PS What do you guys think of the blogskin? Tag.

    Sep 11, 2009 ,11:51 PM
    Agyness Deyn / Put Your Records On
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    be nice and warm me up with nice ratings and faves as I freeze in this A/Ced room.

    ,9:39 PM
    Diane Kruger / Come Pick Me Up
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    yes indeedy it's finally been finished and published. albeit with a minor preview error. go rate.

    Sep 10, 2009 ,5:10 AM
    Some pictures which will be on Etoile Filante once I get round to editing its layout.

    (from top)
    1. Original design for the layout title; changing mind now
    2. Fake Topshop/Chanel bag, Ten & Co. shirt
    3. Cotton On gladiators, worn with
    4. Cotton On button-up, belt from Platinum, ESP (?) dark blue bootcut jeans

    Sorry you can't see the colours, I'm in this B&W mood right now. :X

    ,3:35 AM
    Vanilla Twilight
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    "Daddies are for when your jacket doesn't match your dress." -me, when we were going to church and I was worried that the hall would be terribly cold like it sometimes is.

    Addicted to this song, Vanilla Twilight, by Owl City that Jlee introduced me to. Lyrics:

    The stars lean down to kiss you,
    And I lie awake I miss you.
    Pour me a heavy dose of atmosphere.
    'Cause I'll doze off safe and soundly,
    But I'll miss your arms around me.
    I'd send a postcard to you dear,
    'Cause I wish you were here.

    I watch the night turn light blue.
    But it's not the same without you,
    Because it takes two to whisper quietly,
    The silence isn't so bad,
    Till I look at my hands and feel sad,
    'Cause the spaces between my fingers
    Are right where yours fit perfectly.

    I'll find repose in new ways,
    Though I haven't slept in two days,
    'Cause cold nostalgia chills me to the bone.
    But drenched in Vanilla twilight,
    I'll sit on the front porch all night,
    Waist deep in thought because when I think of you.
    I don't feel so alone.
    I don't feel so alone.
    I don't feel so alone.

    As many times as I blink I'll think of you... tonight.
    I'll think of you tonight.

    When violet eyes get brighter,
    And heavy wings grow lighter,
    I'll taste the sky and feel alive again.
    And I'll forget the world that I knew,
    But I swear I won't forget you,
    Oh if my voice could reach back through the past,
    I'd whisper in your ear,
    Oh darling I wish you were here.

    Oh, it's sweeter when you read it O: listening to Fireflies now also by Owl City. Not as quietly sweet but it's nice too C:

    study for spanish quiz tomorrow on irregular verbs

    MAP Maths test today (271) and World Civ. Hinduism test (crossed fingers).

    Sep 8, 2009 ,4:56 AM
    and then I go and spoil it all by saying something stupid like

    Sorry, being bored. Have to do:

    today was ok. first gutenberg's intent meeting, fun, got to 'preview' new books and reserved two (:

    Sep 7, 2009 ,5:09 AM
    Here Without You
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    but you're still with me in my dreams.

    I am DYING to watch The Notebook.

    Updates: everything awesome, watching Cinderella on Ice on Saturday, PE did pacer and NOT mile thank goodness, starting our tennis unit and slightly missing touch. Finished the book pretties and halfway through specials, wanting David and Tally to get together- if you've read it already SHHH no spoilers. And wishing for Tally to stop acting like such a weirdo about Zane's jerkiness.

    PHYSICS shoot haven't done it yet!
    SPECIAL KIDS OLYMPICS T-SHIRT DESIGN need to do a nice draft and pretty it on Photoshop.

    which reminds me,

    TYVM. and if you're wondering why this blog's layout is still ugly- it's because I'm too lazy to find a BS and edit it. (The one I selected earlier is now deemed too light.)

    Sep 6, 2009 ,2:42 AM
    Strange: in all the time I've been obsessing about the song I've never once used it as a title.

