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    Oct 29, 2009 ,9:46 PM
    El Periodo Libre en ... the Library
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    Yes, my Spanish is not as fluent as I thought it was! I think library is biblioteca, though.

    Eh, anyway, I'm in free period in the library, going to see Ms Tara in ES Library soon and then collect my mugshots- can't wait to see them!

    It seems Swift is going out with Lautner and I don't know what to make of that, because L looked so cute with Gomez ): Oh well. Minor gossipy airhead report.

    Finished Physics, only have Alg Review left but I don't have a T/B and anyway after period 6 I will have the World Civ. PPT to work on. !!!

    I want the (500) Days of Summer soundtrack (and CD- when it comes out). I am predicting it will be as rewatcheable as COAS. Heard the French song by Carla Bruni and it is awesome- even if my mother heard the first part and muttered, "Well, it sounds like talking."

    Am determined to learn For Good from Wicked- even if Mita laughs at me for getting the tune wrong! It's my first time singing it, chill! :P

    Thriller performance today during lunch. Amazing. Love Ms Price!! It was like a musical- cue normal cafeteria scene, then suddenly this group of seemingly normal people walk up- except the first one is in torn clothes and all have black eyes and 'blood' drooling down their mouths. Then the music speakers -which I'd assumed were early preparations for Munch & Music- started playing Thriller by MJ, and the people began dancing. So cool.

    Even if it was a little HSM-y. HSM + Twilight.

    New language I am fluent in: Na'Polish (It's the North Pole speak of polar bears.)

    Basic words:
    Hyki! Hi!
    Myki Michael Perry
    Hyka Helen
    Gryka Me
    Joyka Joyce
    Nimka Nimarta




    World Civ.
    Physics (print).


    Oct 28, 2009 ,5:22 AM
    do I want you because you're wonderful, or are you wonderful because I want you?
    (Song: Do I Love You Because You're Beautiful?- Lea Salonga and Peter Saide)


    Cough. Anyway- finished all homework due tomorrow -MY EYES STILL WATER FROM BOOK 16 OF THE ODYSSEY- and one question from Maths' 4.5 warm-up because I felt that if I were to be hardworking, it had to be at least an angle question! You know, the kind where they're like, "Given this diagram, find the unknown angles." Call me a nerd, but they're kind of fun.

    Eh- anyway- what was I going to say?

    I think the whole point of this post was to inform you guys -because it's so riveting- that I finished all my homework due tomorrow. Yes. Indeed.


    Oh yeah- the other day I had this urge to make black or grey polyester wideleg pants, and then decorate them with flickers of neon paint/glitter. You know, where you put paint, then bend the brush (hair?) back, and then FLICK IT UP! Hopefully it wouldn't be too big and splattery because then the pants wouldn't be that nice.

    Then tonight I had another urge, this time to don some Sergio Rossi (I wish) zipped (zippered?) strappy heels in black, and a grey slightly pleated dress made of something like hard silk -but not Thai silk- (I can't really name the material), and some hard-rock necklace with tulle and diamonds. And have dark brown hair, long and wavy, delicately draped with a thin necklace of diamonds as a tiara- oh fine, that's a lingering dream from ages ago. ):

    I suppose a little part of me still wants to be a ballerina...

    ,3:32 AM
    Check Yes Juliet
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    I forgot: the main point of me logging onto Blogger was not to post some bimbotic wheeeeeehyper entry, but to post my homework so I can remember them all. It's surprising how much homework has been loaded down!! (Or maybe I'm just spoilt from two days at home recovering. Yes, I think that's it.)

    For tomorrow:
    1. ENGLISH- Book 16
    2. ENGLISH- Print mini-commentary (YEE!)
    3. SPANISH- Finish up Actividad 1
    For Friday:
    1. WORLD CIV.- Sources, outline key points
    2. MATHS- Warm ups 4.5 and 4.6
    3. MATHS-4.5, 4.6, Algebra Review (optional)
    4. PHYSICS- Finish up lab note, print

    I think it's just the Maths and World Civ. that clogged my agenda up. And English- Book 16 is going to take forever!!

    Alright. I'll print out the mini-commentary first. Then I will resolutely GO OFF THE COMPUTER AND FINISH #1 AND #3!!!

    Wish me luck, TTYL ♥

    ,3:25 AM
    I'm sorry for the lack of an imaginative title- but it must be the flu, my brains haven't been working as of late and besides- I AM SO TOTALLY BAMBOOZLED! IN A GOOD WAY! LIKE THAT TIME I FOUND OUT I WAS GOING TO LEA SALONGA'S CONCERT! OR WHEN SHE SANG 'ON MY OWN' LIVE! BAMBOOOOOOZLED!

    Okay, I must calm down! But- but- my English teacher read my mini-commentary (which turns out, wasn't done in class while I was away- pfft!) and said it was really good! And showed it as an anonymous examplar to another class! BOOMBAZZLED! (You can SEE I'm bo- I mean, bamboozled. I typed, "You san CEE- san CEE-" then kept wondering why it looked so odd.)

    WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I'm practically on a self-fuelled hot air balloon now. I can't wait till my mum gets back so I can tell her the good news and dance around her, and she'll give me one of her "It's good, dear, but get out of my way!" looks. I just know it.


    Oct 27, 2009 ,12:32 AM
    vg/(500) Days of Summer
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    Finally done- my tribute to the wonder that is (500) Days of Summer. See it here, rate, fave.

