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Hello, my name is Grace, and in about ten years or so you'll be buying my premortem biographies where they'll be flying off the shelves like Harry Potter on a Summoning Charm spree. Just kidding.

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    Jul 6, 2009 ,10:45 PM
    Am in sway-chick's house again, this time for a short trip to coo at Joseph and his cuteness :D after this we're going to Central Chidlom for lunch and grocery shopping. Hope to buy some nude-pink nail polish cos my old one's ANCIENT and has literally run out. It's all cakey now so I have to dump it when I get home. It was called 'French Pink' but I've always called it nude nail polish.

    After viewing quite a few blogshops over the past few days I feel a desperate urge to revamp InVogue BKK. Since Sher and I are doing wardrobe clearances, maybe the stuff that we don't want could be divided into two piles: donation (maybe Sher will let me donate her stuff to the Church rectory...?) and instock, because our instock section on IVB is still.... empty. Also, I can't help feeling that the skin I slaved over (I tried to make it look like The Glass Bead but failed) makes IVB look very amateur-ish (gratulate me, I spelt that by myself however difficult it might have been :)). All I need now is inspiration... if only the skin I thought of worked!!! If it had, then when you clicked on the navis an icon would pop up at the sidebar along with info at the right, and it would be a diff icon for every navi, but now it's just one icon for all navis, with a quote thingy, and even then it looks a bit weird. D: I hope I'll be able to find out how to do a Microsoft-Window-like scrollbar, like those silvery tinted ones with the three slants in the middle, instead of the boring rectangular straight-edged ones I always use.

    If you didn't get the previous para it's ok, this post is more for me to record down what I'm thinking so I don't forget.

    I also thought of a short story plot yesterday and today refined it a *little*. It's still extremely rough, but I plan to title it Pedal-pusher (I love that phrase; it sounds so nice compared to 'someone who uses a bike'), about a teenage guy who one day cycles to a part of town he hasn't been to before- an upscale kind of town with rich houses and stuff, and he's in awe cos he's poor and hasn't been to such richness before. And then he accidentally stumbles upon a rich, kind girl kicking her boyfriend out because he's been mean and nasty and whatever and she doesn't want to see him, and then this poor pedal-pusher goes against his will to find out what happened, and they end up getting to know each other and you know what happens after that. And then there will be some romeo-juliet conflict that I haven't quite worked out yet, but in the end... originally I was planning an unhappy ending but then I recall how much I ABHORRRRR unhappy endings, so I'll make it a happy ending. yay. and they lived happily ever after.