    I'm going to change my blogskin here to a basic, classy one that some pro blogger made. Looking for one now on Blogskins.com. Until I can create on that looks professional and simple enough I'm not going to let my fickleness wreck this place.

    Besides, I fully expect to move into Etoile Filante soon, once FreeDomain has fixed its faulty stuff.

    Anyway! Updates!

    Homework left: Physics. I'm not too sure what I have to do for it, though.

    Flashing news: I MAY be forced to go home in December, so I can join the NY cohort for Sec 3. Can't say I'm too happy about this. I'm going to be SLAUGHTERED in Singapore.

    Weekend updates: Friday, went to see Mrs. Tananone about tutoring and Special Kids Olympics T-shirt design.
    Tutoring -- I will probably be getting an e-mail soon with info on what kid I'm going to tutor. Seeing as I signed up to tutor ES and MS English and Maths, Mrs T said, I'm probably going to get a response fast. I somehow hope it will be someone I know, but I doubt it.
    S.K.O. tee -- I have an idea already, I just need to make a nice draft and put it on Photoshop to colour and make pretty so I can send it to Mrs T pronto.

    Saturday- Platinum!!! Babysitted/slacked at JT's first while waiting for car to be serviced at Soi... 24 or something. Original plan: pick up car, drive to Empo, take BTS. We got stuck before we even reached Empo so dad walked, then mum and I waited till he could pull along the side of the road and we alighted to walk to the Phrom Pong BTS station.

    {-- I HAVE FOUND MY BLOGSKIN! http://blogskins.com/info/292580


    Er. Only managed to visit a few shops on first floor before dad whisked me away tsk-tsking. Bought:
    1. Red long-sleeve round-neck dress. (Was going to channel Emma Watson before I got home, tried it on and realized I looked nothing like her. Damn.)
    2. Tank dress. (I don't know what colour it is- somehow my head's going "Earth coloured" but that doesn't make much sense. It's like earthy khaki.)
    3. White and grey striped sweater. (It's for guys but I couldn't resist. Anyway, we were buying shirts for my brothers. It would've been a waste not to compile ;))

    Went to Shangri-La NEXT2 Restaurant for dinner with JT and Auntie Soklee (sp?). Was great, but felt like exploding afterwards with that tummy lol.

    Sunday: first day of CCD program, year 2. Damn.

    Wore that nautical striped ress that I bought aeons ago but never wore, with my rip-off Chanel ballet flats. Arrived late because the cut on my tongue is getting worse and I couldn't eat properly.

    Mass was a bit sad. Considering there were so many people jampacked into a hall and my tongue hurt and I DIDN'T WANT TO GO CCD it was... sad. Anyway.

    New teacher: Mrs. Gelsinger. Marki, Michael, Matt and Girard are in my class. But obviously we don't talk much. Same girls as ever. By the way- Sher, your darling Chelsi is in my class. But we didn't talk. Ugh, I can't believe I have to sit 10 cm away from the same giggly girls as last year! This may sound really stuck-up and I KNOW I have to be nicer but still. It is HARD. TO. STAND. (Esp when the teacher was like, "How do we know what we believe in? There's a prayer we say every time that states this..." and the girls are all like, "TEEHEE, Our Father!" when it was obviously the Nicene Creed. AARGH. Note to self: MUST. BE. NICER. AND. RENZHU.)

    Then went Empo. Dad bought a new book, I bought A Tis's cover of Girlfriend, while Mum went grocery shopping. Then we went back to our Soi and kidnapped JT, who looked pretty perplexed about it.

    In the end after about an hour he gave up trying to fit in and bawled his head off, so we brought him home all stressed. (He scared the kids in our lobby too! Oh no.) But not before I got 2 videos and several pictures of him, might post some up later.

    Have to: put my retainers back in (ate ice-cream just now and I'm too lazy to get them), repaint nails, do Physics, check if there's any homework due tomorrow, and get off my lazy FB butt and do something like try out those icon tutorials I found on LJ. (Thanks pingghee: http://imamonsterr.livejournal.com/3172.html)

    Oh, and stop thinking about going back to Singapore. It'll only depress me and distract me from my homework.