    Oct 26, 2009 ,10:58 PM
    "Herm... own... ninny!"
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    Inspired by this, I'm going to try a form of blending that I'd abandoned once I, very publicly, made a rather horrible mistake. Fotodecadent, here I come!

    P.S. Michael Perry is a sadist. He asked me to remember to finish the Munch & Music article- ON THE STATUS WHICH SAID I WAS SICK. Plus I'd ALREADY finished AND sent the article to 3 people, including him. Hmph. And now FB chat is malfunctioning so I can't go up and chastise him from the comfort of my home. Sacre broccoli!

    P.S. 2. Visited JT yesterday, while wearing a mask. It's horribly uncomfortable. You can't breathe properly (even more than you can't when you have the flu) and your glasses fog up. But to make it fun I drew a huge green smile on it :D I don't think JT was very amused though. He kept staring at me, like, "Who's this stranger?" He's crawling now- so cute! But very slacker though- one leg propelling, and the other kind of zooming along the ground. We laughed the first time he did it, and he looked at us for a moment as if to say "What!" and then continued to zoom towards his goal. Heh ;-)

    Borrowed Sway-sim's InStyle (Drew Barrymore- October). It's AWESOME. I just realised that InStyle is one of the few mags which doesn't have a horoscope section. Though this saddens me -because it's fun to read the horoscope sections- it also heightens my respect for the magazine. It's a true all-rounder.

    Oct 23, 2009 ,3:29 AM
    Money Money Money
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    Note to self (for blogshopping purposes):

    USD 10.00 approx. SGD 13.00

    [/edit] Another note to self:

    Watch http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=7162524&section_id=6096467.

    ,3:10 AM
    Birthday Candles
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    Be in suspense no longer: here are my brothers' birthday presents, done on Photoshop. First one, for Er-ge, is HANDDRAWN and therefore copyrighted; second one, for Da-ge, uses pictures from DeviantArt and a special new font (BlackCasper) downloaded from Dafont for the occasion. Quote credits go to GoodReads.com.

    ,3:05 AM
    Note: bought grey North Star sneakers yesterday from TM's Bata. I know I'm incorrigible- but my mother said since they're comfy I could buy another pair. (Besides- I went home and checked, the white's a different model and the grey doesn't come with a free pair of extra laces. The grey's also made of a beautiful different material, kind of like wool or flannel. It's cheaper, too, 19.95 compared to 24+.)

    Wore the grey pair out today with new Giordano socks (orange! wow).

    ,2:52 AM
    Lust at First Sight
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    I watched Singapore Idol on Wednesday night- can't help but feel that there's hope for us yet! Kudos (oops) to Charles and Tabitha (did I get her name right?) who sang Fall for You and Halo respectively- very well, in my opinion, whatever Ken says.

    Saw the October 2009 issue of Australia's Vogue in the supermarket today. I WOULD buy the issue just for the cover but unfortunately my mother wasn't similarly persuaded.

    Birthday presents for my two brothers are done and framed (boy does the printing shop lady scare the hell outta me)- have yet to give it to them.

    Went to Raffles City again today to have lunch with Auntie Marina nearby at Central shopping mall, then Mum and I went to Robinson's to buy a pizza pan. They had some amazing clutches there, but unfortunately the prices were sky-high and my mother deemed my favourites "too old-looking". Pfft! Am determined to go Platinum and buy an oversized clutch now. I saw one last time that was really nice but the shop hadn't opened fully yet so we couldn't buy it.

    Submitted a Red Carpet Wish to RCFA for Diane Kruger to wear one of Riccardo Tisci's dresses for Givenchy; saw it in Urban and immediately pounced on it, thinking, "DIANE KRUGER! DIANE KRUGER! ARE YOU SEEING THIS?" It's amazingly her.

    Old news: Dad promised me a tablet when I move back to Singapore in December. I can't wait. I'm going to sketch my designs out, colour them in and maybe post them. Therefore my next blog will probably have to wait till then for a proper "opening ceremony". (Need to check the poll- Fallen Sapphires probably won. I have this itchy idea of my clothing line being called GCMT BY GRACECHRISTIANNE but that's kind of far-fetched dreaming, isn't it?)

    Oct 22, 2009 ,4:23 AM
    Going Gaga over: TOPSHOP!!!
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    Aaah, it's finally here: my homage to TopShop, that unreachable heaven... Please excuse the new, horribly extravagant layout styling; I've just rediscovered Adobe Photoshop's backgrounds and graphics. Photo credits: TopShop.com. Bliss!

    Clockwise from top left (item/colour/price): 1. Champagne Drape Skirt by Rare, Champagne, £38.00; 2. Sequin Cropped Cardi, Antique Gold, £35.00; 3. AMAZE Feature Heel Boot, Red, £85.00; 4. Rope and Chain Necklace, Blue, £16.00; 5. CHRISTOPHER KANE Mesh Sandal, Grey, £95.00; 6. Multistone Shape Ring, Multi, £14.00; 7. Stone Bangle 10 Pack, Blue, £15.00; 8. Lace Hook and Eye Crop Top, Midnight, £25.00; 9. Flannel Peplum Pencil Skirt, Raspberry, £35.00

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    Oct 20, 2009 ,11:34 PM
    Dance Like Nobody's Watching
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    I wonder if the quirky GIF animation shown above from The Clothes Horse (http://www.theclothes.blogspot.com/) will show up. If it doesn't (and you see just a still image, or something) please visit her blog, it's amazing ;-) and looks set to be my new Sea of Shoes since I've read all the archives there already.
    One down, two more to go.

