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Hello, my name is Grace, and in about ten years or so you'll be buying my premortem biographies where they'll be flying off the shelves like Harry Potter on a Summoning Charm spree. Just kidding.

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    Aug 23, 2009 ,4:09 AM
    Make-Up! Fotodecadent! Psyche! Butterflies!
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    At the left is a fashion illustration by Renie, who if I'm not wrong is one of the finalists in the TeenVogue fashion designing competition with H&M (the one that I wanted to join but couldn't because, cough, I'm not from the US, which is just plain outright BIAS). But you gotta admit she's talented, which you can also see from the other drawings on her site.
    Anyway, I've finished a very crappy outline for my Wednesday presentation. I've got to stop hoping it won't come, after all. I'm gonna act as Psyche. I'm not very sure if she counts, but she is one of my favourite characters. I'm thinking of acting out the part where her sisters have left and she's wondering about Eros's honesty and stuff like that. Still dreading it, but might as well give it my all if I'm going to die of embarrassment (:
    I forgot to say that circa yesterday I can wear eye make-up again!!! Since Saturday marked the end of one month after my eye surgery, the deadline my doctor and mother set for me is over and I can finally try all the new looks I've been trying to, well, try. Including silver eyeliner, which I tried this morning to church, to OK results.
    Also, fotodecadent is back up!!!! However, its new layout is VERY IRRITATING. It makes it virtually impossible to read anything and I can't really figure out much, or maybe that's because I'm just dumb.
    I hate this listless feeling that I haven't been able to shake off yet. I think it's butterflies added to Sundaynightitis. Butterflies because, like my mother, I get worried A LOT. I might not show it but stomach aches are very common in my world, caused by panic attacks, where I get very paranoid about the weirdest stuff like "Is my eyeliner still on?" and "Is there an assignment I don't know about?" and "Is today an alternate dress day and I didn't know?" or, worse, "Is today not an alternate dress day and I didn't know???" You see.
    I think I'm mostly worried about Wednesday because I HATE ACTING, contrary to all those toilet-in-the-mirror promises I have been making about giving it a shot. I am never going to be the next Emma Watson.
    Which reminds me, Emma's brother was in TeenVogue. They did a page on celebs with their siblings. He is kind of cute (: although I don't think he acts or anything so I can't do a Mita and google/fb him. D: Guess I have to stick to Hugh D, Cam G, Lucas T and Orlando B....
    Still have Maths to do. I think I'll RCFA surf a bit, maybe do a few icons or something first. IDK how to shake off this weird feeling, hate it... Maybe going back to school and being a bit busier will shake it off.
    Aha. I now recognise it as the feeling I got in the summer. The no-work feeling. I guess no matter how much of a procrastinator I really am, I DO have a bit of workaholicism in me....