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    Jul 20, 2009 ,5:09 AM
    Dream Dream Dream
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    The Hannah Montana: The Movie soundtrack, along with Stella McCartney on RCFA, has helped my previous aggravated feelings a little. I'm not going to harp on it any longer because I think you guys will be sick and tired of me moaning about after that and my number of fresh tags will decrease significantly.

    I've decided instead to update about the airport.

    We got to Changi Airport yesterday more than 1 hour later than planned, as packing got a little... I don't know, busy? We always have huge trouble packing to go home after any trip, no matter how long, back to Singapore, as my mother tends to stock up loads on food that we can't get in Bangkok (surprisingly, loads and loads, even stuff that you take for granted, like those little biscuits with the colourful hardened cream things on top that I thought I'd gotten sick of since p1 but actually not). Our 4 luggage bags (yes, 4) were BURSTING, and one was so heavy I was surprised my dad managed to load it onto the taxi at all. But on the whole- the 4 were manageable. We checked in 3 and my dad ... rolled? the last one (it was relatively small) with him around the Departure Hall as it contained pretty important stuff, he didn't want to lose it or anything.

    Met Kate-Lyn and Su-Lyn (with their parents, of course) just before we went into the DH. I was actually in the bookstore, looking jealously at all the magazines (some were really tempting- they even have a new People Style Watch out! I managed to sneak a peek at the article on which hairstyles suit your face shape, but as usual I couldn't decide whether my face is ROUND or OVAL so it doesn't really help) when all of a sudden, from behind me, there was a huge shout, "GRACE JIE JIE!" it turned out to be Kate-Lyn so I followed her outside and we took a few pictures and then left. De-sim, Kate-Lyn and Su-Lyn all have matching bobs now, it's so cute. As ever, it sparked off my inner fickle debate on "Should I cut my hair short or not?"


    Once inside my mother still refused to buy me magazines. She says it only makes me want to spend more. )): But hopefully Sher'll smuggle her Glamour magazine to me shortly! :D :D My defense wasn't that good, I said I was smart enough by now to know some things that will never look good on me (e.g. skinny jeans but I still valiantly believe there is SOME way I can wear skinny jeans without looking like a hooker or something) so therefore I don't spend as much (it's true, I used to spend A LOT more on stuff that I didn't know I would never wear... like... eh... eh... my purple tights :X :X BUT I AM GOING TO WEAR THEM SOMEDAY). But my mother said I know what things do look good on me and those, I can never stop spending on. Oops!!

    We actually had some vouchers from some promotion that the airport's having now (for GSS, I think), but ended up spending them not on clothes, or jewelry, or make-up (AS I PLANNED... because I desperately want that blue-green MAC eyeshadow!!!)... but CHOCOLATE. I can't really complain, because my mother let me pick out some gummies to share with my dad, and she also bought me Kit-Kat, but still!! All that tax free and vouchers!! ALL GONE TO WASTE!! It's only valid for July, and July's ending, and we have two $5 vouchers left!! NOOO!!

    *sniffs heart-brokenly*

    We got seats at the back today because if not we couldn't have sat together and that's imperative, but little did we know that SITTING AT THE BACK = FREEZING!!!!! We requested blankies from the air stewardesses and we all wearing jackets (except Dad, who doesn't exactly travel with one, but even HE, who NEVER shivers, admitted it was freezing) but it didn't really help. Anyway. The TV wasn't that good too- turbulence meant that the movie had flickers across it sometimes and don't even COUNT on having sound. On the up side I managed to (almost) finish watching Hannah Montana: The Movie. Up to the point where she... maybe I shouldn't tell. But I THINK, judging by how Disney movies generally go, I'm almost done. And I really want the soundtrack!!!

    I should be updating Muze now or something. I need to go discuss with Sher.