    P.S. Dad just gave me a little pill box which I can use for my earrings on my travels. So cute!

    [/edit] So it doesn't work. Sacre broccoli!

    ,10:04 PM
    1. "Without the dark, we'd never see the stars." -Twilight
    2. "We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars." -Oscar Wilde
    3. "You must do the thing you think you cannot do." -Eleanor Roosevelt
    4. "It is our choices, Harry, that show us who we truly are, far more than our abilities." -HPCOS
    5. "It is better to be hated for what you are than loved for what you are not." -Andres Gide
    6. "Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind." -Dr. Seuss
    7. "Gravitation cannot be held responsible for people falling in love." -Albert Einstein
    8. "If you don't stand for something you will fall for anything." -Malcolm X
    9. "Never put off until tomorrow what you can do the day after tomorrow." -Mark Twain
    10. "Fairy tales, are more than true. Not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be defeated." -G.K. Chesterton
    11. "Well-behaved women rarely make history." -Laurel Thatcher Ulrich
    12. "It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live." -HPSS
    13. "I am free of all prejudice. I hate everyone equally. " -W.C. Fields
    14. "I know God won't give me anything I can't handle. I just wish he didn't trust me so much." -Mother Teresa
    15. "If I had a flower for every time I thought of you...I could walk through my garden forever." -Alfred Lord Tennyson
    16. "If you can't explain it to a six year old, you don't understand it yourself." -Albert Einstein
    17. "A fool believes himself to be wise; a wise man knows himself to be a fool." -Shakespeare
    18. "Two roads diverged in a wood, and I— I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference." -Robert Frost
    19. "It's the friends you can call up at 4 a.m. that matter." -Marlene Dietrich
    20. "Of all the things about me that could frighten you, you worry about my driving?" -Twilight

    There'd be more (I was planning on just 10) but you'd get bored. Thanks GoodReads.com (and that lone poster in the Physics classroom- #7)!

    ,9:44 PM
    All the Difference in the World
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    I finally managed to find the quote from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince which was half burnt into my mind (p479):
    But he understood at last... it was the difference between being dragged into the arena to face a battle to the death and walking into the arena with your head held high. Some people, perhaps, would say that there was little to choose between the two ways, but [Harry knew] with a rush of fierce pride... that there was all the difference in the world.

    ,8:48 PM
    Hey y'all, just a quick update because I've got some stuff to work on (confidential at press time, I'm afraid).

    Here's a big boombanger:
    I watched (500) Days of Summer yesterday!!
    All I can say is, IT'S AMAZING. If I said more I'd be gushing.
    Having said that, I'm still in my dazed mood, as I am whenever I've just watched a good movie or read a good book. Zooey Deschanel will never be the same to me ever again... I'm intrigued by how the story seems to be a story behind The Story, which would usually circle around Summer's marriage and not her relationship before the marriage.

    This entertaining one-liner took place when my mother, brother and I were discussing the movie:
    Me: I LOVE Zooey Deschanel! [in defense]
    Mum: I just think that girl was heartless.
    Da-ge: Most girls are like that.
    [big silence]

    In a way she was, but c'est la vie, non?
    Anyway, we watched it at Cineleisure Orchard and then kind of walked around the area for a bit because my mother wanted to get a book for Katherine, and also she was collecting her truckload (just kidding) of SIA umbrellas for her upcoming MACT luncheon. Inspired by Zooey's make-up in one part of the film, I hunted through Sephora and Watson's before settling on one of Canmake's eyeshadow trios. I couldn't decide between two: the texture's really nice, almost creamy, but while one set had this beautiful antique gold colour, the other had the bronze I was originally looking for. So: goal, or temptation? (Just like Odysseus. Hhmmph.)
    Settled for goal. Sigh.

    Also purchased November's InStyle; still kind of sad about my economic decision to not buy October's since Sway sim already has it. I have this collector's urge about me still, like how I kill myself for not buying... July's, I think. Or June's. I remember seeing it but thinking that since I didn't know Rebecca Romjin that well I wouldn't buy it. HMPH!

    Went to Changi Airport for dinner with De-gu and Big-Ah-ku who was in Singapore and left for KL last night. We ate at TCC, which was okay... (Liked my Oreo milk shake though ;-)) T3's kind of nice, even if T1's still the only one which exudes that homely charm. We're split between the three; T1's the original, T2's where we always go and has everything you need, T3 is just the height of mod right now even if its A/Cs look like eyeballs.

    (TCC's sofa looks like intestines. Pshhhhhh!)

    Oct 19, 2009 ,5:36 AM
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    Personally I think this skin is perfectly deserving of an SOTD (way to break out of a hiatus, I say) but won't get one because it's late and not enough people go to BS at night to get me one of my unattainable goals; BUT GO RATE AND FAVE ANYWAY, we've never been ones to stick to the common mold, no?

