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Hello, my name is Grace, and in about ten years or so you'll be buying my premortem biographies where they'll be flying off the shelves like Harry Potter on a Summoning Charm spree. Just kidding.

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    Aug 26, 2009 ,4:32 AM
    Life is depressing when you cannot see the smiles on the faces around you, or see whose arms are these who wrap around you and whisper warm words in your ear... when you do not even know your own king.

    I wrote that yes indeed! :D It was in my Psyche monologue. I LOVE that part. As well as

    If he was a monster I could still love him, for ugliness is not a sin. But if I am not the only one he loves, it might kill me.

    So insanely proud of it :D I don't think there's any other commendable quotes; an okayish one is

    He treats me well and for that I cannot complain. My parents expected me to marry a monster and I accepted that; but instead I am given a grand palace and servants to look after me.

    Heehee Eros and Psyche FTW! They shall join my Hall of Romances, alongside Erik and Christine (PotO fanfics) and Harry and Ginny (Harry Potter, obviously). I think JT shall side with me on the last one! But sadly not the first for he believes Psyche to basically be this prostitute or something who is flown every night into a cave to Do It with Eros. I think.

    Today was rather fascinating, despite my huge stomach ache of nervousness. I don't think I shall do it justice.

    For some reason I'm currently listening to Kit Chan's Home. It's the song I immediately sing when I think of National Day songs.

    Anyway! Today PE was fun (again- SO MARK IT ON THE CALENDAR!)... thought I was late for Spanish so rushed and ended up locking my ID card in my locker... Spanish presentation ended up taking about five seconds... had to go to office with Joanne to get my locker unlocked... practised my English monologue like crazy over bacon and cheese sandwich... helped edit Nimanee, Nimarta and Tata's MUN speech (on SINGAPORE!)... went to English with Mr. Tananone (Mr. Krocker's in Aust for a conference which is good in a way because Mr. T's less scary than Mr. K :O somehow even though both are really nice, truly)... GOT PICKED TO GO FIRST... got it over... Win's presentation was AMAZING, he had this BRILLIANT monologue as Medusa, HILARIOUS, never expected it of him, somehow it made me see that he might go far... loved Natsumi's little Pandora's Box... journalism after that was somehow anticlimatic because I was so happy from English, but got most of my second article done. If I get it done by next lesson I get a bonus! :D


    Psyche no more; somehow I wish I could live today all over again... I didn't make enough eye contact. I don't think Mr. T saw that I looked at Michael Perry, Keitaro AND Mr. T himself when he was looking at the rubric.