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    Jul 2, 2009 ,8:06 AM
    I haven't been on the computer, let alone blogging, for so long (3 days, I think? wow, the I-really-appreciate-nature part of me has a lot to answer for if I can't live that long without seeing how many tags I got- which reminds me, NONE. REALLY. NONE.) so I have mucho to update.

    Let's see...

    It can't be this Sunday- but strangely it was! Wow I just realised it, I only just got back from Singapore and I'm missing it already. Well, not Singapore, but more like, all the people. I really had fun with all you guys, you don't realise what you're missing till you see it again, I guess. [And no, that's not some proverb I picked up from nowhere, it's... made up.]

    So, anyway, on Monday- I can't really remember what I did- oh yeah, I had tuition at 2.30 (she rescheduled -.- from 5.30, but I must say 2.30 is slightly better than 5.30 even though I have less reason to be falling asleep during class), and for the rest of the day my mother and I vegetated on the sofa watching The Little Nyonya (yes, I'm only just starting to watch it, no spoilers please!! I'm a huuuuuge fan of Yousuke :X and I don't even know if I got his name right).

    Tuesday. Got up early (well, not really, only about 9.30, but considering I'd been majorly sleeping in most of the days...) to follow my mother to her Pilates class, and very nearly got her late cos of my slow breakfast but in the end we arrived about 2 minutes early (: after that we walked to Emporium, because it's really near, and went grocery shopping. I don't recall buying anything, unless you count those Scholl's leather shoe things, because my Cotton On silver flats (brand new! boohoo) gave me blisters. Well, one blister, and one cut. *sob*

    Wednesday- SAF DAY!!!! Woke up REALLY late, like at 11.00 or something, then after breakfast my mother brought me to Sway-sim's house, where we were *supposed* to just drop in but ended up getting distracted by Joseph for half an hour or longer, I'm not sure. He's so cute!!! he's really big-sized now, you wouldn't believe he was only born in January this year. when you first look at him, it's like, "why isn't he talking? or walking?" which reminds me, HE GOT STARTED ON SOLIDS! it was so funny, because Sway-sim had mashed up carrot for him to try, mixed with breast milk, and it was fine for the first three spoonsfuls, but then later Joseph clearly decided he hated solids and cried whenever we put a spoon near him.

    so then after a long while we went down to the salon to get our hair done -first time!!- and I actually got MY HAIR CURLED!! temporarily, though- my curls were dying by the time we got to SAF day and now they're all. gone. ALL. GONE. *sobs again* my hair's back to being as straight as a... ruler. (now where have I heard that before? just kidding :D) got a picture of sherilyn and I from eugene gege (my parents actually tell me to call him 'euguene gor gor' but it looks so.. gory spelt out, so I used gege- actually called him 'eugene' in real life :X), will post it next, maybe.

    then today WENT OUT TO PLATINUM WITH SHER AND AUNTIE JESS AND MUMMY! :D set out at 9ish, met up at 10ish and left at 12ish to go to mum's tailor to drop something off and then we all had a pretty long lunch at pizza company :D we had another Talk, and then my mother gave Auntie Jess extensive catechism on differences between Judaism, Islam, Christianity and Roman Catholicism.

    I purposely wore my gladiators today so that I wouldn't buy any shoes, but you know me, I DID *guilty gulp* You know, I think this should be included in my Confession, whenever my next one is. I always make shopping resolutions/goals, and most of the time I break 'em D: it's not my fault I found the gorgeous fringe sandals I couldn't find last time! [saw 'em once, forgot where the stall was next time 'round, and found it this time.] sher bought the black and I bought the red, and we confused the poor shopkeeper because we both wear the same size (40) and auntie jess was temporarily trying on heels and sher also bought their gladiators. and then our mothers were haggling over the price. the poor shopkeeper was positively FRAZZZLED.

    1. Blue beaded ring, B60. (On second thoughts I really shouldn't have bought it, but it was my first purchase, and every first purchase seems great.)
    2. Gold-and-motherofpearl studs,
    3. Pastel motherofpearl gold necklace. I have no idea how much these two cost. 200+ Baht together, I think. Which is like SDG10+?
    4. GORGEOUS RED FRINGE SANDALS! 205B, I think. we got discounts in the end :D
    5. Blue-and-black printed tunic, 250B. On the mannequinn it was really a shirt, with leggings, but I'm so short it's like a short dress on me. Above the knees, an acceptable length really, but my mother insists that it's "so short!"
    6. White floral printed dress, 300B. Or 300+. But I think it's 300. It's very ex and I did protest but my mother bought it anyway- you should see the print! It's like a cross between van Gogh and Michelle Obama. I thought it would fall in a more hourglass-y shape like the black and white dress I wore to SAF day, but it turned out a bit more... tulipy so my mother solved the problem by sending me running to put an old belt around the waist. Problem solved! :D

    I *think* that's all. I would be really ashamed if it turned out I bought something else and forgot about it, that's my problem, onthespot shopping :X or something. I WAS SUPPOSED TO GET A BLAZER, OR SOMETHING ACTUALLY ON MY WISHLIST... but didn't find any blazers. well, we did, but none that I wanted. or that my mother approved. I still miss the Siam Square one but it was too small on me ):

    GTG, it's like 10.35! and my parents are going to bed and I just got the "I'm going to turn off the wireless..." warning :X

    btw! I nearly forgot!


    Although I do think Samantha is a bit too. fickle. but then I'm fickle too. pot calling the kettle black.

    okay, ttyl, xoxo :D