    ,4:42 AM
    Done, Done and Done
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    Went to Elias Green today (SOB SOB SOB- THE ENTIRE HOUSE IS EMPTY- but they still have my old hula hoop and the nails from our erstwhile Hall of Fame- PICTURES UPCOMING, I TOOK LOADS FOR SENTIMENTALITY'S SAKE) and visited our house (handover November; can we just say "I don't want to give it to you"?) and neighbours. Then went to White Sands with Mum and Da-ge and finally found my dream sneakers! North Star finally listened and made a white version of the light grey pair I'd been eyeing! Back in... September, I think, they had black and light grey versions for 19.90, and now they come in navy, white, black, light grey and bright purple, for 24.95. Desperately eyed navy, white and purple; bought white firstly because they're the ones on my wishlist and secondly because -this second reason stood on slightly wobbly grounds- a girl in ISB has a navy lookalike and they look kind of horrible, and the purple would be hard to match.

    Went to Tampines with Mum (Da-ge went home first to study for his exams) and bought a pair of nerdy socks from Uniqlo! Yes, nerdy, I don't know what's wrong with me, even my grandmother asked me if they were "in trend" and that she didn't think they were that nice. Oh no I MUST BE GOING CRAZY! But they do look adorable in an aforementioned nerdy way. The label says "beige" but it's really kind of brownish knit. They look like something a Professor of Boring Academics might wear, but when scrunched down (they're almost knee-high but a bit tight when worn that high) they look acceptably cute with the new NS sneakers. (Of course, both my brother and grandmother had to refute that judgment. But I'm hoping my mum won't.) Now I'm wondering if I should've bought the bright blue non-knit version instead; my mother refused to buy me 3 (4 for 14.90) and used the discount to buy my dad 3 pairs of black socks. (Can you yawn? His black socks are quite cool, though. I'm envisaging them over black leggings...)

    Mum left me then to go visit 2 of her friends, while I wandered around (nonchalantly: "I'll probably take half an hour... just looking around...") for slightly over an hour. But THANK GOODNESS I curbed my excessive spending. I was rather sleepy and developing a headache from the number of songs being pounded from the speakers in EVERY SINGLE DAMN SHOP so, despite getting tempted by a lot of things, managed to spend just SGD11.55 before I went home. (If you think that's a lot... I used to spend about 25 dollars every visit. So yay me! Next goal: TEN DOLLARS AND UNDER, ALRIGHT.) Bought gifts for Mum and Ching Ying. Couldn't resist all temptations and bought a pair of diamond studs for myself (I lost my old pair and this one was only 1.20 even though now I know they're kind of hard to take off), as well as the set of 3 bangles ("fish bone" + pearl) that I bought for Sway Sim in September from Montip. (I COULDN'T RESIST: I almost stole them last time, when they were the only set left in the shop, but thank goodness they stocked 1 more set this time. Just one, and I took it! Finders keepers.)

    So considering 1/2 were gifts and 1/4 was (kind of) necessary....

    I'm good!

    ,4:38 AM
    currently loving Nelly Furtado's Manos Al Aire
    currently dreaming Topshop + Duffy's Rain on your Parade
    currently needing to buy new sketch book (MINE FINISHED! ALREADY!) and do Topshop homage collage (that rhymes!)

    si no estas aqui (if you're not here)

    Oct 18, 2009 ,6:17 AM
    Pounding the Pavements in Steel-Tipped Boots
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    Here's one of my favourite Lookbook contributers, Caroline B., a fashion editor from Stockholm, Sweden. Black seems to be her principal colour, and her outfits are always effortlessly pulled together, looking classy and yet always managing to have a little hint of trendiness. (Not to mention she's a natural beauty- something not all of us can boast of ;-( haha)
    Image Source: http://lookbook.nu/look/240981-thigh-high

    I was going to post a more normal all-over-the-place update, but then Mum found out Mass was at 6.00 and not 6.30 as we'd assumed- and it was 5.45! So naturally we went all lunatic in trying to get ready on time. Thankfully a cab was at hand and we managed to get there only about two minutes late. *cue big sigh!*

    I think I might've spotted Neil and Victoria at the service but I'm not too sure, didn't say hi to either. Father Fred again- WHY DO WE NEVER GET FATHER GREG? I miss Father Greg ): he's so nice. And he blessed me before I went to Vietnam (his home country), I still remember.

    If I haven't posted about this already- went to Raffles City today, got 5 CDs (downloaded all onto iTunes already- it's high time I listened to something that wasn't Taylor Swift, Marie Digby or the Confessions of a Shopaholic soundtrack) and am now UTTERLY ENAMOURED with? of? TOPSHOP. I now know and respect why so many people worship it as their haven (Heaven?) but do not understand still why so many people can purchase its stuff on a regular basis. It is EXPENSIVE, man! Maybe in the UK it's cheaper. *eyes gleam*

    Upcoming: little collage to pay homage to TopShop. But might not come too soon- it's 9.30 PM, I'm sleepy, and tomorrow we're going gallivating to visit Elias Green before all remnants of our existence are wiped out (CUE SOBS- I AM GOING TO BE RED-EYED TOMORROW) and some old neighbours of ours, plus Mum's friend ;) Maybe I'll manage to persuade Mum (I typed pursuade- WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?) to go to Elias Mall and get her hair done, she didn't like the dye job the guy downstairs did and I agree. Only the hairstylists at E.M. do it right ;-)

    ,2:31 AM
    Whistling To Get By
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    Terribly sorry for the lack of update. What follows is a very attempting-to-be-literary blog post I wrote on Microsoft Word yesterday afternoon in the lack of (free) Internet access.

