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    Aug 20, 2009 ,3:32 AM
    I Was Begging You, Please Don't Go
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    I finally did a blogskin. Cheer me on. Don't be a twitbugger while you're at it.

    I feel so dead now. Asking self if it's true X has 1% (or more) autism in X, because X does not understand emotions and shouldn't be let loose on online social sites like FB and MSN because people's emotions are greatly unclear-er there. I'm serious.

    Today was okay, rather fun I suppose once you got through it, except for Spanish where I am now forced between Laurie and Tim, who are both silent people who always seem to be looking over my shoulder at my work. I miss Joanne already.

    PE was okay. Now that I've kind of gotten catching a little bit (just be nice to me and I'll catch it; if you're showoffy and I hate you I will drop it, I promise) I can't throw. SERIOUSLY. The ball goes kind of in a downward line forwards, instead of straight and backwards. I die.

    Journalism was SO FUN, we've started writing! Yess! I'm about three paras into my Harry Potter review/article, but I'm thinking of rewriting it to cut back on the crap needless convo.

    EL was okay, I was the only one to get round the circle for definitions! Heh. But it was easy. I didn't get words like hubris (meaning "excessive pride", root word Hybris, Greek) but I stumbled on connotation (because I didn't know how to explain it).

    Hmmm... I think that's all. LEFT MY WORLD CIV. TEXTBOOK IN MY LOCKER! I'm so dead for tomorrow, I hope there's no jam, because I'm going to have to run to my locker, get out my textbook and CHIONG MY HOMEWORK. Tata says it's easy, YAY. Hopefully so. Hopefully it will only take 5-10 minutes MAX because that's about all I have before I'm tardy.

    Need to:
    paste Maths graph onto binder paper
    finish up Physics lab report
    get clear folder for Physics lab portfolio
    and probably some other stuff I don't remember.

    Oh, and, THANK GOODNESS TMR THERE'S NO PE, I left my PE bag in my locker too. I wasn't myself the whole of today. IDK why. I had 8 hours sleep but was SLEEEEEEPY the whole day and my brain didn't work. Which might explain why I also got another cut on my right knee from my locker. I have four now. Probably all from my locker. Heh.