    Sep 4, 2009 ,4:02 AM
    "They Say I Look Like Maggie"
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    Holy cow she does.
    Look like Maggie Gyllenhaal, I mean. [WOW I COULD SPELL ZAT!]
    Click here: They-Say-I-Look-Like-Maggie
    Loving the outfit too.

    Sep 3, 2009 ,4:02 AM
    "Shit happens."

    I love you, Ching Ying. Forever and ever. For putting my emotions into two words.

    Well, future emotions, anyway. Right now I'm just feeling the first word.


    Wanted to start Etoile Filante but due to certain problems bout the layout I won't be posting right now. Got my first outfit already, for first alternate dress day of the HS year!

    Since I won't post I gotta keep track of the stuff here for the mo:

    1. Cotton On shirt
    2. Platinum belt
    3. ESP jeans
    4. Cotton On gladiators
    5. Nivea lip balm
    6. L'Oreal eyeshadow
    7. SilkyGirl eyeliner

    GTG. homework. and trying to get people to BUTT OFF.

    note to self:

    shit happens.

    Sep 2, 2009 ,6:03 AM
    TAC is Finally Updated
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    TAC has finally been updated! With 16 icons! By me!
    Admittedly they're not very good and 16's not a huge batch but still considering I haven't posted in ages it's a good start.
    I originally had 15 but since TAC posts in lines of 4 I thought might as well do another one, and once I saw the picture on the left (cropped; the original's much wider) I HAD to do an icon. I LOVE her expression. It's like, "Whaaaat?" as if she's done something wrong and the model on the left has FOUND OUT HER TANTALISING SECRET!!!
    Haha I know I have an overactive imagination. Finished all HW; Baan Rachawadee today was awesome but have to work out if I can reschedule tuition for Wednesdays -I don't know if it's worth it- and also next Tuesday we have a GI meeting. Oh wait I already blogged bout that.
    Still debating over my outfit for Friday- FIRST ALTERNATE DRESS DAY OF HIGH SCHOOL! I've settled on my white Cotton On button-up and my pastel yellow button-up flare skirt from Platinum, but it's the accessories that're bugging me.
    Sea of Shoes only had 1 new post ): or maybe I check it TOO often.

    Sep 1, 2009 ,7:20 PM
    145 / Nikon D300
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    Source: Bing Images
    [/edit] This is the camera Jane Aldridge from Sea of Shoes uses, with two 1.4 lenses. I'm not that crazy over using it because I know it'll take me a long time to get used to a big professional camera (DESPITE using one in P6 for DMP- I don't think that was a Nikon, right???) but still, her images are so sharp, plus I really want to transform my blogging style into a more visual one like Jane's for Etoile Filante.
    In library for free period now, I'm sorely tempted to change my blogskin because this one is severely getting on my nerves. It doesn't look too professional, ignoring my constant attempts to spruce it up a little.
    Just met with Mr. Rubis- going to try to attend a fund-raising meeting at lunch today to see what Gutenburg's Intent can do. Next Tuesday it looks like we're going to have a brief after-school meeting as well- it's super brief apparently so I'll still miss the 2.20 bus (shit D: I like my bus and coming home early) but never mind, if Nimarta can make it we can finish up homework in the library until we can catch the 3:30 bus.
    Today is Baan Rachawadee after school! It's just my "trial meeting" to see if I like being in the club. My mother is still very scared that I'll get affected by seeing the cerebral palsy kids- it's a rational fear, seeing as I already cower seeing amputated people outside MRT stations, and I'm already like, "I'LL BUY ALL YOUR TISSUES!" But I think it would be fun for me to learn how to interate with people with celebral palsy. There was this girl in OLPS with cerebral palsy and I never interacted with her, but she always made funny moaning noises during Mass and I was like, "Mum, why is she so weird?" I hope that I've changed and matured and will be able to cope and make these kids have FUN.
    But if I come home crying holding out about a thousand packets of 10c tissues (just kidding) maybe I'll have to tell Mrs Tananone I don't want to continue Baan Rachawadee anymore.
    I've finished my Spanish homework already -it was easy, took less than ten minutes, even when checking an online dictionary instead of Spanish-speaking Laeticia before me- and I think I might want to attempt the world civ. caste system simulation reflection before going on Sea of Shoes and everything. It should be easy. He went through it today for practically half an hour making me late for meeting Nimarta outside the MPB for free period. (Granted: I just remembered I got through ALL of Sea of Shoe's archives last night. Right down to the first introductory post. So unless Jane has posted about a thousand new posts in the last 24 hours I won't have much catching up to do.)
    Okay, high ho the merry-oh, it's the castesimulationreflection for me!