    I Lost My Head In The City Haze, 6.05 PM, Saturday, 17 October 2009
    Swissotel the Stamford Hotel, Singapore

    Surprisingly, when looking down from the balcony from our room on the 38th floor, the haze that has drifted over from neighbouring lands and was rumoured to have settled in peaceful abundance over Singapore, is quite noticeable. There is a little junction not quite far from here, marked by a rather quaint clock tower, which is shrouded in an almost yellow atmosphere, like an old photograph. In the distance the buildings are shady. I thought Bangkok was supposed to have worse air pollution than Singapore, but it could be just the hazy month here.

    Today’s the first time we took Cathay Pacific (airline) and all I can say is I miss Singapore Airlines (quite a lot!). In DEFENSE we have that we’re being economical by saving airfare, and that CP has all our basic needs (food, reclining seat, TV, air stewards and stewardesses, safety). In ATTACK we have a huge hefty sigh and the little kid voice, “SIA’s just better.” Maybe it’s the iconic uniform I miss (DESIGNED BY BALMAIN- who can miss that as a plus point?), or the cheerful stewardesses with their blood red nails and enviable make-up, or their always welcome greetings of “Hello, good morning” and “Thank you, have a nice day” as compared to the rather stale “Hello” and “Bye” we got this afternoon. (It could be, too, that “chicken and rice” turned out to be rice and a very suspicious orange block of spicy ‘chicken’. Yes, it was a block.) My mother didn’t tell me we were taking a flight that’d been from Hong Kong passing through Bangkok; the movies available were very, very limited and even when I opted for the passable “easy listening” playlist, the songs played were different from the ones in the book. (I wanted to hear Kate Winslet sing! Oh, you liars.)

    All’s well that ends well and anyway we’re closeted in our hotel room already (a surprise from Mum, who thought I would be better off not knowing we’d be spending a night in a posh hotel- I ONLY PACKED ALL MY KOPITIAM CLOTHES!) Mum has gone down to buy some presents and Er-ge is in a room two doors down reading or playing on his computer, I don’t know which. Da-ge is reading and Dad’s in a meeting. Uncle Luke is, too, two doors down. It’s almost comical. A little grouping of people who know each other by various means and are resolutely not talking to each other!

    We went to the shopping mall next door to buy my sport shoes. First stop: New Balance. Crunch and you feel the strange texture of gravel below your feet; it’s true, the shop is one part gravel one part wood. The gravel is to try on shoes, obviously. I found it so incredibly cool. The salesman seemed to have plenty of expertise too, measuring my size (both feet!) using a rather intimidating metal bar, and asking me to walk a few rounds to determine my foot type. Sadly the shoe I was interested in wasn’t available, so despite his offerings to call up Novena and ask them to reserve a pair we went off to the neighbouring Adidas/Nike. While looking at Adidas a very vicious salesgirl came over, asked what I was looking for (running/netball/basketball) (don’t mention tennis… or the fact that we change sports every few weeks…) and promptly said, brutally honestly, “Oh, come to Nike. Adidas is never going to have your shoes.” Dejectedly, we went to Nike, where she pointed out a shoe costing over 200 dollars and said that it was world-class, chosen over all brands and preferred by athletes. She then told me I had a low arch and that the New Balance people were liars. We picked out a 109-dollar shoe. When giving me my size (“You’re an 8, obviously- how could you be a 7??”) she told me that what the New Balance salesman had said was “total bullshit”. Feeling rather down and wishing to go over and give the NB guy a big fat hug, I tried on the shoes. Sadly, they fit. Well. After lots of “do you feel the cushioning?” (it was obvious she thought I was a pro netballer and couldn’t tell that I was only looking for a pair of shoes to get me through PE classes without the soles falling off) we bought it. Walking off we couldn’t resist feeling we’d bought it out of pure intimidation techniques.
    Back in the hotel room I tried it on again with Dad’s thinner black socks (they are incredibly cool- high and black, must steal them!) and it seems the Nike shoes are here to stay. I am a complete idiot at telling if shoes are a good fit (if they’re fashion shoes, I look for design, and if they’re for sports I rely totally on my Dad’s opinion) and so I only cross fingers and hope the “athlete, not salesgirl” at Nike was right.


    P.S. I smell very slightly of FLORA by GUCCI. If you didn’t know, that is my total obsession. I try to get samples every time I’m in Changi Airport.

    Oct 12, 2009 ,6:02 AM
    Inspiration: PASSION!
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    I'll admit I cheated: one, this is not a magazine spread, it's a collage; and two, this is not a very good quality one. I just wanted to find some pictures with real VIBRANCY and PASSION and put them together- plus I only had a few minutes, dinner's ready. Credits (and kudos, to use Mr K's overused word) to Fotodecadent for the images.
    ;) TTYL folks!

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    ,5:34 AM
    Ignore the horrcheezy title (to the clueless: horrcheezy (noun) horrible + cheesy + boomz). This's a quick update: bought November TEENVOGUE in Kino yesterday, trying to employ self-control as I barrel my way through October's issue (Taylor Lautner- I am slowly crossing to your side, but I remain stubborn and loyal to the memory of Edward).

