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Hello, my name is Grace, and in about ten years or so you'll be buying my premortem biographies where they'll be flying off the shelves like Harry Potter on a Summoning Charm spree. Just kidding.

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    Sep 22, 2009 ,5:29 AM
    Cliffhangers And Other Trashy Devices
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    I'm sorry for leaving you all on such a... literary note, but I thought that such a nice short notice would look much nicer. Quicksmart, y'know. (Or is it only my family who says that? "Quicksmart, quicksmart!" Maybe it's some kooky phrase my mother picked up from Oz. OH, WHATEVER.)

    I only just noticed that the days on this blog are quite correct! But the timing, not so. I assure you I'm not blogging at 5.30AM. I get up around that time. So pssht.

    Won't blog for long because I just painted my nails my favourite Canmake turquoise (horribly, on the right hand- all streaky and holey and horrible, but I think some of my polish's drying out so I'm not TOTALLY to blame for my lack of hand-eye co-ordination skills) and also, I still have The Odyssey's Book 9 to read AND annotate by tomorrow.

    GI was cool today, I need to write a 100-word para for The International tomorrow and send it to Mr Rubis and see what he thinks of GI's debut column in the monthly ISB magazine.

    Which, by the way, DEBUTED TODAY! ITS FIRST 2009-10 ISSUE! I'm so proud I could burst. If this qualified as befitting a simile "as proud as a father of his first kid" then I can finally sing "I'd Give My Life For You" with bravado!

    Then again, I wouldn't give my life for the magazine. Though I did put my self-esteem and reputation at risk by basically thrusting it into every freshman, sophomore, junior and -gulp!- senior's face during lunch, also risking the anger of my stomach's digestive slave labourers by not eating until free period when I snuck an obese cookie to placate those hard workers, the acids, or whatever.

    As you can tell my cup of literary juices overfloweth.