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Hello, my name is Grace, and in about ten years or so you'll be buying my premortem biographies where they'll be flying off the shelves like Harry Potter on a Summoning Charm spree. Just kidding.

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    Aug 13, 2009 ,4:30 AM
    Updated Muze again. (*coughs pointedly at Sher*)

    This time, it's to warn y'all to stock up on '80s-inspired fashion! I already designed a beautiful dress, with a short three-quarter-sleeve bolero that has big shoulders, that'll look great in royal blue silk. I showed it to my mother thinking maybe I could tailor it for next year and even she said it wasn't too bad. (Probably cos of the shoulders. She keeps telling me, "I told you so!" about them cos I originally HATED shoulder pads. Now, I guess they're alright... Heh. Just not TOO much. Y'know.)

    Mile run tomorrow. I AM GOING TO DIE, DIE, DIE! I am going to jog slooowly, I know, for like, one minute, until I see everyone sprinting so I'll speed up and eventually die by 3/4 of round 1, then walk 3/4 of round 2, run the rest and a bit of round 3 and walk a lot more. Then if I still have energy I'm going to sprint to the end line for round 4. But most probably I'll be dragging myself on the floor, panting, "Waaater.... Cokkkeee.... REEESSST...." while the whole class looks on imperiously.

    I must check what period PE is tomorrow. If it's in the morning it mightn't be too bad. I think Tata has it in the afternoon O:

    Other than that tomorrow I have EL, Journalism and Spanish so it's a GOOD DAY :D Today Physics was actually okay, we GOT STUFF DONE, and Maths was okkkkk (felt so dumb sometimes LOL)... then freshmen seminar, where I wasn't REALLY listening to mr rubin in the library -more like reserving thousands of books and going "OOOOH" and poking Helen in the ribs every five seconds-, free period : drawing, talking, comparing handwriting (LAWL) with partner in crime #2 nimrada... finally world-civ. Amber's in our class now. Participated quite a lot :P cos our world civ teacher, Dr Skolnik (I ALWAYS THINK HE'S LIKE DR SLASKI FROM THE MEDIATOR SERIES! LOL) is quite nice. Learning about cultural identity now, paiseh don't know what culture is in my home language aka Chinese (though English is more like it but since I'm not British or smth nobody'll believe me). I'm SURE I learnt it in NY (after all we had CLC right??) but I couldn't for the life of me think of it :X

    Painted my nails alternating blue, pink and white but not going to paint my toenails cos the nail polish remover from Boot's takes AGES to remove nail polish and therefore I'm just gonna do it some other day, and wear closed-toed ballet flats in the meantime (;