    P.S. If you really care for my personal opinion, I think T.L. is better than R.P. but Edward beats Jacob hands-down. Even if he did pull the "you're better without me" lame-o card.

    P.P.S. (what does P.S. stand for again?) if you're interested, the poll for what should I name my next blog hasn't ended but it looks like (from the 7 votes- THANKS PEOPLE!) fallen sapphires is winning. Damn it.

    P.P.P.S (ditto) I just dug up an old pic from my Pictures folder to put for this post, since I believe pictures make a blog more interesting. If anyone knows where it's from, please tag to tell me because I obviously forgot :X

    Oct 11, 2009 ,4:55 AM
    Going Gaga over: Blazers
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    All Inspiration Corner images as credited, from Lookbook.nu; blazer used is the James blazer by Elizabeth & James; all accessories by Forever 21.

    Whether its sleeves are rolled up or down and no matter what the colour, blazers are definitely keepers. Styling options include a T-shirt tucked slightly into the evergreen skinny jeans, and layering with the classic white button-up. A dark horse you might've overlooked under the accessories is the F21 Vintage Rose Bracelet. What I like about it is that it's actually a rose brooch attached to two strings of pearls; thus, the brooch can be separated from the bracelets and worn separately. Since brooches are awesome for blazers and pearls are a must-have always (I've come to categorise them as "classic" rather than "grandmotherly") I really wish I could buy it (I'll bet you my parents won't let me)- USD 10.80!!!

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    ,3:43 AM
    I Look Like a Human in a Chocolate Muffin's Body: the Quest for a Perfect Blazer
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    Photo credit: Yummy Muffin by sljokica on deviantart
    I thought a nice little blog entry detailing my quest for the perfect blazer would be rather nice, hence my effort to look for a nice picture on DeviantArt, as well as typing out a neatly capitalized and very long title (I Look Like a Human in a Chocolate Muffin's Body: the Quest for a Perfect Blazer).
    (By the way- to deviate from the topic at hand a little- I was just pondering today about the little bottle of that solution, make-up remover. Isn't it funny, you're paying a company to put something (i.e. make-up)... then paying the same company (or another) to take it off? It must've been a real marketing genius who came up with the idea. Then again, back in the times of Cleopatra -the originator of the kohl cat-eye!- women probably did it to impress men. Pfft!)
    ANYWAY. It's surprising how once you put your mind to something, GOOD QUALITY STUFF IS REALLY HARD TO FIND IN PLATINUM. But only when you really want it. Like when I was looking for my quilted shoulder bag, a la Chanel or Topshop- they weren't as ubiquitous as I'd originally thought, plus the ones that were around were dang right expensive.
    So anyway, when I went to Platinum yesterday, the top thing on my mind to get was a BLAZER. Because if you hadn't noticed, they are EVERYWHERE. (I'm going to do a mag layout on them later, presumably for next post. Image hunting shouldn't be as hard as it was blazer hunting, I hope.) And also this mass-media concept has convinced me that yes, indeedy, blazers DO go with everything. (I remember thinking the same with... oh, well, pretty much everything in my wardrobe. But moving on...)
    The thing is, I already had one. I bought my first blazer from a market that Mum brought me to to "recce", and while at the time I was really spiffily proud of it, I had to admit the sleeves were a little tight. And it looked grey- but it really was blue and pooh, it didn't go with everything. And it fell rather short of "structured" or "oversize"- which are the two key terms when it comes to blazers now. So while I'm still happily in love with my floral blazer, I decided it was time to go hunting for another one which would suit the clothes my floral one didn't.
    (I ended up buying two.)
    Most of the ones we considered were too short - blazers don't look as nice when they're cropped. Really. And then the others were too cheap (-looking. Price is never a problem when it's low) or too unstructured. Again with the key terms. We were HARSH. Finally we delved into a rather crowded store and I announced, quite literally, "Mum, I think I've found my dream blazer." Y'see, in both Lookbook and TeenVogue, there's been the presence of something called a pastel-coloured blazer- to be specific, pastel pink. My mother called it peach, I called it bubblegum. Light pink anyhow. So we bought it despite the shopkeeper not letting me try it (size didn't turn out to be a prob anyway- yay you, pink blazer!).
    On our little humdeedum "10 more minutes, THAT'S IT" walk, my mum spotted a rather interesting one. It was made of not-quite-denim, not-quite-cotton, but was definitely that quintessential denim blue colour. What made it interesting were the slight puff shoulders and the ruffles cascading down the sides instead of buttons. They didn't let me try it on at first but eventually gave in when we were about to walk out. Thank goodness they did- it overwhelmed me completely, both the puffs and the ruffles. I'm not exactly of Amazon height, as you guys probably well know.
    So anyway we dejectedly (me, at least; my mother was quite glad to go) headed to the exit when my mother spotted a Sonrisa shop (we'd been there before) and said, "Hey, this is the shop I wanted to bring you to! It has quite a lot of jackets. Let's just take a look." Thanking the heavens for my blessed luck we went in. My first try was a chocolate-brown puff-sleeved blazer: hence the title. I LOOKED DOWNRIGHT LIKE A MUFFIN. WITH SPRINKLES ON TOP. No way, Jose. Next try was what I'd originally spotted but wasn't sure if my mother would approve. The shopkeeper said it was cheaper than Muffin Top and younger, which I wholly agreed with. In black or grey in an almost-sateen texture (we chose black; although more ageing, I think grey would've been less versatile) it fit to a T. It had a striped folded-up cuff that I wasn't quite sure of but thankfully I tested it and it could be folded down, out of sight. Brilliant. We knocked 180 B off the hefty price tag (680 B originally; 500 baht is still quite expensive in my mother's opinion but considering the original price AND the fact that the shop is mostly aimed at professional working ladies...) and bought it.
    And I happily skipped off home.
    NOW I can't wait for them to come out of the washing machine... We're going to Singapore for the October break (this Saturday!) and something's telling me one or both of the blazers are coming along for the ride.
    [/EDIT] I SAW MY STATEMENT NECKLACE IN EMPO! IT WAS EXACTLY THE SAME! and retailing for 1890 baht. Guess what I bought it for... 390. Wow, that's a 1500 dollar difference (SGD70+ to you).