    ,6:06 AM
    etoile filante: pronounced e-toee fi-l-ah-nte

    DEFINITELY not as glam as I thought it would be. Oh well.

    Getting addicted to Esmee D and Mia R again, on YouTube.

    GTG. FINISHED HOMEWORK! dinner's waiting.

    ,3:41 AM
    Yes I didn't capitalise that because I copied it from http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/%C3%A9toile_filante and I'm too lazy to go look up a CAPITAL 'e' with an accent mark. :D It's the name of my new blog. There's a free domain available for it which I desperately want but unfortunately the website is under construction for a few hours so I won't be able to 'chop' it. Hopefully nobody else takes it! If all goes well my new blog -which will concentrate on my outfits as well as daily life- will be http://www.etoilefilante.co.nr/. For now it's just plain ol' http://www.etoilefilante-x.blogspot.com/ because Blogger won't let me just do etoilefilante.

    étoile filante : shooting star / falling star [in French]

    Yes, I KNOW it's uncreative but it sounds so magical and besides shining star in Spanish sounds like a bunch of gobbledegook and there's no shooting star- I'm afraid the online dictionary might give me something with guns.

    Was in a poetic mood coming home today in the bus. Would've written them down, but, y'know.



    I shall try to remember the various things that I thought of. like

    The road shines after it's
    And this is a two-way street
    For me all roads lead back to

    I know it is sketchy and ugly and half-koped off Taylor Swift but she puts it so well, there's something 'bout the way / the street looks when it's just rained / there's a glow off the pavement. Beautiful.

    Leans into the mirror
    Carefully waving her wand
    Blowing tissue kisses

    Yes, that's the process of putting make-up on. I actually bothered to bring my eyeshadow (L'Oreal) and eyeliner (Silkygirl) to school today to retouch after PE, since it was before lunch so I could take my time. Unfortunately there was a scare about how I was making Nimarta late for her first Helping Paws meeting. (Turns out I didn't, but whatever.)

    Heart beats fast
    Eyes dither flushed
    Voice trembles quiet

    Basically that's me going to take pictures for Journalism today with Amy. I really wish I could relive it. I'm probably an unprofessional giggler in everyone's eyes by now. Not counting the time when I said "SHIT!" really REALLY loudly to a REALLY quiet room when I discovered we'd missed a lunchtime appointment with Mr Tananone. SO EMBARRASSING!!!!

    I still remember
    how fast you made my heart beat
    and how red you made my flushed cheeks.

    OK, enough dithery details (I love that word! 'dithery'! It probably isn't a word, though). I'm going to WORK ON A BLOGSKIN. And then put one here. Simplicity doesn't work long for me, esp when I don't have a wishlist I can constantly add to. Now I have 2 more wishes: sandal boots, and join LookBook. I could probably get in if I could; problem now's my mother thinks joining LookBook is equivalent to murder. Or something.... Murder of my self-esteem?

    I don't really think so. ):

    [/edit] I just found this one-liner I wrote in my agenda. It's quite beautiful:
    When I look at you
    I fear to be blinded by your dazzling light.