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    Sep 18, 2009 ,1:22 AM
    Traipsing around Tampines
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    Hello, Picnik! Don't you love my little impression of a "band album cover" above? One day if I get round to singing rock, I'd love to have a band called The Funk. Sources: img and edit. My username's colours_like_snow if you care to search me. The extremely creative name is derived from Owl City's Rainbow Veins lyrics, found quite by accident when I YouTubed the very first OC song that came up. The lyrics are actually quite beautiful:

    high rise, beats of the avenue
    bright eyes and subtle variations of blue
    everywhere is balanced there, like a rainbow above you

    street lights glisten on the boulevard
    and cold nights make staying alert so hard
    for heaven's sake, keep me awake so i won't be caught off guard

    clearly i am a passer by,
    but i'll find a place to stay
    dear pacific day, won't you take me away

    small town, heart of the new year,
    brought down by gravity: crystal clear
    city fog and brave dialogue converge on the frontier

    make haste, i feel your heart beat
    with new taste for speed out on the street
    find a road to a humble abode
    where both of our roads meet

    the silver sound is all around
    and the colors fall like snow

    the feeling of letting go, i guess we'll never know...

    cheer up and dry your damp eyes,
    tell me when it rains, cause
    I'll blend up that rainbow above you,
    and shoot it through your veins

    'cause you heart has a lack of colour
    and we should have known,
    that we grow up sooner or later,
    'cause we wasted all our free time alone

    your nerves gather with the altitude
    exhale the stress so you don't come unglued
    somewhere there is a happy affair;
    a ghost of a good mood

    wide eyed, panic on the get-away
    the high tide can take me so far away

    vcrs and motorcars unite on the seventh day
    a popular gauge, we'll measure the rage
    of the new post-modern age
    'cause somewhere along the lines
    all the decades are mine

    we were the crashing whitecaps on the ocean
    (on the ocean)on the ocean
    what a lovely sea-side holiday...

    a palm tree with x-mas lights
    (on the ocean)
    my emotion
    strum a sparkling tone like a xylophone
    as we spent the day alone

    cheer up and dry your damp eyes
    tell me when it rains
    I'll blend up that rainbow above you
    and shoot it through your veins

    cause you heart has a lack of colour
    and we should have known
    that we grow up sooner or later
    cause we wasted all our free time alone

    source: video w/lyrics
    I should know by now that Owl City's lyrics are always awesomely written and yet they don't really have a plot.

    Anyway! This post was really supposed to be about my Tampines Trek this morning. I guess I'm subconsciously making up for all the times I didn't update.

    Contrary to my resolution last night, I woke up at the later end of 10.00 AM, and finally struggled out of bed at 11 where I poured myself a bowl of Milo cereal and milk and chomped my way through it over today's issue of Urban. What a way to start the morning! Furthermore, it started to rain, so there was quite a breezy cool atmosphere as I pulled on my Giordano bootcuts and flip-flops and walked my butt outta the door.

    The MRT ride was quite eventful. There was a really cute ad pasted up about savings, and although I don't remember WHICH bank it was (USBC? if that's even a bank?) I do remember the ad and its tagline, "We believe you're never too young to have big dreams." Or something like that. :X Anyway, there was this woman who was jabbering away at the phone in a mixture of bad English and what sounded like Cantonese. She sounded like some sort of resources person, maybe, but she wasn't dressed too professionally: jeans rolled up (I noticed two people sporting the "boyfriend jeans" trend, but the other hipster wore it better: grey jeans with a single thick cuff), red buckle shoes that were actually quite cute, a black top (I think)- and the most eyecatching bit- blond highlights. I quite despise it when Asians get blond highlights. It just doesn't WORK.

    Anyway, so she was saying her "den"s and "hor"s all through and I couldn't wait till Tampines but thankfully we got there so I got out quite happily. The whole CARRIAGE was listening attentively to her every word.

    First stop: ALANO, where I've found that if you look hard enough you actually get quite nice finds. The silky maxidresses were unfortunately too low-cut for me, but I found a really comfy white cardigan for 10 dollars. I'm going to share it with my mother. My dad said it needed a wash and it's true- the button holes aren't cut that well and there are little bits of dirt around, but the entrancing bit is that it has Edwardian(?)-like bell sleeves that just drape so prettily when you wear them. Plus the material's really soft and not at all itchy like you'd expect from a cheap find. So I'm just going to hope a good scrub will do it good.

    Next stop: CHAMELON. Found my wraparound hairtie (one off the wishlist!) but unfortunately the trend seems to be glitter and not patent as I'd hoped. A gunmetal one was pretty enough -the colour had enough "cool" factor not to look cheapo or dirty like some of the others- and at 2.90 dollars I hope the price will be easily justified by wearing it on an almost daily basis to school. Also bought a multicoloured beaded bracelet with a toggle, which I wouldn't have bought if it weren't for the 1.90 price tag. Admittably looking back it was an impulse buy, but it is very pretty and normally wouldn't be sold for so cheap, so. Justified!

    Third stop was SUBWAY because my dad went to Cold Storage in Tampines 1, and we could meet for lunch. (He and my mum went to NY in the morning to meet Mrs. Chek, the VP, about my Sec 3 year ahead. He's going to teach me Chemistry- EEP! Damnably, it's compulsory to have Chem, even in Sec 3. Cow poop!) Ate a teriyaki chicken -literally, on the menu, "hot toasted sub" HAHAHAHAH- which was quite okay, and shared a bit of Lays and a Coke Light. Then Dad happily went off to Cold Storage again (idk why he didn't buy anything before, but he said he had a voucher to spend) and I trotted upstairs with the job of finding gifts for Sway-sim, Kate-Lyn and Su-Lyn.

    These were found in MONTIP (Century Square). Patent bow clips for Kate-Lyn and Su-Lyn (aargh, my passion for bows is rubbing off on even my gifts! I was tempted to buy a navy version for myself) in hot and light pink, and a BEAUTIFUL set of gold bangles for Sway-sim which I LOVE and am ABSOLUTELY TEMPTED to steal from but I can't, it would be horrificable if I did (see what I did there??). But it is beautiful, and a steal, even Ahma admitted: a gold bangle with a 'bone' pattern, and two simple golds with pearl beads, all at 5.90. I would've bought another for myself if it weren't for money constraints and the fact that it was probably the last set of the design left.

    Looked at Bata to see how my old shoe shop had changed- lo and behold it's a fashion haven now! What used to be THE place for "comfy shoes" now has brilliant gladiator wedges (cough) and even strappy Birkenstock-ripoffs. North Star has the cheaper (19.90) version of the Keds I wanted to buy, but only in light grey and black: maybe NY will let me wear the light grey? Fat hope, but fingers crossed.

    Mum gave me 10 dollars as "extra" which I normally don't spend at all but I felt bad about only getting her the jacket as a gift, as even the jacket's a "share" item (love it too much to give ;D so it's shared). So after brief SMS consultation with Dad, I bought a paua ("It's not Paula! WHAT IS IT CALLED????") shell bracelet for Mum. He was amazed I managed to get it at 5.90 from ARIES, but I'm guessing it's not the real thing. Looks like, anyway.

    Spent 30.40 dollars today. Oops! Exceeded my 25 dollar budget but told myself it's just this once. Next time, I won't spend the extra money. AARGH I ruined my perfect record ):