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Hello, my name is Grace, and in about ten years or so you'll be buying my premortem biographies where they'll be flying off the shelves like Harry Potter on a Summoning Charm spree. Just kidding.

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    Nov 27, 2009 ,9:35 PM
    Untouchable, Like a Distant Diamond Sky
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    Thanks to JT I have 3 new songs from Fearless [Platinum Edition]- Superstar, Untouchable and The Other Side of the Door. Addicted, needless to say!

    This week has been oddly eventful, despite the stupor I've been spending it in. The latter is due to me catching a cold, so cue the headaches, blocked/runny nose and sore throat... as well as spreading it to Nimarta and Jusmita (SO SORRY!!)... then this morning I got awoken at 8 by a call from my dad saying my mum had food poisoning. So she was resting at home and around 10.50 she and my dad went to the hospital. They're still there- dad says if she needs to be warded he'll come fetch me. I hope not- please pray for her speedy recovery!

    If you haven't heard, I fell down on Thursday while doing hurdles. That's right. It's so out of the textbook, it's comical. Mrs. McRobbie says I need to open up my stride more, or something. I think basically I'm not lifting my leg high enough, so I must've tripped- although I seem to recall losing my balance more than tripping. It's tragic, because hurdles is possibly the most fun PE activity we've done so far.

    Laetitia recommended putting aloe vera on the abrasion so Sway-sim helped me get it yesterday from Empo and might be dropping by later to give it to me. It burns...

    Here's my homework for this weekend (to remind myself):
    1. Maths- 6.4, 6.5
    2. Maths- 6.2 Warm-up
    3. Physics- Intro, Research Question, Independent/Dependent Variable, Controlled Variables
    4. World Civ.- The Golden Age of Athens mind map
    5. Spanish- Actividads (#12 for extra credit)
    6. Journalism- e-mail Steve, Ethan, Zoe & Ben for article on 'Global Nomads'

    Phewwwww.... I think I'll do #6 first to get it out of the way and then I'll icon a bit. I've got a draft on TAC from last night, with 6 icons on it, and I'd like to get it up to 20 or something before posting. Then the rest of the day might possibly be dedicated to numbers 1 through 5 since I can't go out and Mum told me yesterday to try to keep Sundays free for outings.