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    Aug 8, 2009 ,3:00 AM
    High School / Weekend Updates
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    Don't you love this picture? It's quite old, but I love it anyway. It's of Mr Joseph Teo himself (now more than 7 months, can you imagine) taken from his official fansite (his parents' blog).

    I thought I'd do a post on high school and weekend (so far; it's only Saturday) updates, as the title suggests.

    My most important news from High School is that my muscles are all sprained from PE!!!!!!!!! I'm not very sure if they're sprained or not, but they hurt every time I move. And sometimes, when I'm not even moving -like just now, on my chair- they just suddenly contract and it hurts like crazy. I'm going to sue Mrs McRobbie! Just kidding. She did say that it was going to hurt for a few days. I just don't hope it's going to be like this for the whole year, it does bring a girl down, y'know.

    In case you were wondering, we did an extensive warm-up for what must've been half an hour, where we did stuff like lunges, karaoke (not singing!) and jogging for 20m laps. (20m? Not very sure. Just up and down the width of the indoor gym.) And when we were done and panting for breath, Mrs McRobbie proudly announced that we were going to do the pacer test and then sit and reach. Throughout the whole lesson we wore these heart rate monitors which were super uncomfortable. (My highest during warm-up: 202. During pacer: 190+.)

    I was so shocked when I dropped out at 17 laps as compared to about 20 or 22 last year, but to my great relief Amy told me that someone had told her High School's faster than Middle School by about 20 laps. So that makes it 37 laps done! Heh. I love chick math!

    Sit and reach wasn't too good, but whatever.

    Showered briefly and went to lunch -which wasn't much, just a banana, cos cafeteria's SUPER crowded during HS lunch and besides we didn't have much time after showering and locker- and then bought binders and stuff at library. Journalism was after that, AWESOME, it's fast becoming my favourite subject :D Helen, Christine and I are doing features.

    Then Spanish which was OK cos I got to pair up with Joanne ("Hoannay" lol) for this family activity thing, which went by pretty fast 'cos before that we had to write a paragraph about ourselves (in Espanol, obviously). It was similar to our essay in English (first period), where it was titled "This is Me" (lol Demi L) and we could write whatever we wanted.

    Went home STAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARVING, and ate like, 5 curry puffs and half a slice of thin pizza. Then somehow out of nowhere I only had AN HOUR to get ready for National Day so I bathed and -this is the long part- wiped off my blue nail polish and painted on Sally Hansen's Sweet Charm. How I managed to do it in about 20 minutes is beyond me. I totally forgot I couldn't go to ND with blue nails!!

    Slicked my hair back with gel, got my mum to tie a bun for me (it's the most DIY thing after (1) letting my hair down and (2) ponytail), did make-up in less than 5 minutes (bronze eyeliner, silver eyeliner, taupe, cream and dark brown eyeshadow, Revlon lipstick) and rushed out with my mother's pink two-tone shawl that we bought from MBK the other day. Wore my De Fimox pink earrings that I very nearly gave away. I'm keeping them now.

    ND was kind of fun. My feet KILLED, esp since my muscles weren't working after PE, so it was kind of achey all over, but I got to socialize a lot more than the previous ND and SAF Day. Met Auntie Heather again, and wanted to bring her flowers cos she loved them so but my mother said no need (that didn't stop her from bringing a super huge basket of roses and lilies home though :D).

    Today woke up at 9.30 and headed to Platinum with mum, Sway-sim and Auntie Eileen. Mum went to tailor first to collect some dresses and didn't come back until like a few hours later cos one of her dresses needed on-the-spot alterations, and by then Sway-sim and Auntie Eileen had bought LOTS of jewelry boxes and stuff, and I'd bought a huge rich purple knit flower clip thing for 100 baht courtesy of Sway-sim :X it doubles as a pin/brooch though.

    Then we ate lunch at KFC (yess! I drank water though to minimize my guilt LOL) and split up, cos Sway-sim wanted to go home. Mum and I wandered around and I bought two more knit flower clips (smaller from a diff shop), a knit flower barette and a diamante headband which is so beautiful! Must thank mum for pointing out the black and silver version, cos I wanted to buy the white and gold originally.

    Also... *drumroll*

    I'm very proud of these two purchases cos one was a need and the other was on my wishlist so it's actually not impulse buys like the rest. (I'm sloooowly not doing impulse buy anymore!) They are...
    1. BABY BLUE PUMPS!!!!!!! (I took pictures, see them soon, maybe in next post.)
    2. PATCHWORK BACKPACK!!!!! (It's SUPER SOFT, and for school, cos my old one, which I love, can't fit my fat jacket.)


    Also I forgot to note on my meticulous MBK buylist that I bought a pair of white and gold wire earrings for 199 baht. Took pictures of them too so they'll be in the next post with my BEYEWTIFUL PUMPS.