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Hello, my name is Grace, and in about ten years or so you'll be buying my premortem biographies where they'll be flying off the shelves like Harry Potter on a Summoning Charm spree. Just kidding.

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    Aug 24, 2009 ,4:26 AM
    "You Poopsicle!"
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    1. Are you single or attached?

    2. Do you have a person you like?
    I'm rather fickle about this. Just ask Ching Ying. She knows.

    3. What is the name of the person that you're in love with?
    Like I'd tell you, even if I WAS decided.

    4. If the person you love and your mom drop into the sea, who will you save?
    My mum! My mum!

    Then again, idk. To be realistic, my swimming skills aren't that good anyway. I don't think I'd be able to even swim in the sea. (Deep sea.)

    5. Have you ever hugged someone before?
    Yes. All the time! :D

    6. Do you love your parents?
    Course I do. Say it every night.

    7. Will you hug the one you love?

    8. Are you willing to do anything for your girlfriend?
    Eh, I'm hoping the term 'girlfriend' is used platonically here. If so, no, actually. Not 'anything'.

    9. Are you jealous now?
    I don't think so.

    10. Who is the last person that messaged you?
    I thought this was 'massaged' for a minute and nearly got a heart attack.

    My mum.

    11. Who is your clique?
    Nimarta, Nimanee, Tata. Occasionally, Mita, Fah and/or Mindy.

    12. Do you want babies in future?
    Yes. But can we not have pain in childbirth? :) LOL.

    13. Do you prefer Macdonald, KFC, Long John Silver, Burger King or Coffee Bean?

    Tough one. KFC.

    14. Do you sniff glue?

    15. Do you smoke?
    Second hand smoke.

    16. If your boyfriend or girlfriend is a 2timer, what will you do?
    Tough, Sher!!! I think I would curl up in a corner and cry till my heart broke into a thousand shards if it hadn't already. Then I would go talk to my mum for about a week, then I would ignore him for the rest of my existence.

    17. Which cca are you in now?
    I don't have one. But journalism DOES have after school sometimes, I think, though that's only when you're covering A-S activities, if I'm not wrong.

    18. If you're rich, what will you do?
    Buy one Balmain, Chanel and Rodarte piece each. And buy an apartment in Elias Green, cos we're selling ours off (SOB SOB SOB) and furnish it however I like, then live there, possibly for the rest of my life.

    19. If the one you're in love with held your hand, what will you do?
    First, "O_O" Then ":3" then ":)" then ":DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD"

    20. If the one you love reject you, what will you do?
    Curl up in corner and cry. Repeat number 16. Except instead of ignore I'll be embarrassed for the rest of my life. Until maybe about 3 years down.

    21. What is your favourite cartoon character?
    Er. It used to be Ariel. But now I'm not very sure. Does Remy count?

    22. Friendship or love?
    Friendship is love. I think.

    23. Cookie monster or elmo?


    24. Do you use laptop or computer?

    25. Do you like lollipops?
    Coke-flavoured from... that ubiquitious brand. LOL.

    26. Do you have a diary?
    Used to until my brother read it and I kind of kicked the habit.

    27. There's an admirer of yours and he won't die heart, what will you do?
    What DID I do, y'mean. Basically ignored him. Civil at first but then IGNORE FULL THROTTLE.

    28. If you quarrel with your boyfriend or girlfriend and he or she wants to break up, what will you do?
    Try to work it out. But if he's not worth it then...

    29. Are you blur?

    Most of the time ):

    30. If you can have your hair dyed, what colour do you want it to be?
    Chocolate brown.

    But right now I'm alternating between "BROWN!" and "KEEP IT JET BLACK!"

    31. Who is the last person you chatted in your msn?

    32. How many boys or girls have you beaten before?
    I think I used to be very violent in primary school. But that was mostly pinching, poking and sometimes kicking in the shins.

    33. If your boyfriend or girlfriend don't love you anymore, what will you do?
    See number 28.

    34. What school are you in?

    school of love ♥

    Ok, I wanna work on my D Kruger image now. It's not right somehow. And also stalk RCFA. and then study for maths O: haha