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    Aug 4, 2009 ,9:24 PM
    The Last Day Of Summer '09!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I suppose this post is iconic, because it's my first (maybe last?) post on the last day of summer, 2009. I feel like crying, and burying my head in the sand like an ostrich and not going to school until summer '10 comes 'round!!! Where the hell did summer go to???

    While thinking of ideas for the title (usually, it's song lyrics, but at the time I was listening to The Climb by Miley Cyrus and I didn't exactly want the title to be "The Climb" or -judging by where the song was then- "Yeah, yeah, yeah") I thought of these really cute postcards I saw in the Silverkris magazine aboard SIA. They're sold at Harvey Nichols or something, and they're all plays on celebs and food 'cos that's apparently what we're all addicted to these days (they forgot RCFA!). There was stuff like Paris Stilton and Cake Winslet, but my mother's favourite was Bread Pitt. LOL!! I love them all too much to have a favourite. Let's Google it...

    Yep. It's Harvey Nichols. Want more info? Clickety click. The celebs are:
  • Picalilli Allen
  • Banana Mouskouri
  • Skate Moss
  • Paris Stilton
  • Tuna Thurman
  • Cake Winslet

  • Surprisingly Pitt isn't there. But I'm pretty sure it was in SilverKris- there's no way I could've thought of such a pun on my own. Anyone knows who Mouskouri is??

    This time tomorrow my brain will need to be FULLY FUNCTIONAL and WORKING HARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The thought is kind of scary.

    I realized it only takes about 2 months of utter boredom and Internet surfing to turn your brain to mush. I bet I'll fail all my subjects in the first semester. No more High Honour Roll, missy! *sobs*

    I'm missing the rest of the summer already. AAAAARGH.

    Updated Muze again yesterday on the importance of booties on our wishlists. I must add them to mine!!! Today in the morning when I checked RCFA again (cough cough) I saw Sienna decided to wear another pair again, but I think that if I edited the post every time someone did they'd never hear the end of it. Also: new icons for Dear Frankie, Pride & Prejudice and Veer stock/photography on TAC, avalanched by Sher's sudden update of floppy-hairs.

    I think I might update Muze again with these postcards. They're fun.