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Hello, my name is Grace, and in about ten years or so you'll be buying my premortem biographies where they'll be flying off the shelves like Harry Potter on a Summoning Charm spree. Just kidding.

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    Jul 17, 2009 ,12:42 AM
    Gone With The Wind
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    Has anyone ever noticed how very similar the HSM3 and 17Again posters look? I only just noticed it when I was listening to Walk Away on my iTunes and saw the album picture.

    Have recently been scouring RCFA's archives, and have compiled a list that I can only call It Girls. (Either that, or Girl Crushes, to quote RCFA, because these girls seriously never go wrong - and even if they do they're instantly forgiven.)
    1. Emma Stone
    2. Emma Watson.
    3. Diane Kruger.
    4. Sienna Miller.
    5. Rachel Bilson.

    I seem to have a soft spot for those 5 actresses :X

    Anyway! I (relatively) just came back from my little solo shopping expedition! (I arrived home around 2, which is 1 hour later than what I told my grandmother and mother, but then again I left almost half an hour later than planned because of previously mentioned reasons. An hour for half an hour's delay? I figure that makes sense :))

    Went first to check if Alano was open- it was. Twice I have told myself that I WILL go to Alano, because its storefront posters advertise prices as low as 3 dollars, right up to 12 dollars, which, I feel, is more than reasonable for a little schoolgirl with a little budget and huge expectations. Thankfully I was third time lucky and went in- instantly found my Almost Buy #1* , but it cost 19 dollars and I wasn't sure if I was willing to blow more than half of my Emergency budget on it. (It didn't apply for the sales, I guess, 'cos it was a New Arrival.) Nearly bought a yellow dress for 10 dollars, but I kept hearing my Conscience voice in my ear telling me it wasn't worth it because it had these cheapo buttons at the straps that were practically falling off. So, in the end, bought Mystery Item #1** for my mother, for 10 bucks. (Will not divulge what it is until I actually give it to her.)

    After that, I went to Tampines 1, but didn't stay for long because I feel that Tampines 1 is more like something I would stare at all day, drool over but never drop a cent. Saw CY's mother at cachecache (which I only went to because CY told me it was cheap), but didn't say hi because she was talking with a sales assistant. Found a navy-looking striped hooded sundress for 8.90, but wasn't too sure of the quality so left.

    Then, spent AGES at Chameleon poring over the studs but ended up not buying anything- so popped next door to Uniqlo, where I couldn't resist their 19.90 skirts and ended up trying on 3- a tiered knee-length, a tiered mini and a simple knee-length. The simple one won out- it was richly purple, available in (if I'm not wrong) 3 other colours and looked great high-waist. But I didn't buy it because of the price. I'm thinking of showing it to my mother if we go Tampines 1 on Sunday (my brother needs to buy football boots and my father said we should go Tampines 1, but it isn't decided yet).

    Went to Tampines Mall after that. Didn't see anything particularly memorable, so went to Century Square. This trip was really one for exercise- I kept walking to and fro between the three malls. Really, one is spoilt for choice. Although choice does not necessarily mean it fits your budget.

    Finally bought Mystery Items #2, 3 and 4* for Kate-Lyn, Su-Lyn and Sher at Aries. (SHER, YOURS WAS RELATIVELY EX. But I hope you like it. If you want to know what is MSN me.) Couldn't find anything else affordable and to be loved there -these beautiful floral hoops cost nearly 5 dollars, no way I am buying those, BESIDES I ALREADY TOLD MYSELF NO HOOPS AT ALL NO EXCEPTIONS- walked around some more, even went to BHG (you can tell I'm getting desperate there). Went downstairs, where I saw my Almost Buy #2** but wasn't sure of the price because the tag read 31 dollars, but the sign said UP TO 70% and there wasn't any discount stated.

    Almost Buy #3** came almost immediately after when I went back to TM and decided to go to my sad, broken dream of Cotton On. I used to think it was my go-to brand, something I'd hunted for all my years and finally found, until I visited it yesterday with CY and discovered it's far too ex to be a go-to brand when the sales aren't on. AB#3 cost 12.50 but didn't tempt me as much as the previous ABs. (No, that is not 'abs', it's 'Amost Buys'.)

    Finally trooped back to Tampines 1, where I gave in and went to Diva. Found a really nice white headband with these huge floppy flowers on the side for 13 dollars, but when I tried it on, the white flowers combined with the vertical price tag to make me look like a total clown. Couldn't find anything else there that was in my budget, as it usually is with Diva, and left.

    Went next to haunt Chameleon again. This time I struck- last time round I spotted Almost Buy #4** but it cost 2.90. This time, by a pure miracle, I dug around and actually found something! It was an adjustable ring (the AB#4 wasn't, sob sob), with a circle on the top. The circle has red and white stripes, and on top of that's a cream coloured anchor charm. It came in blue too but I decided the red was nicer. Found one with a charm right in the centre (the other was off-centre and looked messy) and bought it for a delicious 1.50. (Delicious because it was my last resort, last buy, and I only had 1.70 left.)

    Something I forgot to mention- on one of my trips to T1 I decided to pop into this Japanese-looking store called M-something (eck. something like Milk? idk) where I found my Almost Buy #5**. This I really would've bought, for although I banned myself from buying shoes, this was really comfy and for once fit me EXCELLENTLY as though it was made for me. However, it cost 24.90 and at the time I had 21.70 left, which was really a pity. I've told my mother about them already, and although she told me once again to watch my spending she sounded intrigued.


    The escapades may not be accurately covered for I've forgotten how many times exactly I traipsed through those three meccas of temptation, but the prices and items are, I can guarantee, for the most part perfectly on the dot.

    Here, the legend:

    *Mystery Items:

    1. FOR MUM, from Alano, 10 dollars.
    2. FOR KATE-LYN, from Aries, 1.90.
    3. FOR SU-LYN, from Aries, 1.90.
    4. FOR SHER, from Aries, 3.90.

    **Almost Buys:

    1. ALANO, colour-block sundress, 19.00
    2. COAX, white polka-dotted sundress, 31.00 (discount??)
    3. COTTON ON, grey floral sundress, 12.50 (as you can tell I'm extremely susceptible to sundresses of all sorts)
    4. CHAMELEON, silver floral ring, 2.90 (2.80?)
    5. M-SSSOOOOMEEETHING, grey peep-toe flats with 3D multicoloured fabric flowers on the front, 24.90 (obviously this was the one I nearly went gaga over)


    bought 5 items, nearly bought 5 items.

    the amazing thing was, I didn't touch any of the 20 dollars my mother gave me as extra!

    pity is, I only have 20 cents left of my original 40 dollars from my savings. but at least 5 items from that were for gifts. and 3 for DIY, which I think counts for something.