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Hello, my name is Grace, and in about ten years or so you'll be buying my premortem biographies where they'll be flying off the shelves like Harry Potter on a Summoning Charm spree. Just kidding.

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    Aug 12, 2009 ,4:35 AM
    He's Not Like All Those Other Guys, They're All So Dumb and Immature
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    Let's be nothing. I heard it lasts forever.

    OK, I'm considering changing my blogskin to another template one, because I haven't gotten sick of the whole using-Blogger-templates thing but I have slightly gotten sick of not being able to see if I have any new tags (1! TQ Tata! :D) immediately. But I'm terrified that if I do my links won't be transferred- the whole process of transferring and editing links for this took like half an hour or maybe more!! So as you can see I'm justifiably frightened of the prospect.

    Seeing as today is MOTHERS' DAY (in Thailand), it's a HOLIDAY! Therefore I didn't have to wake up at 5.30AM and struggle to down some food and coffee and vitamin pill before attempting to look presentable and smiley for the school bus auntie! Yessss! *air-punch*

    So I woke up at 9.30AM today, and would've slept in if my mother hadn't woken me up, 'cos I was supposed to wake up at 9.00 so she could bring me to a tulip exhibition at Empo that she saw before. So I ate breakfast for nearly half an hour because I was busy rereading Harry Potter, and quickly ran to get ready when my mother gave me that voice (you know... "GRACE! SO SLOW!"). Threw on denims (cuffed! I'm so dumb, I only realized the other day that they can actually be uncuffed and worn as capris! LMAO), a silk belt thingy (I'm terribly addicted to bows ;) TQ Gossip Girl) and my Cotton On flats and my mother practically chased me out of the door ):

    The Empo exhibition turned out to be quite nice. My pictures of the flowers were quite horrible and blurry 'cos they looked pretty clear on the camera but lo behold they're actually not, but I'll post them up here next post anyway so y'all can see 'em. My mother and I took pictures of ourselves too but I'm not going to post them here, cos of privacy, and I read that even if you blur the pictures some softwares can unblur them. Apparently that's how they caught some paedophile in Canada or something. Obviously I'm not a paedophile, but still.

    After taking a vainpot picture outside Chanel (HAHAHAHAHA) and going inside Jaspal (50%!) in the hope of scavanging something affordable (result: IN VAIN), Mum agreed to bring me into the department store where we pounced on the 50% section. (Haha. Believe me, if it's not 50% off or more you can't buy it. Unless it's like, REALLY WORTH IT, and I don't think there's anything there that is in my mum's book. Unless it's a mop head, or something householdy.)

    I very nearly bought a REALLY COMFY coffee chiffon kaftan thing, with a silk tie-sash, but my mother hated the colour and length (too old and too short respectively), which was a disappointment cos it was really beautiful (maybe because it WAS too old?). She didn't like all their printed silk kaftans either, which was SUCH A PITY because they came in floral brights like ORANGE and BLUE and stuff. She seems to hate kaftans.

    ANYWAY, after trying on like 6 dresses, I bought a black and white print tunic! It's fantastic- ruched sleeves (kind of like drawstring, except on my shoulders), and white clingy material and black patterns down the front and back. It has a slight slit on each side but it's not too high and I don't think my mother saw it, and it's not too short, and it was 545 baht after discount so my mother OK'd it.

    Then we asked to hold it aside first so we could walk around, and we went straight to all the sections marked 50% off too ;P We both tried on LOADS of stuff (heh, clogging changing room!) but she didn't like anything she tried on, and she only OK'd a pair of yellow three-quarters (X'act, 545 baht) and a pink babydoll with tiered sleeves (Ouiset, 790 baht) for me. The pink dress was a bit questionable cos it was 790 after discount but my mother finally said that since it didn't show my underwear or anything like that it was fine. I would've traded it for a set of pink, silver and white bangles for 250 (see! cheaper!) but my mother was just like, "OK enough lah! Get out of here already!" before she even heard that I was planning on trading them. Oh well. Her loss my gain :P haha. Just kidding.

    Would blog more but JT's just arrived for dinner :D :D :D so I need to shut down, shut up and go carry him (:


    today you accidentally called me "Baby". Lily Allen ♥!