    Oct 10, 2009 ,7:14 AM
    Hark the Fourteen Candles!
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    Ahhhh.... The world seems different when you've turned a year older. Not.

    Surprisingly birthdays have lost the rosy glow of years past when we used to mark our birthdays with huge birthday parties, satin flowery dresses and beautiful themed cakes made by our mothers (or mine, at least). Now, you're kind of just wondering if people got the hint and got you a blazer, or something.

    But nonetheless I'm glad my birthday's come and part of me is like, "Whaaa? It passed??" It flew by, particularly since... Wait, I'd might as well start from the beginning.

    Firstly, 9 October is ISB's Parent-Teacher Conference days, so I get a free day off school, granted I wake up early (6.15AM) to drive to Nichada with my parents. After about two hours of waiting in line and twenty-minute-or-less talks with teachers (my Dad said loudly, "Torres!" to my Spanish teacher, who looked used to it... sort of) we drove home (I fell asleep in the car, despite sleeping at 9PM the night before- I was EXHAUSTED. Maybe it's the groggy-inducing pills I've been taking for my infected jaw muscle or whatever).

    Mum brought Auntie and I to Crepes & Co. (Soi 12) after that- FANTABULOUS. I definitely gained about ten kilos from our extensive lunch: Hawaiian crepe and Canadian pancakes for afters. LOTS of sugar, though I think they balanced it with the huge amount of pineapples in the former. (: Then Auntie went home and Mum and I took the BTS to Emporium for... guess what... grocery shopping. But we passed through Times Square before that and I got a basic white T from Ten & Co. It's not the oversized, pocket one I envisaged but I've got a dark grey version and I know it's awesome, almost like it's tailored for me.

    So we bought a HAAGEN DAZ (YAY!) ice cream cake (which is still in the fridge, we forgot to take it with us to sway-chick's house, although dad managed to eat a slice before flying to Singapore) and lots of groceries (INCLUDING 4 LITRES OF MILK) before we took a taxi and promptly got stuck in a 30-min jam. Therefore we embarked on our arm-muscle-training journey back home- first walking (WITH groceries) to the BTS station, then taking said BTS, then hailing a cab at the road-side. Ouch! And then it was 1.5 hours of 9 October gone.

    For dinner Dad sprang it on us that no, it wasn't a homecooked meal, it was dinner at Shang Palace @ Shangri-La! Which is good, but MEANT THAT ALL THAT GROCERY LUGGING ON MY BIRTHDAY WAS FOR NOTHING. Poof. Anyway. Was fun, awesome, pigged out on their soup and prawn and fritters and surprisingly-nice-snow-fish. And tea.

    Today we went to Sway-chick's house in the morning to "receive" JT, coming home from his week-long sojourn in Singapore. We spent a few hours with him, then Mum finally relented and let me go to Platinum (albeit we took the BTS, which was freezing, but WORTH IT). We trawled around and we bought 2 blazers! (After the first one I was personally looking for a jumpsuit, not pushing my luck, but Mum seemed willing -even eager- to get me my second.) So we got a bubblegum-pink-ish one (I love the colour! and the 3/4 sleeve length!) and a slightly more sateeny black version. :3 Sadly they're in the wash. I CAN'T WAIT TO WEAR EM (:

    Okay, Mum's already given me the "WHAT TIME IS IT" look, so GTG, TTYL, xoxo (: and thanks to all people who've given me well wishes! You guys are awesome!

    Oct 8, 2009 ,9:26 PM
    Fourteen and Counting
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    Cue lights, camera, dancing.
    1. woke up at 6.15
    2. endured long car ride to ISB
    3. met all my teachers for parent-teacher conference
    4. going out to crepes & co. for lunch with mummy later

    I love my pressies :D at first waking up at 6.15 felt like it was going to be a HORRENDOUS birthday, but I'm cheering up a little now. Plus, tomorrow we're going out, hopefully to Plat.! :D


    1. Green tank top and white shorts from Auntie (the shorts have this striped ruffle thing at the top, so cute!)
    2. Who What Wear and Bobbi Brown: Teenage Beauty plus handmade mosaic box from Mum (hee!heeeee!)
    3. MOSES THE SECOND from Dad :O he's so cute, a bigger fatter version of the monkey we bought for joseph! plus he comes with his own matching shirt and bag that are red and say "I love you" on them ;)

    love you allllll :) I'm so happily pleasantly surprised by all the well wishes from people I don't even talk to on a daily basis. It's amazing how Facebook works... XD

    Oct 5, 2009 ,5:17 AM
    Does anyone else think it'll be cool if I wrote a story from the POV of Lizzie and Darcy's daughter, after Darcy passes away, inspired by Dance With My Father (Luther Vandross)?

