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    Oct 11, 2009 ,3:43 AM
    I Look Like a Human in a Chocolate Muffin's Body: the Quest for a Perfect Blazer
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    Photo credit: Yummy Muffin by sljokica on deviantart
    I thought a nice little blog entry detailing my quest for the perfect blazer would be rather nice, hence my effort to look for a nice picture on DeviantArt, as well as typing out a neatly capitalized and very long title (I Look Like a Human in a Chocolate Muffin's Body: the Quest for a Perfect Blazer).
    (By the way- to deviate from the topic at hand a little- I was just pondering today about the little bottle of that solution, make-up remover. Isn't it funny, you're paying a company to put something (i.e. make-up)... then paying the same company (or another) to take it off? It must've been a real marketing genius who came up with the idea. Then again, back in the times of Cleopatra -the originator of the kohl cat-eye!- women probably did it to impress men. Pfft!)
    ANYWAY. It's surprising how once you put your mind to something, GOOD QUALITY STUFF IS REALLY HARD TO FIND IN PLATINUM. But only when you really want it. Like when I was looking for my quilted shoulder bag, a la Chanel or Topshop- they weren't as ubiquitous as I'd originally thought, plus the ones that were around were dang right expensive.
    So anyway, when I went to Platinum yesterday, the top thing on my mind to get was a BLAZER. Because if you hadn't noticed, they are EVERYWHERE. (I'm going to do a mag layout on them later, presumably for next post. Image hunting shouldn't be as hard as it was blazer hunting, I hope.) And also this mass-media concept has convinced me that yes, indeedy, blazers DO go with everything. (I remember thinking the same with... oh, well, pretty much everything in my wardrobe. But moving on...)
    The thing is, I already had one. I bought my first blazer from a market that Mum brought me to to "recce", and while at the time I was really spiffily proud of it, I had to admit the sleeves were a little tight. And it looked grey- but it really was blue and pooh, it didn't go with everything. And it fell rather short of "structured" or "oversize"- which are the two key terms when it comes to blazers now. So while I'm still happily in love with my floral blazer, I decided it was time to go hunting for another one which would suit the clothes my floral one didn't.
    (I ended up buying two.)
    Most of the ones we considered were too short - blazers don't look as nice when they're cropped. Really. And then the others were too cheap (-looking. Price is never a problem when it's low) or too unstructured. Again with the key terms. We were HARSH. Finally we delved into a rather crowded store and I announced, quite literally, "Mum, I think I've found my dream blazer." Y'see, in both Lookbook and TeenVogue, there's been the presence of something called a pastel-coloured blazer- to be specific, pastel pink. My mother called it peach, I called it bubblegum. Light pink anyhow. So we bought it despite the shopkeeper not letting me try it (size didn't turn out to be a prob anyway- yay you, pink blazer!).
    On our little humdeedum "10 more minutes, THAT'S IT" walk, my mum spotted a rather interesting one. It was made of not-quite-denim, not-quite-cotton, but was definitely that quintessential denim blue colour. What made it interesting were the slight puff shoulders and the ruffles cascading down the sides instead of buttons. They didn't let me try it on at first but eventually gave in when we were about to walk out. Thank goodness they did- it overwhelmed me completely, both the puffs and the ruffles. I'm not exactly of Amazon height, as you guys probably well know.
    So anyway we dejectedly (me, at least; my mother was quite glad to go) headed to the exit when my mother spotted a Sonrisa shop (we'd been there before) and said, "Hey, this is the shop I wanted to bring you to! It has quite a lot of jackets. Let's just take a look." Thanking the heavens for my blessed luck we went in. My first try was a chocolate-brown puff-sleeved blazer: hence the title. I LOOKED DOWNRIGHT LIKE A MUFFIN. WITH SPRINKLES ON TOP. No way, Jose. Next try was what I'd originally spotted but wasn't sure if my mother would approve. The shopkeeper said it was cheaper than Muffin Top and younger, which I wholly agreed with. In black or grey in an almost-sateen texture (we chose black; although more ageing, I think grey would've been less versatile) it fit to a T. It had a striped folded-up cuff that I wasn't quite sure of but thankfully I tested it and it could be folded down, out of sight. Brilliant. We knocked 180 B off the hefty price tag (680 B originally; 500 baht is still quite expensive in my mother's opinion but considering the original price AND the fact that the shop is mostly aimed at professional working ladies...) and bought it.
    And I happily skipped off home.
    NOW I can't wait for them to come out of the washing machine... We're going to Singapore for the October break (this Saturday!) and something's telling me one or both of the blazers are coming along for the ride.
    [/EDIT] I SAW MY STATEMENT NECKLACE IN EMPO! IT WAS EXACTLY THE SAME! and retailing for 1890 baht. Guess what I bought it for... 390. Wow, that's a 1500 dollar difference (SGD70+ to you).