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Hello, my name is Grace, and in about ten years or so you'll be buying my premortem biographies where they'll be flying off the shelves like Harry Potter on a Summoning Charm spree. Just kidding.

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    Sep 6, 2009 ,2:42 AM
    Strange: in all the time I've been obsessing about the song I've never once used it as a title.

    I'm going to change my blogskin here to a basic, classy one that some pro blogger made. Looking for one now on Blogskins.com. Until I can create on that looks professional and simple enough I'm not going to let my fickleness wreck this place.

    Besides, I fully expect to move into Etoile Filante soon, once FreeDomain has fixed its faulty stuff.

    Anyway! Updates!

    Homework left: Physics. I'm not too sure what I have to do for it, though.

    Flashing news: I MAY be forced to go home in December, so I can join the NY cohort for Sec 3. Can't say I'm too happy about this. I'm going to be SLAUGHTERED in Singapore.

    Weekend updates: Friday, went to see Mrs. Tananone about tutoring and Special Kids Olympics T-shirt design.
    Tutoring -- I will probably be getting an e-mail soon with info on what kid I'm going to tutor. Seeing as I signed up to tutor ES and MS English and Maths, Mrs T said, I'm probably going to get a response fast. I somehow hope it will be someone I know, but I doubt it.
    S.K.O. tee -- I have an idea already, I just need to make a nice draft and put it on Photoshop to colour and make pretty so I can send it to Mrs T pronto.

    Saturday- Platinum!!! Babysitted/slacked at JT's first while waiting for car to be serviced at Soi... 24 or something. Original plan: pick up car, drive to Empo, take BTS. We got stuck before we even reached Empo so dad walked, then mum and I waited till he could pull along the side of the road and we alighted to walk to the Phrom Pong BTS station.

    {-- I HAVE FOUND MY BLOGSKIN! http://blogskins.com/info/292580


    Er. Only managed to visit a few shops on first floor before dad whisked me away tsk-tsking. Bought:
    1. Red long-sleeve round-neck dress. (Was going to channel Emma Watson before I got home, tried it on and realized I looked nothing like her. Damn.)
    2. Tank dress. (I don't know what colour it is- somehow my head's going "Earth coloured" but that doesn't make much sense. It's like earthy khaki.)
    3. White and grey striped sweater. (It's for guys but I couldn't resist. Anyway, we were buying shirts for my brothers. It would've been a waste not to compile ;))

    Went to Shangri-La NEXT2 Restaurant for dinner with JT and Auntie Soklee (sp?). Was great, but felt like exploding afterwards with that tummy lol.

    Sunday: first day of CCD program, year 2. Damn.

    Wore that nautical striped ress that I bought aeons ago but never wore, with my rip-off Chanel ballet flats. Arrived late because the cut on my tongue is getting worse and I couldn't eat properly.

    Mass was a bit sad. Considering there were so many people jampacked into a hall and my tongue hurt and I DIDN'T WANT TO GO CCD it was... sad. Anyway.

    New teacher: Mrs. Gelsinger. Marki, Michael, Matt and Girard are in my class. But obviously we don't talk much. Same girls as ever. By the way- Sher, your darling Chelsi is in my class. But we didn't talk. Ugh, I can't believe I have to sit 10 cm away from the same giggly girls as last year! This may sound really stuck-up and I KNOW I have to be nicer but still. It is HARD. TO. STAND. (Esp when the teacher was like, "How do we know what we believe in? There's a prayer we say every time that states this..." and the girls are all like, "TEEHEE, Our Father!" when it was obviously the Nicene Creed. AARGH. Note to self: MUST. BE. NICER. AND. RENZHU.)

    Then went Empo. Dad bought a new book, I bought A Tis's cover of Girlfriend, while Mum went grocery shopping. Then we went back to our Soi and kidnapped JT, who looked pretty perplexed about it.

    In the end after about an hour he gave up trying to fit in and bawled his head off, so we brought him home all stressed. (He scared the kids in our lobby too! Oh no.) But not before I got 2 videos and several pictures of him, might post some up later.

    Have to: put my retainers back in (ate ice-cream just now and I'm too lazy to get them), repaint nails, do Physics, check if there's any homework due tomorrow, and get off my lazy FB butt and do something like try out those icon tutorials I found on LJ. (Thanks pingghee: http://imamonsterr.livejournal.com/3172.html)

    Oh, and stop thinking about going back to Singapore. It'll only depress me and distract me from my homework.