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    Nov 23, 2009 ,4:31 AM
    Say Hello To... Katherine Gretchen Miller!
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    Some writing I've been doing... plot still sketchy so expect edits.

    If you had taken the chance to peer beyond the cheap mud-coloured curtains, and look inside the room that was only as wide as one’s arms could reach- if you could have seen, that very night, the girl that lay within it, curled up on the tiny square of a bed with her knees tucked in and eyes as wide as they were pensive, looking out into the ink-black sky… if you could have read her thoughts you would have been surprised at their depth, at the very emotions which Katherine Gretchen Miller was harbouring within her heavy heart.

    For Katherine was not a wise philosopher, by any means; in actual fact, before that summer she had been but a little wisp of a fourteen year-old, bordering on the cusp of adolescence with still very much of the child in her intact. Her frail brown locks did not belie any goddess’s golden beauty, nor did her thin face with its many dull freckles hide a bravery of spirit which was frightening in the extreme. Katherine, by society’s standards, was very ordinary- very ordinary indeed.

    But that summer had changed everything, surpassing even the heaven’s expectations; were that the stars should realign themselves should the gods be so surprised. Now as she stared out, wondering why dawn was so late in coming, Katherine marvelled herself at the strange turn the summer had taken. And she wondered where he had gone… that imp from the land of the elves -so quick was his motions and witty his ways- who had single-handedly and inadvertently caused everything.

    Maybe he was in the tall grassy fields of carefree days past… or perhaps possibly passing by her very street. This was the general direction Katherine’s thoughts ambled along, as she motionlessly watched the stars twinkle their last goodbye and the sun come up, full of pride and allusions to that summer, almost as if everything would be back to the way it should be- but here Katherine paused, rising from her bed and glancing in the mirror. For without him it would almost seem as if there was no way things would go back to normal. Coins, once golden, could never regain their sheen; and seas that have calmed from roiling storms never do seem to recover their fiery temper. Likewise Katherine’s days could never have been as illuminated, as glorious, or as incandescent as they had been that summer… not unless he came back, which was impossible. He himself had said that.

    This Katherine reminded herself of solemnly.