    ,5:04 AM
    Colour Scheme I'm Loving: Rose Petals
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    If I just lie here, would you lie with me and just forget the world?
    Snow Patrol- Chasing Cars (MV)
    Those three words, I've said too much- but not enough
    Can anyone think of names for the colours in the spread above? I just spent over an hour making it. I think the pink can be rose pink, bordering on bubblegum pink, but as for what looks like a cross between purple and brown I have no idea.
    I somehow love making magazine spreads. They're tedious, but super fun and you get this immense feeling of accomplishment after finishing them! My wishlist was my unintentional first. Next colour scheme spread coming up will be on a blue that's between aqua and sky, and stone grey.
    Image credits: FotoDecadent, ShopBop, Urban Outfitters, F21

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    Oct 4, 2009 ,3:50 AM
    Official Wishlist Poster + "I'm Yours" Acoustic Cover
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    ,2:37 AM
    My "tribal" belt :D
    This looked awesome on the mannequinn so we got it. It has this silk ribbon thing to tie with.

    You can't really see it but I had to pull my sandals to avoid them drooping down rather sadly- so they got their fringes all ruffled in indignation.
    Here, succumbing to droopiness with the rest of my shoes and their twin red fringe sandals.

    My statement necklace! :D against an olive green tank dress I got last time (yes I know it looks brown).

    I got my computer back!

    Turns out it was ready early :D

    Yesterday, was granted my voyage to Platinum :D First looked for this baby shop Sway-sim recommended, to buy some bibs for Sway-sim's friends. The messages are super cute! My favourite for guys is "Ladies' man" and for girls, "Let's do lunch!".

    Bought for meself:
    1. 2 handmade belts (they're actually Mum's and mine, 'cos she's more likely to get glammed up than I am)
    2. 1 necklace/belt (I prefer it as a necklace- it's the statement necklace I've been waiting aeons for!)
    3. a pair of amazing architecture: four-strapped fringed suede sandals! (alliteration. cough.)

    sadly I kind of regret buying #3 now. comfy and pretty as they are, I STILL CAN'T FIND ANYTHING TO WEAR WITH IT. pictures coming up next.

    also: wardrobe clearance soon. I'm doing some photoshopping for my and some other people's birthdays right now but my parents suggested clearing my fat wardrobe again, this time to aid the typhoon in Philippines. The Embassy here is setting up a donation drive or something. Strangely I was just thinking yesterday that my wardrobe was really too fat to take any more. I AM GOING TO NEED TO BE HARSH. REALLY HARSH.

    Oct 2, 2009 ,5:16 AM
    Breeze-Through Update
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    I thought I'd give a quick update here while I have the chance. TGIF! My computer will be back in (hopefully) around 5 days!

    I meant to put a little "IT'S OCTOBER!" notice here yesterday but I guess it slipped my mind- plus, I spent way too much time yesterday researching Asoka and was hard-pressed to search for the rare evidence that would damn the long-dead emperor to a verdict of good or bad ruler? (Final decision? You're a good world/religious leader, good guy, but you were a bad ruler for India. Sorry!)

    So, anyway, It's October! for those who didn't know. Plus, my birthday is in EXACTLY one week. It's so fast, isn't it? I don't quite believe it. It's hurtling towards me! I think this's the first time I actually want to stop time before my birthday. I need to adjust to not being kind of the first pimply years of teenagerdom.

    I was suggesting heavily to my mother that I would like to be given a rather huge hefty budget to plow through Amazon with, because I love the idea of opening the door on my birthday to find a little FedExed parcel of pretty things like shoes and books. (*points at wishlist* Maybe I could even use this opportunity to get To Catch a Pirate!)

    Today I actually finished most of my homework- I only have to read and annotate Book 10 of The Odyssey, and I'm done. Most of my motivation was the fact that maybe, just maybe, if I finish most of my homework by today, mum will bring me on a super long odyssey to the Great Land of Platinum tomorrow! Fingers crossed.

    Just watched parts of Mrs Doubtfire on TV while doing my Spanish assignment on the 2003 animation El Cid, and was struck by how I'd never noticed the outfits before. It must've been a new blu-ray version on TV or something because the colours were sharper and more vivid, kind of like icons after they've been edited using those processes I can never seem to get my Photoshop to like. Everything was bluer, whiter. After tons of searching I managed to find the picture above, which was perfect, since the pool scene was the one I really liked (and paid attention to). It's hard to put my finger on the exact style, but I'd say it was casual summery layers with florals and nautical mixed in. I'd say effortless but I know from experience that looking effortless is FAR from actually BEING effortless. Most of the time effortless takes, well, loads of effort. If I'm making sense.

    So since I don't have Photoshop on Sway-chick's computer (unfortunately)- I used Powerpoint. Not done yet because Auntie Oi came to pick me up. She and Khun Sue are playing with the very noisy JT now but I'm just going to kiss him for a bit and then when he goes to sleep Auntie Oi and I can tiptoe off for dinner back home. I feel so rude, trespassing on everyone's hospitality so I can get my H/W and general Internet stalking done!

    Anyway, so this was not exactly a quick update but y'know I've always been bad at those... Till next time, y'all.