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    Aug 20, 2009 ,7:30 PM
    I'm in free period now, I can't believe it's actually so long! That makes it 2 free periods in 3 days but I have freshmen sem. next Tues so that breaks the run. If my writing doesn't really make sense or sounds like somebody bashed me on the head, inducing run-on sentences, it's because the cold A/C in the library and too much F/B-ing-while-trying-to-study-Spanish has gone to my brain, causing it to malfunction. Badly.

    I don't even think I retained 10% of the Spanish vocab I was trying to review. Therefore, while I struck 'REVIEW SPANISH VOCAB' off my agenda just so it'll look like I did something (I DID read and annotate my English reading, though), I'm thinking of bringing my Spanish binder home to review AGAIN, if I'm hardworking enough. Which I probably won't be, but fingers crossed!

    TGIF. Tomorrow dad's thinking of bringing mum and I for a recce- first, to Sukothai (sp?) Hotel because an entourage is coming there soon and they need to check it out or something, and then next door to Banyan Tree where apparently on some very high floor there is a Chinese restaurant which they're catering from. We're going there for lunch. Two birds with one stone. Contrary to my personality I have not decided what to wear- superficial, I know, but my 'outfit idea of the weekend' was actually that old-new tunic I haven't worn yet with my old-new tights which I haven't worn yet either because I hadn't found anything to match its vivid purple colour. (Also because it makes me very self-conscious of my legs, which aren't at all model-proportion-worthy.)

    I'll probably wear my checked pencil skirt, or my yellow flared, both of which I haven't worn yet. I'm dying to wear the yellow one, it's so pretty! If only I had white Keds.... In the past I wanted to get lime green sneakers because I was convinced it would go with everything, but in the end I compromised for a purple-and-pink pair with rainbow laces which most of you have probably seen because I wore it ALL THE TIME in 8th grade. Aka last year. But now my newest shoe obsession seems to be white Keds. It's not 'new' cos I started obsessing bout them since TeenVogue's Snapshot featured this girl in Superga (sp?) white sneakers that looked suspiciously like Keds rip-offs but probably aren't. [BABBLING]

    According to RCFA these KAIN tees are all the rage now, pocket tees/tanks, and when I saw that I immediately thought of two things. (1) That pocket tee in Ten & Co. which I almost bought, it was white with the thinnest black stripes you ever saw, plus it was 295 Baht (slashed from 395 or something like that). But in the end I ditched it for my stars and stripes B&W tee. Same price, same shop. 'cept my mother wouldn't buy me all the tees I was eyeing. (2) The light pink studded tee I was eyeing in Platinum, from the shop where Auntie Jess bought a cardi and Sher bought a vest. It was beautiful! Although I cannot remember if it was see-through or not. (Not see-through, just translucent. Y'know. Thin fabric and all.)

    And then while we're on the subject of trends I remember houndstooth! and dark stuff like studs and gom...gommets. Or something like that. And leather, and black black black, and dark grey matte polish which is a bandwagon I don't think I'll be jumping on any time soon. (Neither will I be choosing dark green matte polish, much to my mother's happiness and bliss.) I now think I know why Sher wanted all those studded stuff at Platinum. I'm slooowly coming to be OK with it; studs and the-thing-that-is-probably-gomlets-or-gommets-but-I-ain't-sure aren't bad, just don't pair them with Goth stuff, like, excessive black liner (a la Momsen) and and vibrant red lips and piercings left right centre and shirts with skulls on them, 'cos I'll scream. Really. But those Christian Louboutins (or 'Choos?) with those gomlets-gommets-whatever, were kinda nice. [RAMBLING]

    Anyway. I'm trying to persuade my parents to lemme go MBK over the weekend. Not much persuading since my form of persuading (refined) is now kind of like, *head down* "I want to go MBK over the weekend." *continues working* Because then my parents won't think it's because I'm crazy to buy 5 pairs of shoes cos I saw them in the magazines (though it's kind of that way but not so obsessive). Plus I noticed that if I don't harp about shopping that much they don't mind it as much. Heh. ANNNNND it's also cos Sher said there's a nail polish shop on the 6th floor of MBK, and while my mother said nail polish is only to be bought from respected brands like Sylvie and Revlon, I told her Sher hasn't got rashes cos of them or anything so she kind of grunted, in her "Okaaaaaay I'm letting you off but I'LL THINK ABOUT IT" way.

    Whoa, this post is long. Just that Pich's beside me and I've run out of RCFA updates and I don't want to look like all I do is look at gowns. Which, I do. But that's beside the point.

    I'll either go take 1000 FB quizzes or go stalk RCFA archives again. Probably the latter. I still have about half an hour left.