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    Aug 22, 2009 ,6:56 AM

    I love the Elizabethtown soundtrack! Watched it yesterday on TrueMovie or something like that- not the full movie, because I was kind of flicking between Joseph, ANTM and Elizabethtown, and I didn't catch the beginning so I was really only watching it for Orlando Bloom and Kirsten Dunst. The song above is Come Pick Me Up by Ryan Adams and it's beautiful! I'm listening to Patty Griffin's Rain now, and it sounds quite nice too. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pFbjE7NFmUI. The video (from what I see of it) is quite cute too, animated.

    Yesterday was stuck in a MAJOR jam (just heard there was a fire on Soi 8 that caused a major jam along Sukhumvit so that could be why) and only reached home at 4. Bathed, ate, read a bit, then went to Joseph's for babysitting :D which was when I caught Elizabethtown, of course. I hope they have stills on sweetandtalented.

    Today, went to Sukothai Hotel at 11.30ish to recce the place. It's awesome. It has this back-to-nature ambience, especially since even the A/Ced levels have these woven-ish screens to let natural light in, and there are lotus ponds everywhere and plants. But at the same time there are grand elements, like gold, and little glass boxes in the main corridor showcasing works from shops or something like that from what I could see. (Plus, their shop sells magazines! A first from hotel shops I've seen.)

    Then we went to Banyan Tree next door to have lunch on their 60th floor. It's amazing, the view, but the food was alrighty only. (I guess I've been put off dim sum ever since my very first dinner in BKK at Montien Riverside where they over-ordered and everyone had to eat dim sum for like, a month. Just kidding.) They had my corn soup though! Corn soup with crabmeat. Shangri-La's still the best. Their soup's thicker.

    After that Dad let me go MBK! I'm not very sure if the shop I found was Sher's recommendation, but it was in between a specs shop and a gold shop, and opposite this Oishi sushi or something like that, so that kinda fulfills... er... 1/3 of the criteria. Or 2/3. Anyway! They had LOADS of nail polishes, I was irritating BOTH my mum AND the salesgirl because I COULDN'T DECIDE. The salesgirl kept asking me if I was decided.

    So in the end I bought 3 nail polishes from their Gina range (3 for 100, 1 for 39) in platinum-bronzey, teal (I think I bought Sher's colour- oops!!) and this really royal blue thing that I'm not too sure about now but I'll try. Also bought a white nail polish from their 1 for 49 baht range, because it has a brush and a pen. I'm going to try nail art/French manis now!!! If it works. Also got some "Swaroski crystals" (and a tweezer for it at my mum's behest because she wouldn't hear of me stealing my father's to use on my nails) which I've been wanting ever since I snatched a glimpse of Blake Lively's article in Glamour and saw that she used it on her nails. Albeit with dark nail polish which I'm kind of allergic to but never mind. (I almost got a foresty green one, though. It was beautiful! All speckled with bronze. ANYWAY.) I noticed in the car that the label on my crystals said Swaroskip. LOL! I hope they're reusable.

    Then went to this Thai museum thing, I forgot what it's called! It's ___ ___ Throne Hall. Or Throne Room. ANYWAY. It's styled Italian-Renaissance-ish, on the outside, with white marble and green domes, but on the inside it's practically made of gold. It used to be a palace but now it has works of art in it. It's AMAZING. All gold and beetle-wings (seriously; the colours are awesome, all iridescent green and blues, and they only use it when the beetles die, which is cute) and diamonds and even an onyx one, which I love: two horse-and-dragon -kind of like centaurs- made of onyx and diamond.

    Then we went home. For about half an hour, to bathe and stuff. Then went to Man U Cafe -AGAIN- for dinner with Joseph. I only just got back. After a long debate with self I decided I'm going to rub off my purple nail polish (thanks Sher) and try out the platinum-bronzey one I bought earlier.

    Kind of dying to make a blogskin. I haven't worked on Adobe Photoshop for ages, and there's this brush from treasuresex that EVERYONE is using and it's so pretty- kind of like frames, but with flowers at the side. And a style, of cropping people and putting them in the frames. I haven't been experimenting much lately- just sticking to the usual, Soft Light and Clone tool. Which is actually pretty boring. Grah.

    I was thinking of making icons based on the B&W pictures in the Man U Cafe. They have white borders, and they're not quite B&W. Kind of B&W mixed with sepia which I tried once. Maybe after I paint my nails...